How to make Life Beautiful? – Osho Siddharth

Wazid was basically a Pathan, having a keen interest in hunting. Once while chasing a deer suddenly he hears a voice –’ What are you doing? Is it not a murder?’ Feeling thunderstruck, he drops the idea of hunting and recognizes that this is the voice of great saint Dadu. He falls in his feet and becomes His disciple.

Thereafter Wazid gets the precious gift of Naam i.e Omkar from his Master.

Wazid says:

Aradh Naam pashan tire nar loi re.

Tera Naam kahyo kali mahin na bude koi re.

This means that stones engraved with the name of Lord Rama started floating in sea and formed the bridge through which entire army of Lord Rama crossed the sea while chanting the name of Rama.

There are four kinds of Sumiran or divine remembrance, namely:

  • Sumiran through the mouth
  • Sumiran through the mind: This is a stage higher. We move a step inward from the mouth to the mind.
  • Sumiran through the Heart or Love: This is yet higher type of devotion but yet not the peak is achieved.
  • Sumiran through Being: When devotion starts happening through your entire being or one is totally dissolved in Sumiran then it is the climax.

In the story stated earlier, just merely by mouth chanting there were so many results, then how much effective devotion can be when it is through your whole being?

Indian mythology says that there are four YUGAS or periods: Satyuga, Treta, Dwapar and Kaliyuga. Our time is known as Kaliyuga, wherein those practicing divine remembrance of Naam or the Word are never trapped by miseries.

Wazid says:

Karma sukriti ekvar vilay ho jahinge.

Hari han Wazid, hasti ke aswar na kukar khahinge.

This means that all the karmic chains are broken at once by Naam-Sumiran. If you are riding on an elephant the dog can not dare to bite you. Similarly when you ride on the elephant of Naam the dogs of the worldly desires will not disturb you.

There is a saying that ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is not futile but has great meaning in it. We are caught up in the chain reaction of our Karmas or actions. We can be freed from it only with Naam Sumiran. When one starts merging with Naam or Omkar, his sins and virtues both are washed away.

For example, if there is fire in your office, all the books of accounts will be set on fire. Your all accounts of credits and debits will be destroyed. Naam cuts all your connections and associations with the past, good or bad, all that you have to take or you have to give.

Wazid says:
Ram Naam ki loot phabi hai jeev kun.
Nisivasar Wazid sumirta Peev kun.

This means that the secret of Naam is being revealed in the company of the living master and Wazid is thus enjoying Naam Sumiran all the time.

There is never such time when there is not a Living Master and blessed are those who can be his disciples.

Life is a dark night,

When it catches Master’s Sight,

It becomes illuminated and bright.

Around a Saint is the love and celebration,

What is happening is beyond imagination.

In his body he may not be here forever,

Don’t miss this, have its flavor.”

When saint showers his blessing, the disciple comes to know about Naam and gradually when he starts his days with Its Remembrance, Silence starts pervading his life.

Initially, Sumiran can be with the help of Mala, your tongue but finally a day comes when the divine remembers you – Sumiran mera Hari kare. The initial stage is necessary but don’t be stuck.

Wazid says:
Yahi baat parsiddha kahat sab gaon re.

Hari han, adham ajamiltiryao narayan Naam re.

This means that the story of Ajamil is well known how just by remembering the name of God at the time of his death became enlightened.

But it is better to remember Him when you still have time with you.

Guru Arjun Deva says it wonderfully —

“Gangajala Gurugovind Naam . . .”

The Naam is like the holy water of Ganges which purifies you.

Life is beautiful with Sumiran- the Divine Remembrance.
– Osho Siddharth
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    Gurudev ke charano me pranam….
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