Enlightenment is nothing compared to the attunement with the master – Osho

Once some fragments of wisdom have happened to you, direct your mind towards the awakened. the disciple is continuously directing his mind towards his master — even after the disciple becomes enlightened he continues to direct his mind.

sariputta became enlightened — he was one of the great disciples of buddha. when he became enlightened he was very afraid to go in front of buddha. why? — because he knew now buddha will tell him to go and spread the word. he will have to leave the master.

it is said that for many days he was hiding from the master, but finally buddha inquired, “where is sariputta? — because he has become enlightened, and you cannot hide a light. bring him, fetch him wherever he is!”

he was hiding in a cave. he was brought forcibly. he said, “i don’t want to go. i know what buddha is going to do to me. he will say, ‘now you go, roam, wander, preach. now you have become awakened, wake up others!’ and i don’t want to leave the master. how i will live without his constant presence?”

but he had to leave. when he came to buddha, buddha said, “now go to the east and spread the word. you have attained, now share it.” and when the master orders, it has to be followed.

with tears in his eyes he touched the master’s feet, went towards the east. but every morning the first thing he will do, he will get up, bow down towards the west where the master was dwelling.

people would ask him, “sariputta, you are now yourself a buddha in your own right — what you are doing? why you go on bowing down every morning towards the west?”

he said, “it doesn’t matter whether i am enlightened or not. it is irrelevant, it is not to the point. my master is dwelling in the west; although i am far away, but i am still nourished by his presence. i can drop my enlightenment but i cannot drop my master. enlightenment is nothing compared to the attunement with the master.”

the dhammapada: the way of the buddha
vol 3, ch #1: knowledge is not knowledge
am in buddha hall

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