Can one change one’s Guru

I have participated in this first level meditation program of Oshodhara under your guidance for the last five days and benefited immensely. I wish to continue to participate in other Oshodhara Samadhi Programs too. However, there is a hitch. Some twenty years ago I accepted a Sadhu (Saint) as my Guru. He is no more. I understand that a Guru is once and for all. Will be it possible for me to participate in Oshodhara Samadhi Programs without having to change my Guru?


Such questions often bother our minds. Osho Shailendra answers it in a very nice manner.  Read what he says…

Firstly, the moment you accept someone’s spiritual teachings, you accept him as your Guru; whether or not you call him so. You came to Oshodhara, participated in the first level meditation program and benefited from it; your discipleship has already come into being without saying. Now I come to the question of your Guru of the yore. Please understand that relationship between a Guru and a disciple is not that of the spouses. You are tied to your spouse but not to your Guru. On the contrary, a Guru helps you to become free of all bondages. If a Guru also binds you, better beware.

Please see the irony that we start our spiritual journey seeking ‘Moksha’, freedom from all bondages, but in the very process we go on binding ourselves to everything that comes our way. Some are bound to Gurus, some to scriptures, some to shrines, and so on. Neither a Guru binds a disciple nor should a disciple allow it. Any attempt to capturing must be resisted. On the other hand one should be open to learn from whichever Guru possible. My reply to you therefore is that if you are having a good inner experience here please go ahead and engross yourself fully into it. There is no need to ask such questions.

Your question is somewhat like asking if you could consult another doctor since the doctor who treated you 20 years ago expired but the disease has returned. What reply would you expect to this? The doctor may ask you to either take his prescription or leave.

There is a saying: “Beetee tahee bihsar de, aage ki sudhi ley” [forget the past and think of the future]. It is apt for you. Please exempt that Guru of yore. Stop carrying him on your shoulders. He has already left you but you are clinging on to him. Be practical. The Guru who is no more alive can not help you like the doctor who is no more alive can not heal you.

We have this strange tendency to easily change doctors etc. but not a Guru. I can see that we treat the living spiritual masters with disdain but revere the dead ones.

Please come out of your past. After experiencing so much joy within, do not bring your old Guru in-between to spoil it. This way you will remain divided and never enjoy your meditation.

Come to the present. One of the primary teachings of Osho is to live in the present, learn from a live Guru. Only a living Guru can be of help on your spiritual journey.


Taken from Oshodhara Website


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