Osho’s Family !

Pic1: Osho with some relatives in Jabalpur, Year 1951, L-to-R :


Mr. Kundan Lal Samaiya, Ms. Kranti Samaiya, Mrs. Makhamal Bai Samaiya, Kundan Lal’s nephew, A Lady from Neighborhood, Mr. Arvind, And Osho (At that Time, Named as- Shree Rajneesh Chandra Mohan).

[ Note – Till age of 7 years, osho was called as RAJA. His name in school was Rajneesh Mohan Chandra Jain. Later he dropped “Jain” and became Rajneesh Chandra Mohan in college. As a professor he was addressed as Acharya Rajneesh. Since 1970 he was addressed as Bhagwan shree Rajneesh. on 26th Dec. 1988 He dropped the word Bhagwan and became “Maitreya The Buddha.” on 30th Dec. 1988 He changed to “Shree Rajneesh Zorba The Buddha.” on 7th Jan. 1989 only “Shree Rajneesh.” in February 1989 “Osho Rajneesh” and finally on 12th September 1989 just “OSHO.” ]

Pic1: Osho with his family, at Gadarwara, 1970 L-to-R :


Standing: Niklank’s Wife- Shakuntala Jain, Niklank Kumar Jain, Aklank’s Wife- Shahsi Kala Khate,
Aklank Kumar Khate With his son- Aneesh, Vijay Kumar Khate With his son- Ashutosh, Vijay’s
Wife- Shashi Bala Khate.
Sitting on chairs: Mother- Shreemati Saraswati Bai Jain, Osho (At that time, addressed as Bhagwan
Shree Rajneesh), Father- Shree Babu Lal Jain.
Sitting on floor in 2nd row : Shailendra Shekhar, Ms. Nisha Khate, Amit Mohan Khate.
Sitting in Front row : Poorva Khate, Maitreya Khate, Prateeksha Khate, Pragya Khate

Osho’s Grand Parents-
• Maternal Grandmother (“Nani”)- Shreemati Genda Bai Jain (1896–1971).
• Maternal Grandfather (“Nana”)- Shree Panna Lal Jain (1892–1938).
• Paternal Grandmother (“Dadi”)- Shreemati Saraswati Bai Jain (1893–1930).
• Paternal Grandfather (“Dada” or “Baba”)- Shree Hazari Lal Jain (1888–1958).

Osho’s Parents-
• Mother- Ma Amrit Saraswati (Shreemati Saraswati Bai Jain) (23-9-1913–17-5-1995).
• Father- Swami Deva teertha Bharti (Shree Babu Lal Jain) (21-3-1908–8-9-1979).
(Note- Usually elder brother is called as “DADDA” and Brother’s wife is called as “BHABHI”. But
Osho always called his father as DADDA and mother as BHABHI.)

Osho’s Aunts (“BHUA”= Father’s sister)
• Shreemati Ratni Bai Jain (1914–1942)
• Shreemati Makhamal Bai Samaiya (1924–1956)

Osho’s Aunts (“CHACHI”= Wife of Father’s Brothers)
• Shreemati Leelavati Jain (24-6-1921–8-9-1999)
• Shreemati Indu Prabha Jain (Ma Amrit Bhagwati) (3-7-1929–23-10-1999)

Osho’s uncles (“FUFA”= Husband of father’s sister)
• Shree Panna Lal Jain (1910–1969)
• Shree Kundan Lal Samaiya (1920–1978)

Osho’s uncles (“CHACHA”= Father’s Brothers)
• Shree Amrit Lal “Chanchal” (9-11-1913–12-11-1987)
• Shree Shikhar Chand Jain (Swami Anand Siddhartha) (22-11-1921–1-11-2005)

Osho’s five sisters-
• Ms. Rasa, Ms. Snehlata, Ms. Kusum (1939—1942), Ms. Neeru, and Ms. Nisha.

Osho’s five brothers-
• Mr. Vijay (18-9-1937—9-8-1995), Mr. Akalank (25-7-1941—8-2-2015), Mr. Niklank, Mr.
Shailendra, and Mr. Amit Mohan.

Osho’s Twelve cousins

Elder Uncle Amrit Lal Chanchal & Aunt Shreemati Leelavati Jain, became parents of-
• Ms. Shushama, Ms. Preeti, Ms. Kumkum, Mr. Paresh, Ms. Sefali, and Mr. Niseeth Mohan.

Younger Uncle Shikhar Chand Jain & Aunt Shreemati Indu Prabha Jain, became parents of-
• Ms. Anurag Mayi, Mr. Prafulla Mohan, Mr. Pramod Mohan (12-5-1953–28-11-2015) and Ms. Alankar Mani.

Elder BHUA Shreemati Ratnibal Jain and FUFA Shree Panna Lal Jain, became parents of-
• Ms. Kranti (5-7-1933–23-4-2006) and Mr. Arvind.

Younger BHUA Makhamal Bai Samaiya and FUFA Kundan Lal Samaiya, did not have their own children. They took care of Kranti & Arvind, After death of Ratnibal Jain. Osho also stayed with them during graduation period at Jabalpur.

Some of Childhood Friends of Osho-
• Shree Shiv Prasad Gagarani
• Shree Shyam Lal Soni
• Shree Kanchhedi Lal Shukla
• Shree Sukharaj Lunawat
• Shree Abdul Rahman
• Ms. Shashi Sharma (she died of typhoid in 1947)

Osho’s Brothers got married

  • Vijay with Shahsi Bala,
  • Aklank with Shahsi Kala,
  • Niklank with Shakuntala,
  • Shailendra with Ma Amrit Priya,
  • Amit with Ma Anand Divya.

Osho’s Sisters got married

  • Rasa with Shree Jinwar Das Fouzdar (14-9-1928–8-2-1977),
  • Snehlata with Shree Rajendra Kumar Jain (31-7-1939–22-7-2013),
  • Neeru with Shree Kailash Singhai,
  • Nisha with Shree Harak Chand Jain.


  • Brother Vijay Khate is Father of- Mr. Maitreya (17-11-1959—8-3-2006), Ms. Poorva , Ms. Pratiksha, Ms. Pragya and Mr. Ashutosh.
  • Brother Aklnak Khate is Father of- Mr. Aneesh.
  • Brother Niklnak Jain is Father of- Ms. Leena, Mr. Paritosh, and Mr. Siddhartha.
  • Sister Rasa Fouzdar is mother of- Mr. Rakesh, Ms. Rakanishi, Mr. Rohit, Ms. Alka, Ms. Jyoti and Mr. Kapil.
  • Sister Snehlata Jain is mother of- Mr. Sanjay, Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Sudeep and Mr. Somesh.
  • Sister Neeru Singhai is mother of- Ms. Ritu, Mr. Rishi and Mr. Rahul.
  • Sister Nisha Jain is mother of- Mr. Yogesh and Mr. Somesh.

NoteOsho’s Mother and Paternal grandmother had same name- “Saraswati”, and while initiating shailendra in to sannyas, Osho added in his name- “Saraswati”. His Maternal Grandfather and one Uncle had same name- “Panna Lal”. Osho’s Childhood friend and His first and second Brother’s wives had similar name- “Shashi”. Osho himself gave same name to two sister’s sons- “Somesh”. He also gave same name “Siddhartha” to 3 family members- His uncle Shikhar chand, His brother Niklank’s son and his sister Rasa’s grandson.

Osho started Sannyas initiation in Sep. 1970. All the family members by and by became disciples of Osho, including his parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, and their spouses, nephews and nieces.
Osho’s Brother Shailendra Shekhar (Swami Shailendra saraswati) became popular as Osho Shailendra; and his wife Priya Shekhar (Ma Amrit Priya) became popular as Osho Priya. Osho’s niece Prateeksha aka Ma Yog Prateeksha, became popular as Pratiksha Apurv.

More information about these celebrities may be obtained from following links – www.oshodhara.org.in/ Pratiksha Apurv – Wikipedia

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