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The 16th century was blessed with the grace of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Actually He was born in 1469 in Nanakshah in Pakistan, but His glory was known to the world since 1506, at the age of 36years. Once Guru Nanak Dev ji along with His friends went to River Veda of Sultanpur. Diving into the river for bath, three days were spent in Samadhi. He had gone for bath of His body but returned with the bath of His soul. On His arrival back he was not the same person. All what was old had washed away. Within Him took the birth of a New Light. As soon as one gets enlightened His life is divided into two parts – initially there was a search, a longing for knowing the Ultimate and after being one with the Reality there is a need for sharing, for letting others also have the experience of Infinite.

Similar are the words of Guru Nanak Dev ji, of sharing the Inner Joy. It is like after the awaited scorching heat of summer comes the rain or after the dark night comes the illuminating rays of the Sun.

Guru Nanak Dev ji says:
“Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purakh,
Nirbhau Nirvair Akal Murat,
Ajuni Saibam, Guru Prasad.”

Each of His words is a Veda. “one” all is said in this single word. One stands for what Islam calls ‘Toheet’, what Upanishads call ‘Adwait’.

Saint Namdev says:
“Ek Anek viyapak Purak…”
Truly, it is One but it seems like many. Wherever I See, I can see only IT. The first declaration is That it is one. But what is it? It is Omkar – it is the sound of Existence, it is the light of Universe. It is present in the form of consciousness. It is the energy prevailing everywhere. It is manifested in the form of Bliss. In the real sense, it is Omkar which is the truth. By whatsoever name you may call it, let it be tree, bird, man or animal. All these are just names given so as to differentiate but what is, is Omkar residing inside and outside. Guru Nanak dev says – it is all the Leela of Omkar. Om is ever existing. It’s the ocean all others are just its waves.

“Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purakh”
We consider that we too do things….
Once Meera goes to Vrindavan to the temple of Gusai. Gusai says: the entry to females is prohibited here. Meera laughs and says that you too are a male, I always knew that only Lord Krishna is a male. Gusai acknowledges his mistake and falls at the feet of Meera, Realizing that the male is only one, Govind. Only He is the does.
“Ek Omkar Satnam, Karta Purakh, Nirbhau, Nirvair…”

He is fearless. Remember one who does not fears does not makes other fear too. So there is no reason to be in fear of God. He is “nirvair” i.e does not has enemity with anyone. ‘Akal Murat’ – the world that exists is moving in the zone of time, what is today will not be there tomorrow or was not there yesterday. The form will be destroyed one day or the other. The formless that exists within the form is the actuality. ‘Ajuni’ Guru Nanak dev ji is giving a hit to the believers of incarnation. In those days, to speak against incarnation or ‘Awtars’ was a matter of great courage. ‘Swayam Bu’ it does not needs a womb to be born. It is generated by itself. It does not has parents. It is not barred in the frame of Time. But if its beyond time how can one know it? Guru Nanak Dev ji answers – ‘Guru Prasad’ these two lines reveal the entire secret of religiousness. Whenever one gets the key of Omkar its only through a Living Master.
Saint kabir says it rightly:
“Guru Pratap Ja dhin te jaag,
Din- Din Adhik Chali…”
It cant happen without a Master.
Guru Amardas jee says it beautifully,
“Jiske Grah Tin Diya Tala Kunji Guru So Pai.”

It is like we have treasure within us but its locked and its key is given by the grace of a Master or a Guru.
There is a Haiku:
Sitting silently,
Doing Nothing,
The spring comes
And the grass grows by itself.

It indicates that just the mere presence of a Master leads to growing of grass by itself.

How is that Govind?
“Aad Sach, Jugad Sach.
Hai bhi sach, Nanak ho si bi Sach.”

It is immortal, having an infinite existence.
Shankaracharya says rightly: ‘Brahma satya, jagat mitya’
It is the divine which is the truth all else just appears to be true. It is the truth today, it was the truth and it will be the truth.

“Soche Soch Na Hovai Je sochi lakh war.”

Its is just so difficult how can people know the one having no boundaries in the frame of thinking. It is simply impossible. The divinity is beyond mind and yet we want to know it through the mind. We want to understand it through intellect, discussions, through reading religious books. There are two words in Hindi – Chintan and Manan; the former means to know through information and outside knowledge and the later means to understand through one’s own experience. And the divine can be explored only through experience.
Saint kabir says it similarly:
”Kya Soche Barambara Kya soche bar bar,
Kya Padiye, Kya guniye, Kya ved kitab padiye,
Pade Likhe kya hoi jo sahaj na miliye soi.”

Just merely by reading, repeating or preaching nothing will happen unless its your own experience. Until you haven’t been friendly to omkar its of no use. Till the time you have not showered in water of Omkar, anything cant help you.

“Soche soch na ho vai je soche lakh war,
chupe chup na ho vai je lai raha livtar.”

A wonderful statement is given by Guru Nanak dev ji – doing meditation is not enough. Our beloved Master Osho says it wonderfully – that meditation is like traveling in a boat. To get to the destinatation its essential to get into it and get down of it. If not, than one will miss the goal.
Meditation is simply the cleaning of land before sowing the seeds into it. And when the seeds of Omkar are sown than will the plant of Samadhi be grown. And in this plant blossom the flowers of Bliss, love and peace.
To be one with omkar is samadhi and this experience itself is Sahaj yog.

Hari om Tat Sat.

—  Osho Siddharth

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