The magic of Osho’s Presence – Osho Shailendra

Question 1:

In 1985, during his stay in Nepal, Osho said, “Become sensitive, keep your hearts open and I promise you that I will always be available to you!”

Likewise, in 1970 in Bombay he had written on one of his own photograph, “Surrender and I shall transform you, this is my promise.”

Please explain, what does it mean?


Swami Prem Vinod, the Master does not do anything; surrendering does everything. Surrendering is the key to transformation. Do not think that the Master does something? The Master is only a medium. Through him, something happens. You must have studied in Chemistry about the catalytic agent. His presence does something. He does not do anything by himself. He who surrenders, if is sensitive and open hearted, definitely a transformation will take place within him. This assurance can be given. Whenever a person, in a state of disciple-hood opens his heart, with faith and surrender, then the process of transformation starts occurring within him.

As a matter of fact, the Master does not do anything. It is this state of surrender, which does something. Hence, we can be assured that whenever there is faith and surrender, the process of transformation begins. Definitely, this statement of Osho is 100% correct that “Surrender and I shall transform you, this is my promise.”

This can be understood at 4 levels. First level: we can connect with the Master through the conscious mind. With the conscious mind, we can connect with the Master only intellectually, only logically, like a student. The second level of connecting is through the subconscious mind. Here the connection is more of love, neither merely with the mind, nor with just logic and arguments. It is not that we like just what he says, but now a feeling of love is created in our hearts towards him. Love emerges. This is a deeper connection.

The third level of connecting is that of the unconscious mind wherein we totally open up our hearts and surrender. Now whatsoever the Master says we are ready to do. Now we can say, “Whatever is your will, whatever you wish you can do. Whatever you like, we are ready to do that.”

Subsequently, there is one more form of connecting; deeper than the unconscious mind. This is, connecting in the Turiya state- the deepest level of connecting. I will talk about it later on. The one who connects at the level of the unconscious mind has surrendered. Now the master can work on him. However, it is the limitation of language that word like ‘work’ is used. In reality there is nothing like ‘work’. The presence of the Master does the work/ trick.

There are some more questions concerning the presence of the Master. While discussing it further, the matter will become clearer.

Question: 2

One friend has asked that while leaving his body, Bhagwan Buddha promised that on Buddha Purnima Day at a particular time, at a particular place, when a gathering of 500 bhikshus, with a prayerful heart, would remember him, he would appear to them and give his message.

Similarly Osho has said that wherever 5 of my sanyasins be present together, my presence could be felt there.”

Kindly explain this.


The Master’s presence can be felt only by those people whose hearts are opened towards him, those who are connected through surrender. Osho’s assurance that ‘wherever my five sanyasis gather…’ but please remember who is a sanyasi? What is the definition of a sanyasi? There is a sutra in the Nirvana Upanishad, ‘the sage of the Upanishad says that he who has known Pranav (Omkar, Divine Sound) is a sanyasi, one whose mantra is Anahad Naad (Divine Sound). He who has drowned himself in Omkar is a sanyasi.’

Osho has interpreted this sutra very beautifully in the 14th lecture of The Nirvana Upanishad. ‘Only he, whose mantra is Anahad Naad (Divine Sound), is a sanyasi…’

When Osho says, “my 5 sanyasi”, we must remember that by sanyasi we do not mean only that who has worn the mala, has changed clothes and has changed his name.

What will happen by changing one’s clothes? Kabir says – man na rangaye jogi kapda rangay (do not just change your clothes, transform your mind).

Changing the colors on the surface will not change anything, the consciousness within has to transform.

When the Anahad Naad reverberates inside only then one is worthy of being called a sanyasi. This is the definition given by the sage of Nirvana Upanishad

With this background of the sanyasi, understand Osho’s statement that wherever 5 of my sanyasis gather there they would be able to experience my presence.

His presence would be in what form? I would like to categorize it into physical and subtle. In the physical/ tangible form, Osho’s presence can be experienced in the form of celebration. Osho has taught us celebration. “Utsav amaar jaati, anand amaar gotra”. An atmosphere of celebration is created whenever five disciples gather. It would be a joyous situation. Osho’s presence will be felt in the form of joy, celebration. Osho’s presence would be in the form of love. Osho has called the evening Satsang as Osho White Robe Brotherhood. Bear in mind, the word ‘brotherhood’. If there is no brotherhood, there is no White Robe.

Once I visited a place in Punjab. Some friends have formed a small commune. About 10-12 people have built houses and are living there. When I arrived there, they were in a meeting, having some discussion. There was some disparity on the account of some financial issue. It was a heated situation They even exchanged a few swear words with each other. Thereafter they all got ready for White Robe Brotherhood at 6.30pm. Even I joined in. After White Robe, it was dinnertime. Everyone sat together and ate. While having dinner yet again the dispute started. The conversation became very heated. As I stared to leave from there, my host asked me, “Swamiji, how did you like the Osho White Robe Brotherhood?” I said, “excuse me, kindly delete the word Osho and Brotherhood from it. There was neither the presence of Osho in it nor the feeling of brotherhood. It started with quarreling and contempt and ended with similar commotion. I cannot believe that during the one hour in between there was any sudden brotherhood. Can brotherhood be attained just by wearing white clothes?

You need a loving environment for that. A surrendering heart. A feeling of brotherhood is required. So, I told him that it should only be called “White Robe”, and “brotherhood” should be left out. I said that even Osho’s name should not be added in it, only White Robe. Agreed, that the white robes were very good, even its cloth was good and the colour was fine. However, White Robe remained merely a piece of white clothing. How could Osho’s presence be felt it that?

Osho’s statement is absolutely correct, nevertheless understand it in the correct sense. The definition of a sanyasi is; the one who has known the Anhad Naad/ divine sound, whose mantra is the Divine Sound. And as long as there is no brother hood, no feeling of love among one another, it is better not to call it Osho White Robe Brotherhood. Call it only White Robe.

All religions have a very deep and subtle beginning. Unfortunately, finally they all end because of something tangible. They all are caught in rituals. I have seen in many places communes, meditation centers, that brother hood no longer prevails. Since there is neither brother hood, nor love then even Osho is not present. We have not fulfilled the requirement. Osho is ready to fulfill his promise. Nevertheless, even we have to fulfill the requirements. Let us create a space of brotherhood wherein Osho’s presence can be felt. Osho’s assurance is purely truthful like that of Buddha’s assurance. But it is not necessary that those whom we claim to be sanyasi are in fact sanyasi. If meditation is actually happening in the ritual/ formal procedures that we call meditation; genuine love is happening. Reflect on this and capture the subtlety of it. Wherever five true sanyasi would gather, there would be celebration. There would be joy. In addition, where there is overflowing bliss that itself is called love. There would be love. Osho will be present in these three forms.

Swami Dharma Vedanta writes- when in deep meditation, I experience a fragrance in my breath. I have experienced this many a times. Even during one of the meditation camps, I experienced this fragrance. When I am in a state of complete surrender and deep meditativeness, I feel as if my entire body is empty from within, just like a hollow bamboo. Eyes feel intoxicated. At that moment of time, there is a sort of intoxication within me. Moreover, the body feels so light and pure that it is a surprise. Can this state be called as a state of Osho’s presence?

Definitely, Swami Dharma Vedanta, this fragrance that you experience coming from within, the intoxication, the state of feeling high, experience of weightlessness; is the activation of inner energy, your association with the body is broken. Therefore, the experience of energy is always in the form of weightlessness. Once you got to know the energy, experienced the inner fragrance, you start to sway with intoxication. This is not a spirit from fermented grapes, instead, it is the spirit seized from the soul. Unquestionably, theses are the indications or signs of Master’s presence. And this is subtle. Celebration, bliss and love are not so subtle. Divine Fragrance, intoxication, weightlessness are more subtle. In addition, one can experience the presence of the Master, in the form of illumination and sound.


A friend has asked that how does a Master becomes available to His disciples. Kindly explain. Osho has said many a times that after leaving the body he would become even more available. How can one experience His presence?


The most subtle of the forms for the Masters who are no longer in their physical body, is the Omkar, divine sound. This is not only true for Osho; it is true for all Masters. When masters leave their body, the inner light and the divine sound is set free from the bondage of the physical body. Then they merge with the omnipresent Divine Light and Divine Sound. It is then that the Master becomes the Supreme One.

So long as they were within the body there was a limitation, there was a shape and a form. Now, even that form has disappeared and the boundary has disappeared. The name that Osho has chosen for himself is derived from the ‘Oceanic Experience’. It signifies a person who is no longer, like a drop of water instead has become like the ocean. One who has merged with the infinite.

The droplet had a finite boundary, now even that has disappeared. There no longer remains any shape or form. Drop is no longer a drop; it has become the ocean. The presence of this drop can be experienced in the entire ocean. Now it is omnipresent; present like Om.

Osho himself has spoken in relation to this subject matter. While speaking on Pantanjali Yog Sutra in Lecture numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18, Osho has specifically elucidated on the state of Masters who are no longer in their physical body. Osho has explained three things:

First, there is relation of a Teacher and a student.

Second, there is relation of Master and a disciple.

Third, there is the relation of a living Master with the Master of the Masters who are not in the physical body.

Osho has titled the 15th lecture of this series as “The Master of the Masters”. In other words Param Guru- Supreme One.

Patanjali’s sutra states that the Master after leaving his body becomes the Master of the Masters. And in order to connect with Him one needs to pay attention to the divine sound, one has to drown oneself into the Divine Sound.

It is quite surprising that when I meet sanyasi and ask them in which form do they try to experience the presence of Osho. They do not know anything about it. They have absolutely no knowledge on this subject despite the elaborate explanation given by Osho.

I wish that all sanyasi must read lecture numbers 15-18 given by Osho on Patanjali Yog Sutra. So that at least you would know where the Master is, with whom you are making an effort to connect. What is the meaning of uniting with the Master? What is the technique with which you can connect?

Patanjali has explained this very distinctly; recite the Divine Sound, meditate on the Divine Sound and submerge in the Divine Sound because the Master becomes the Divine Sound after having left the body. He becomes the cosmic soundless sound of the infinite.

He becomes the light of the cosmos. You must have heard the name Om Prakash; it is a very common name in India. Have you ever reflected that Om Prakash means the Light of the Divine Sound (Omkar).

Divine Sound has two forms; one is the hearable form and the other is the illumination form.

Speaking on Gorakhnath, in ‘Maro hey Jogi Maro’, Osho explains the statement of Gorakhnath “Shabad Bhaya Ujiyala”. This means the sound that is reverberating within is the divine sound and that becomes luminous. A unique occurrence; ‘Shabad Bhaya Ujiyala’.

The illuminated Shabd (divine sound) within is the Godliness. The Master also merges with the Shabd (divine sound).

Kabir says, “boond samani samund mein so kat heri jaye”; the droplet has merged into the ocean. This is the oceanic experience. Now the drop has merged into the ocean of the Divine Sound. Therefore, in order to connect with the Master one has to drown oneself in the Divine Sound. One will have to do sadhana of Divine Sound.

Many participants complain to me that whatever they are learning in our Samadhi Programs is different from what Osho has said.

No, it is not at all different. Maybe you have not read Osho properly or understood him correctly. Without knowing, you are trying to connect with the invisible existence of Osho.

All that is being taught here in Samadhi programs is based upon Osho’s teaching. In the 15th Lecture of Patanjali Yog Sutra, Osho has yet explained that even after leaving the body, the Master tries to help his disciples. Moreover, the Master can now help in a better way because earlier he was bound in one place in one body and now he is omnipresent. Now he can work on everyone in the world.

Now he is beyond time and space.

Giving an example Osho further explains that not a single disciple of Gurdieff had become enlightened after Gurdieff’s death. Ouspenski was very close to becoming enlightened but he was not fully awakened. He was trying to take another birth. However, he could not be born again. It might take some more time. Until then the continuity of Gurdieff’s tradition was broken. Consequently, there is no enlightened person in the Gurdieff Tradition. Osho has therefore said that Gurdieff has sent his disciples to Osho. The disciples would not know how they have come to Osho. If they are asked about it, they may give very vague reasons.

Understand it like this; for instance, a man has come from Germany. If you ask him how he came to Osho, he would say, “I went to a bookstall and was going through some books. Then I was attracted by a photograph on a book and bought the book. After reaching home, I read the book, it was by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I was Impressed by it. I found out where he lives and thereafter I went to Poona. Here I did Dhyan Sadhana, enjoyed it very much. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of taking sanyas and I became disciple of Osho.” This is the story he would surely narrate.

However, Osho reveals that the true story is something else; that person is a disciple of Gurdieff. Gurdieff has left his body but still his disciple has not found his ultimate purpose. He could not become enlightened yet. Now Gurdieff is helping him in an indirect way. That person does not know who lead him to the bookstore, why did he lay his eyes upon that particular book and why did that book enchant him? Gurdieff was inspiring him from within. He was getting a message from the subtle world. That person does not know that someone else is guiding or instructing him. Gurdieff is making extensive effort to send his disciples to the Enlightened Masters who are present on earth at this moment.

He has sent all his disciples to Osho. This is what always happens. If in a tradition of a Master, a disciple does not attain enlightenment then that tradition does not proceed further, it collapses. Just like how the Jaina tradition ended after Mahavir. After the 24th Tirthankar, there was no such person to whom Mahavir could pass on his message or through whom he could facilitate his work. Similarly, in Sikhism after the 10th Master, the tradition ended as the 11th person was not ready to take the tradition further. All such traditions end someday.

After Gurdieff there was not a single person available. However, the Jainas had 24 Tirthankars. The Sikhs had 10 Masters even though their tradition ended.

The work done by Gurdieff remained unfinished. After sending all this disciples to Osho, the responsibility of Gurdieff is fulfilled. This is also worth bearing in mind. Gurdieff has done his work, has kept his word, even after reaching the subtle domain/ world. Now it is the responsibility of the disciple as to what he does.

It is possible that he comes to Osho but does not take sanyas because of the interference of his ego. He might think that he is Gurdieff’s disciple how can he become someone else’s disciple.

If the ego becomes an obstacle then it would not help. However, Gurdieff’s responsibility is over. He is no longer responsible for this person. Now this person has to take his own responsibility.

All Masters provide their guidance in this manner. Their presence is in the form of Divine Sound. What I am saying is at a very subtle level. The obvious level as I said is that of celebration, bliss, love. At the subtler level, it is the fragrance, intoxication, weightlessness, the form of consciousness. And the most subtle form is as told by Patanjali in Yog Sutra about The Master being present in the form of Divine Sound after leaving his body.

The meaning of being Osho is only this that the droplet has now become the ocean. He has merged with the Supreme One who is in the form of the Divine Sound (Omkar), has disappeared after drowning in the Divine Sound.

In the 15th Lecture of the Patanjali Yog Sutra, Osho has also pointed out a unique thing that no enlightened person ever wants to start a new religion. However, helpless situation arises. The people of old religion do not accept them. Jesus Christ had never wanted to start a Christian religion. He himself was born a Hebrew, lived and died like a Hebrew.

He never had in mind to start a new religion because whatever he was doing was in accordance with the guideline of the Masters of the old religion. He was getting subtle guidance from Moses and other Hebrew Masters. However, the messages of the Supreme Master alter with the time. Problems of the people change, the psychology of people changes.

In accordance with the changing times, the Master has to give new solutions to people’s different problems.

It is certain that Jesus was saying something that Moses had not said, that no other Hebrew Master had ever said. Nevertheless, those Masters were causing Jesus to say these new things. This is because the circumstances had changed during the time of Jesus.

During the era of Moses, the people were very brutal and ruthless, very cruel and violent. In those times they imagined God to be very jealous and violent. The Old Testament states that God is not your Uncle; he will revert with double vengeance. If you smash somebody’s one eye, he will smash your both eyes. Moreover, He will have you rot for eternity in hell and will torture you for eternity. ‘God is not your relative’ this was the statement of the Old Testament.

However, Jesus said that ‘God is Love and He is compassionate’. If you confess, he will forgive you.

Now this was contradictory because the people to whom Moses was addressing only understood the language of violence. They were aggressive and cruel primitive people.

By the time Jesus came, there was some development of civilization. People became a bit loving. The consciousness evolved a little. Now there was no longer a need to threaten them. They could be made to understand that God is compassionate. ‘If you have made a mistake, then it is ok, you just need to ask for forgiveness, He will forgive you.’ Conversely, the Hebrews thought that Jesus was saying something against their religious Scripture.

In this lecture, Osho has explained that though Jesus was saying something against the old religious Scripture, he was nevertheless guided by Moses and other Prophets. He was following the commands from the subtle world. He was not adding anything from his side.

But how will the Pundits, Priests, and Rabbi comprehend this? They will ask, “Show us where it is written in the Bible that God is Love?” “That God forgives, which Scripture states this?”

It’s not written in any Scripture. Jesus does not have any evidence for this. But whatever Jesus is saying is under the guidance of Hebrew Prophets. Hence with helplessness, when the Hebrew does not accept him, a new religion is formed. Christianity comes into the world. But this is a result of helplessness. Jesus never wanted this. No Master ever wants to start a new religion. But in a state of helplessness, it has to be done.

Just think, Osho was born in a Jain family. If he said that he is the 25th Tirthankar (Prophet), will the Jainas be able to accept it? Not at all! They will forget ‘Ahimsa Parodharmah’- Violence is against the religion, they will murder him. They will not be able to accept that there could be 25th Tirthankar also. They do not even accept that in this pancham kaal- age/ time anyone can even go up to the fourth Gunasthan- level (there are 14 Gunasthan’s as propounded By Mahavir). Even this is not possible and enlightenment is very far-fetched thing.

Mahavir has classified 14 Gunasthan- levels of the spiritual journey. Enlightenment comes at the end. They (Jainas) say that in this time nobody can go up to the fourth Level, hence how anyone can be a Tirthankar. A Jain will reject this. Hindus will reject that there could be any Avatar today despite the fact that they have been waiting for 5000 years for Krishna (sambhavami yuge yuge). However, if somebody says that he is Krishna then that will lead to a war like Mahabharat.

No religion is ready to accept. In this state of helplessness, the new enlightened Master has to start a new religion. A new stream has to be added with absolute reluctance and helplessness.

Thus, the presence of the Supreme One is in the form of the Divine Sound. In Samadhi, we connect with them. They are in the form of Light. Here, in Surati and Nirati Samadhi, what is being taught/ instructed, is the path to connect with the subtle universal presence of the Master. And all Masters are contained within the One. Now the drops are no longer separate. Do not think that Mahavir is a separate drop, Buddha is a separate drop, and Osho is a separate drop. All drops have merged with the ocean and have become the ocean itself.

Question: 4

It is inscribed on Osho’s Samadhi- Never Born Never Died Only Visited This Planet Earth.

Has Osho made us aware of some profound mystery through this statement?


The mystery is not very grave. Yes, we have shut our eyes and are not able to see.

One of Osho’s book’s names is ‘The Open Secret’. If truth be told all the secrets of life are like an open book. Since we do not know how to read them, we find then grave and mysterious.

All mysteries are unguarded/ open. When Osho states, ‘Never Born Never Died Only Visited this Planet Earth’. Do not think that it is applicable only to Osho. This statement is applicable to everyone. Whether you know it or not, it is applicable for all of you.

Your soul was never born and it shall never die. You have always been. Yes, at this moment you have come to visit this planet Earth because of some liking towards traveling.

You have arrived with a form and a shape; have boarded the vehicle of a body. You are roaming here and there. Life is a celebration, bliss. And this is not only true for Osho but for everyone. The only difference is that Osho knows it and you do not.

We just know that we were born on so and so date and will die soon and we get stressed about avoiding death. In this worry, our whole life becomes a sad tale. We strive to get to know that which is immortal.

When Osho says, “Never Born Never Died”, he is not referring to the physical body or the mind. Body and mind were born one day. And one day they pass away. About what is Osho talking then?

What is it within Osho that never was born and that never died?

That is his inner divine sound and the divine light, which has neither birth nor any death.

Besides, this is not true only for Osho. Whether we know it or not, only this is the Truth, this is the Reality.

Osho is not pointing toward any grave mystery; instead, he is declaring the Eternal and the only Truth. This is ‘Es Dhammo Santano, this is Tao. This is the Grand Plan/ Design- the Luminous, Conscious Spirit in the form of Divine Sound is never born and never dies. Yes, it is only for Leela, game that It manifests into a physical form. It is just as the ocean transforms into vapour, then clouds and thereafter it pours in the form of raindrops.

It is a game, Leela. These raindrops will then become a river and will merge with the ocean. Everything is moving in a cyclic pattern. This is Leela, a game. Therefore, the words are so beautiful; Only Visited This Planet Earth.

It is not a serious matter. We tend to take things in a serious manner. We tend to find grave mystery even in simplest of the things. This is the characteristic of our seriousness. Either say that the whole life is mysterious or say that there is no mystery.

Everything is in the open/ open. We are sitting with our eyes shut therefore we find everything mysterious. It is not a mystery.

Osho has declared the Eternal Truth. It is the eternal Truth not only for himself, it is for everyone, not only for human being but also for animals, birds, fishes, plants, trees, even for the substance. The Eternal Truth is that there is no Death of anything at all. There is no Birth for anything. Whatever is, was always and will always be. Nothing comes from anywhere nor does it go anywhere.

Scientists have found out that substance is not destroyable. We cannot even destroy the smallest of atom, nor can we create it. Just reflect that if the atom of any substance is not destroyable then how can the consciousness be destroyed. It is also indestructible.

Scientists say that the substance was never created. Whatever is, is since beginning if there was any beginning, and will never be destroyed. There will be no day when there is no substance left.

Yes, it can be transformed in the form of energy. The particle of sand ‘is’ and it is impossible to destroy it. We cannot even destroy the smallest particle of dust. It can be transformed but not destroyed. When matter cannot be destroyed how can the consciousness be destroyed? It is indestructible. That is why it is a universal and eternal truth. It is not a unique thing just about Osho. What Osho has got inscribed on his Samadhi is out of compassion and it is just to remind us of our true nature.

Question 5:

Some of Osho’s old disciples say that whatever has to be done will be done by Osho himself. We are just going on doing sakriya Dhyan—Dynamic meditation. All responsibility lies with Osho. Because of this, they have a pessimistic approach towards the role of other living Masters. Would you like to elaborate on this matter?


Ma Atma Leena, if I say anything, what would happen?

They will not listen to me. Anyway, they have a fixed negative idea about living Masters. Therefore, my saying would not do any good.

I will read out Osho’s statements:

I want to present from the first lecture given by Osho on Kahe Kabir Deewana—Kabir says, “jab mein bhoola re bhai, mere sadguru jugat lakhaaie.”

While explaining this Osho says, “the technique given by the Master is jugat”. But only techniques will not work. A living Master is required. Techniques are available. Patanjali’s Yog sutra is available. All techniques are given in that. But if you read a book and get started then the techniques would be just like the clock. You might follow them mechanically but still you would be doing them in unawareness, like a sleeping man. Kabir says remember. And you will memorize, count the beads but still you would be doing that.

All religions die. The day a Living Master dies that same day the religion also dies. Sikhism was alive until its 10 gurus were alive. The day Guru Govind Singh decided that the Holy Scripture- Guru Granth would be the next guru; there will be no other living guru, that very same day Sikhism died.

When the 10 gurus of Sikh religion were alive, it was a different story. Then this instrument was not there, a living person was there.

Until Jaina had 24 Tirthankars, Jainism was a living stream. Then Jainas decided that there could not be more than 24 Tirthankars. They shut the doors after Mahavir. Jainism died. Today Jain religion is a merely a dead body.

With Mohammed, Islam was alive. With Quran it is dead. Though Quran is book of Mohammed but that is of no consequence.

I am standing with a wand and you are asleep. I wake you with the wand. The wand does not wake you, I do. Your eyes open. You do not see me, you can see the wand/ baton touching you. With gratitude and obligation, you catch hold of the wand because it awoke you. Now you will pass on this wand to your child and say,” keep it safely, it awakens you very well “.

However, the jugat (technique) has died. The wand was not waking you. Behind that wand there were live hands. How will the stick wake you, what can it do on its own?

All scriptures turn into something like the wand. All techniques become like wand/ baton. You can offer prayers to it and remember it. And it is not that they have never awakened people. Definitely, they (people) were awakened. But there was a living hand behind them, there was some Nanak behind them, the vibration that was there was not of the stick. It was of the Living hand. The life that was being impacted in that wand was that of Nanak’s. Now you go on fulfilling the five obligations (5 K’s- kesh, kangha, kada, kirpal, kaccha obligatory for all Sikhs to have). Do all the rituals, do whatever you want to do. But all the rituals are like wands/ baton, now they are of no use anymore. Jugat (technique) are always alive, when there is a living hand behind it.

I am still here. You can make use of my wand. After I am gone you can keep on doing Dynamic meditation and nothing will happen. I know this for sure that you keep on doing it after I am dead. There is no doubt about it because it is your age-old habit. Why does this happen? This happens because you are not afraid of the techniques. Your sleep does not have fear therefore you agree to follow the technique. But you have fear of the Living Master; you have a threat. For how long would you be able to sleep in front/presence of the Living Master? You will have to let go of your sleep. The Master will make you let go of your sleep; he will awaken you.

“Jab …..” the rites and rituals indicate those techniques whose living hand has departed. All become customs and procedures. You meditate with me, that is different, but you meditate without me that is just a ritual. You might do all the steps correctly; breath correctly, jump, shout hu-hu, everything would be a drama. You will also become a practitioner of the same. But that would only be an exercise. Some benefit to the body that can be attained would be attained, but you will not be awakened.

Sect or cult means; a dead religion. For instance, your father was a very nice man. He was alive and you took good care of him, now he is dead. Then what would you do? Sect means; you keep your dead father’s body at home and offer prayers. A sane/wise person does not do this. Though he loved his father, he would cry a bit, beat his chest. For months, this wound will not heal. But still he arranges for the coffin. Crying, he takes his father to the graveyard. He was loved one; relation with him was deep, now he is dead, end of the chapter.

The day when people will have deeper understanding, they would take the religion to the graveyard on the very same day it dies. So that whenever the new Master is born/available they are ready to be available to him. When people are stuck to the old, they are not able to become available for the new.

People, whom you are talking about, Ma Atma Leena, do tell them to listen to the first lecture of ‘Kahe Kabir Deewana’. They are/live/remain in illusion that they are meditating. They only have the wand/stick in their hands, which once used to awaken people. The hands through which the stick used to awaken are no longer there. Those people are working hard at it unnecessarily. They are doing a futile exercise. Ok it may be exercise. The body might benefit a bit from it. But it would not be the real thing. Awakening will not happen.

Therefore, Osho has always supported the role of a Living Master. He has always said that find a living Master. Even I say the same thing to you. Today whatever I am making you do, whatever techniques I make/impart to you (do) are working only because(of) my being here. Many people say that make a cassette and give it to us so that we can go home and do Samadhi. That will not work. I will die one day. After I am gone, people will continue doing similar things; as formality or rituals. But then it will become procedures. When a Living Master does something then his liveliness is present. Until then the magical effect will prevail. If the Living Master is not available, the techniques will not be able do anything./do anything by themselves. It will not be able to awaken anyone, nor will be able to take anyone into Samadhi.

Vigyan bhairav tantra is such an old scripture. Perhaps even more than 5000 years old. No one awakens reading it. All techniques are written in it. For thousands of years people are reading Patanjali Yog Sutra. Does anything happen? Maybe the health improves a bit. Nothing more than this happens; the consciousness does not awaken.

But when Patanjali was alive, for sure many people followed the Aashtangik yog and were awakened. When Shiv was alive and Devi (Parvati) asked him questions, she was awakened with the answers.

Today it has no utility (to awaken). Always remember, find a Living Master.

We show a lot of wisdom in trivial things. Where do you go when you fall ill; to some alive doctor, or to a doctor who is dead?

Even though he would have been a very eminent doctor, with a scientific intellect, a big researcher, perhaps he has written many textbooks for the medical college. The doctor of the local community might have studied his books and become a doctor. You would not be able to get treatment from this great doctor who is no longer alive. Thus in ordinary things you are wise.

And when it comes to solve the great mystery of spirituality your ego becomes an obstacle.

To surrender in front of a Living Master means that you would have to let go of your ego. And that is exactly what you do not want to do.

To bow in front of a dead statue of stone or in front of a scripture, or a photograph, what can you loose?

You know this very well that a photograph cannot harm you. A statue cannot destroy your ego. You have bought it from the market. You, yourself have kept it, if you want you can throw it away. How can a statue harm you?

Only a living Master can awaken you. I would also want to add that the work that a Living Master does is under the guidance of the Masters who are no longer in their body. And that their guidance changes according to the time. Many people accuse me of doing things differently from Osho. But I would like to tell you that it is happening only with Osho’s consent//guidance/instructions..

Today, the times have changed. When Osho had started, he was sowing the seeds of meditation. He planted the seeds of meditation in the hearts of thousands of seekers. Now those seeds have started germinating. They have become plants. Now its time for flowering. Spring has arrived.

Just like how Osho had predicted that the 21st century is an era of Buddhas/ enlightened ones. That time has come now.

Would you keep on meditating all you life?

When would you do Samadhi?

When will you attain Sambodhi (enlightenment)?

Repeatedly Osho has said that meditation is a boat, which you have to embark and then disembark.

Remember to disembark the boat! Do not keep sitting on the boat!

Meditation is a boat. Mediation is a medicine. When you are ill, take medicine. When you recover let go of the medicine.

Do not go on taking the medicine otherwise you will develop a new ailment!

Have to say that those people who are doing active meditation for 20 years, 25 years, they have lost their minds. Osho has not said anywhere to do active meditation for 25 years. He has always said, “at the most for 3 months.”

Clearly, he has said- do it with great intensity and cleansing will happen in 3 days! 3 days will be enough. Go and read the book “Rajneesh Dhyan Yog”. In that, Osho has said minimum 3 days and maximum 3 months would be enough. When did he say to do for 30 years?

No, even this is your excuse. You do not want to surrender, do not want to give in. You want to save your ego, “whatever has to be done, will be done by Osho”. What will Osho do? When did he say, “I will do”.

In Rajneesh Puram he had clearly declared on the day he asked his sanyasins to stop wearing mala and burgundy colored clothing any longer, that now it is not his responsibility. And people had applauded. They were very happy and immediately removed their mala. Many quit wearing burgundy colored clothes. One week thereafter, Osho was very angry/upset/furious/agitated. He had said, “it appears as if you were waiting ….as if the mala was a burden to you…. as if you have to wear colored clothes in sheer helplessness and not out of love. The moment I said ‘give it up’, you renounced it. You had other clothes ready in you suitcase. Surprising, and you are sanyasins for 20 years! Why had you kept aside other clothes? For sure, you would have had an inclination to give it up someday. I asked and you renounced. This shows whether you are surrendered to me or not.”

That day Osho declared, “Till now I was doing preparation or groundwork for collective Samadhi, collective Enlightenment; such that the whole commune becomes enlightened. Today I declare that now it is not possible. Intense experimentation cannot be done on those who are not surrendered to me. From today onwards, your enlightenment is your responsibility. Now it is you own endeavor. You go according to your wisdom and do what you as you feel like. It is not my responsibility.”

These are the words of Osho.

Tell these to sanyasins who keep saying, “whatever is to be done, Osho will do” that it is their lethargy that is expressing in this way.

Osho has never said, “I will do something in the future”. When he was alive, he had made attempts, which failed. Then he declared that it was no longer his responsibility. He discontinued the preparation he was doing for Commune Enlightenment.

It is each one’s own responsibility. You are responsible for you enlightenment or un-enlightenment. You do your own Sadhana.

Remind these declarations of Osho to those sanyasi friends!

Question 6:

The renowned, well-known, and so-called authoritative sanyasins of Osho, instead of going deep in meditation,( they) are trapped in worldly mess and politics. It hurts to watch that such great disciples are deteriorating, then how can ordinary sanyasi like us attain enlightenment?


Ma Antar Veena, enlightenment is only for ordinary people; natural and ordinary people. Who told you that well-known and famous people would get enlightenment? They will never get it. They can never get it. However, even they are needed.

Osho has described in one Lecture that the commune I am forming, the garden that I am cultivating; just think, in this garden even cactus has to be put. Inside/Within it, there will be plants, there will be flowers, there will be fruits, and all the same, outside on the fence cactus will have to be planted. Otherwise, who will safeguard the boundary?

These administrators, politicians, who are exploiters, hoarders of wealth and consumed with the greed for power, are necessary. God has not created anyone who is not needed. The Master does only this much; utilizes everybody who comes to him. Osho has also done the same thing.

Those whom you are referring to as ordinary sanyasi, only they present hopefulness/represent hope that their flower of enlightenment will blossom.

Those who are extraordinary and uncommon, they think no end of themselves. They are full of ego. They are plants of cactus, full of thorns; they will only prick and that is their purpose.

I am not belittling them, I am just stating the fact. They are very useful. How will institutions operate without them? How will money be generated without them? Without them, how will ashrams and centers rise?

These people are very necessary. Thank them! Fill with gratitude!/Be grateful! And go deep into your ordinary and natural being. The flower of enlightenment blossoms only within ordinary people.

The flower of enlightenment cannot reach up to its full bloom in those egoistic people who think themselves to be extraordinary in any way. Their being is like a thorn. Be compassionate toward them!(While) They are useful to others; they remain deprived of their own worth.

Question 7:

At present just you are the Aacharyas of Osho’s live tradition/Jeevant Dhara, what is the proof of that? Many other people are also claiming the same. How can one ordinary sanyasi recognize, decide?


There is no need for you to decide. Enlightenment does not have any external characteristics/ features. There are no outer characteristics/ features, which can be evidences to recognize an enlightened person.

It was never there before nor will there ever be!

You just look into only this much; do you have the quest to learn? Are you a true disciple?

You do not bother about what the characteristics of a Master are. Have you ever worried/ bothered about what are the characteristics of a true disciple?

You cultivate those characteristics (of true disciple) within you and you will find that you have found the Master.

If you were not a true disciple, then even if hundred thousand Masters were standing, it would be of no benefit to you.

In Rajneesh Puram, Oregon- USA, Sheila and her team of 20 women was the closest to Osho. What happened to them? Nothing happened to them. Despite staying so close to the Master, they remained caught in illicit intentions, kept conspiring.

In Dhamma Pada, there is a statement by Buddha; Osho has beautifully described it in ‘Es Dhammo Sanantano’; even if a Kulchhi/ Serving Spoon remains in daal for years, it cannot know the taste of daal. Kulchhi/Serving Spoon is made of iron, brass or steel. It would not be able to know the taste of daal. To know the taste, a sensitive tongue is required.

Nothing happens just by being near the Master. Important things are whether you are sensitive or not, whether you are a disciple or not, whether you are surrendered or not.

Lao-Tzu became enlightened by watching a leaf fall from a tree. There was not even any living Master available. However, Lao-Tsu was a true disciple. He learnt the Universal Truth from a leaf.

If someone is present near the Master like a kulchhi/ serving spoon in the daal, then he wont be able to taste the daal.

Therefore, the actual thing is not about whose claim is correct; you do not bother about that. Anyhow, that cannot be decided. You only be concerned with whom you strike a tuning. That is the valid point.

If you heart is being tuned/in tune with me then you be with me. If not, then go away! There is no way to find out who is enlightened and who is not. It is not necessary that you are attuned to some enlightened person. Even this is not necessary.

Understand with an example; I say that if Meera had gone to Mahavir then there would have been no tuning. Mahavir’s personality is completely different and Meera’s personality is an absolute opposite. On one hand, there is Meera; dancing, singing, jiggling and on the other, there is Mahavir; standing naked. There would not be any harmony.

Mahavir would have made her go away by saying that there is no liberation for women; at least go away from here! He would have said that there is no salvation for women, only to get rid of people like Meera.

Neither Meera was lacking anything, nor was Mahavir lacking anything. But there could not be any accord/tuning between them.

Therefore, do not worry about whose claim is correct and whose is not. You bother only about where you are tuned. Where is progress for you possible? Where do awareness and love occu/flower in you? This is sufficient.

Question 8:

Osho has said on one occasion that there is no birth after enlightenment. At other occasion, he said that if my work remains incomplete, if required, I would take another birth. Kindly explain these contradictory statements.


These are not at all contradictory. The statements of enlightened people are like device; to awaken. He said that he would (not) come again to those people who were new. This declaration by Osho was prior to 1970 that do not worry and continue your Sadhana. Even if I depart in between, I would return and (help) maintain the continuity of your Sadhana.

This was said to encourage people so that they would start the journey.

The second statement was made to those people who would have fallen prey to lethargy and thought, “what is the hurry, we will take the journey in next life, Master would also be with us.”

Osho did not say, “No, this is my last birth. It is impossible to return! Nobody can come back after enlightenment.”

The first statement is a device; to accelerate the quest, to bring intensity and momentum in Sadhana. The second statement is also a device to maintain the momentum of Sadhana.

I will tell you the third point that it is the free-will of an enlightened person to return if he wants to and not to return if he does not want to. What else is the meaning of a liberated person? There are no bondages. He is neither bound to come nor bound to return. It is his will, his choice.

Hence, there is no contradiction in the two statements. Both statements are a form of device. The enlightened persons are free. If they wish, they will come. Yet again do Leela. Once again, tour the planet Earth. If they do not wish then they would not come.

They are free to do either thing. This is the very meaning of freedom or liberation. This is the meaning of Enlightenment.

We conclude today’s Satsang here. Thank you very much and good night!

Excerpt from Sadguru Osho Shailendra’s Satsang.

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9 thoughts on “The magic of Osho’s Presence – Osho Shailendra

  • August 25, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    Osho made good assumptions that all religions are dead. He thought that sikhism is dead. But sikhism is still rocking.
    Osho made the khichri of teachings of nanak, kabir and buddhism.
    He was great, really great

    • August 25, 2009 at 7:32 PM


      I think you need to study Osho. He said all religions are dead because when they started, they were having a totally different purpose. These days all religions, including sikhism has started moving away from their real objective. Hence, they were very much alive some time ago, but now dead.

      For example, read the bani by Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee…
      Khalsa mero roop hai khaas, Khalse mein hau karo niwas…
      Read this entire shabad and then compare it with entire sikh community. How many actually fit to this roop of “khalsa”.

      I humbly request you to read Osho more before commenting further 🙂

  • October 7, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    somewhere down the line osho said my fragrance will continue to influence generations. He has set no living master after him in his commune. sanyaisns r equivelnt with ordinary sikhs and osho techniques with the techniques sikh masters have given. But again it depends upon individual to individual
    It depends upon one’ s submission to one’s master. Master is at periphery and disciple has to find his core.
    I can tell you hundred sikhs who are far more enlightened than what you can imagine and the altruistic voluntary service done by them.
    Even deras in PB are influenced by sikh philosophy
    if u do not agree tel me the name of successor or living master after osho
    why osho or living master write books?
    remember osho is alive in his vani, books records but is is upto disciple

    sikhism is evolving over time so it seems it is not rocking
    but for positive thinkers Sikhism is alive
    i went to commune nobody talks to another all r happy withe their partners
    so where is enlightenment?
    dear friend all depends on submission of disciple
    there was none to arguie with osho at that time over this thing and neither he liked argumentation
    i have studied him over 10 years and still goes to commune
    osho himself says that he is not bound what he says
    and what abt his contradictions

    • October 21, 2012 at 1:46 AM

      you are right rajdeep i have listen osho, and also understanding bani,

      you are far right far right i say, look, one thing is trying hard to dyan(osho), and other thing is sajan subhav(bani). I can clearly see the difference, real sikhs are far far ahead these type of Gyan Dyan Karam,

  • June 12, 2010 at 1:21 AM

    u’r not studying osho for ten years insted osho philosophy was studying u in that time.and i am suprised that even his philosophy could not change u’r mind and drop your ego in ten years…..dear rajdeep stop studying him and start to study yourself .he is not your subject but you are yourself.and the only way to do that is doing meditation.which i know u haven’t done in recent……or if u have then u were just acting closing eye to get more sleep.prevent your mind from playing trick with you.

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