FAQs about OshoDhara, Oshodhara’s programs, Program reservation, Guidelines for Sadhak etc.

Q. What are the different meditation techniques?
A. There are number of meditation techniques which one can try. Each individual is different, but equally unique. Some are physically stronger, some are emotionally very active and there can be varied personality people. Different meditation techniques are designed for different people. Some will involve physical workout while some will touch your emotions. E.g. – Suprbhat Dhyan, Brahmanaad Dhyan, Kirtan Dhyan etc. To know more contact nearest Oshodhara Dhyan center near you.

Q. Which meditation is right for me?
A. All meditation techniques are right, some will work better than other depending on your personality and other factors. The best way to find a meditation that resonates with you, that you feel good with, that you enjoy is to try them and find which suits you more. You can experiment with what suits you from the various techniques available.

Q. What is the main teaching of Oshodhara?
A. In Short Essence of OSHO’s Teaching is – ZORBA THE BUDDHA Where “Zorba” represents Materialism, Science, Art, Health, Wealth, and Relations etc. and “Buddha” symbolizes Spiritualism, Meditation, and Inner World of Consciousness. Oshodhara teaches both through various PRAGYA programs and SAMADHI programs.

Q. How can I join Oshodhara?
A. You can participate in our programs like Osho Meditation Camp, Dhyan Samadhi or other pragya program (Check programs for more details) or you can reach out to Oshodhara Dhyan Center in your city.

Q. What is basically Dhyan Samadhi?
A. Dhyan means Meditation, becoming aware of one self. This is first half of the Spiritual Journey. second half of the Spiritual Journey is Samadhi- becoming aware of the WHOLE. Finally Individual Consciousness gets merged and unified with the Existential Consciousness Just like a water drop becoming one with the ocean. For more info check here

Q. Who all can participate in Pragya Programs?
A. Everybody can participate in Pragya programs.

Q. Who all can participate in Samadhi Programs?
A. Anybody can participate in Dhyan Samadhi i.e. the first Samadhi programs.

Q. Is there a dress code for participating in meditation or other Oshodhara programs?
A. There is no specific dress code for meditation, although casual & comfortable dress is generally preferred for meditation. For Pragya programs there is no dress code. In Samadhi Programs there is no dress code till Nirati Samadhi after that Orange robes or gown is compulsory.

Q. Does Oshodhara provides any magazine / sms service so we can remain in touch?
A. Yes, A monthly Hindi journal is published regularly, titled “OSHO TODAY” to subscribe it you can contact: 9671400199 or email: [email protected]

· Astha TV Channel broadcasts OSHODHARA program daily from 6.50 to 7.10 pm.(except Sunday). · Recent 20 Astha Programs can be watched on www.totalbhakti.com

· Yearly SMS service is also available. To avail it, Please contact – 9671400196

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