“Master: a Door, a Presence, a Gesture of the Unknown” – OSHO

THE master is not a person, the master is a presence. How can you have a relationship with a presence? Either you see it and you dissolve into it, or you don’t see it. But there is no possibility of any relationship. There has never been a relationship between the master and the disciple; the word ‘relationship’ is irrelevant there. It may appear so to the outsider, but the outsider is not in the know of things. The outsider cannot be relied upon, just because he is the outsider — he does not know things as they really are in the inside.

A disciple knows no relationship with the master, he is simply one with the master. And how can a master know any relationship with the disciple? He is not, he has disappeared — that’s why he is a master. A master is not a person but a presence. And you cannot be related to a presence. The moment you recognize the presence you are dissolved. You merge, you melt, you disappear.

A master is a door, a master is a gesture of the unknown, a master is a beckoning light. But not a person at all. An open door, a voice calling from the wilderness, a provocation, a seduction into the divine, an invitation. But not a person at all.

So the first thing to be understood is: the master-disciple ‘relationship’ is a misnomer word. It really appears so from the outside, because of course you see the master and the disciple. And naturally, they are together, so they must be related. But it is not togetherness. It is not union, it is unity; they are no more two in their inner beings.

The second thing: you are not supposed to surrender to the master. If you do it, it will be a conditioning and you will miss the whole point. Surrender happens; you find yourself surrendering. The moment you find a presence of the divine on the earth. a presence of the unknown in the body — when you look into the eyes of a master and you see the open door — surrender happens. It is not that you do it; if you do it you have missed it. A surrender done is not a surrender at all. Then it is a mind thing; then the mind is conditioned by your doing.

Who is this doer? Mind is the doer. Whether you do or you don’t, either way you remain the doer. One person surrenders, tries to surrender, makes efforts to surrender. Another holds himself back, avoids surrender. Both are missing the point.

Surrender is a happening. The disciple simply finds he is melting, he is disappearing. His boundaries are getting blurred, he is becoming cloudy, he is becoming a nebula. Great courage is needed. Surrender cannot be done — but if you are cowardly you can escape from it, you can prevent it, you may not allow it to happen. So it is not something that the disciple has done. If the disciple has done it then there is a relationship. And all relationships are conditioning.

The master is at the most an occasion. Seeing into the master, feeling empathy with the master, feeling love for the master, you are assured: you can take the jump into the unknown. The master is not an authority, he is not giving you orders, he simply points to the moon. The finger is unimportant — if you cling to the finger then it is your problem; then you have a need to depend.

A master simply hits you HARD to make you aware. Then your awareness will do everything. He simply helps you to come out of your sleep, out of your somnambulism. He is not an authority — he does not say ‘Go right and then move left and then…’ A master never gives particular details; he cannot, in the very nature of things — because THIS type of disciple has never been there before; nobody knows into what kind of flower he is going to grow, what his destiny is.

And if you find somebody giving you particular instructions, avoid him. Then he is not a master. Then escape from him, he will destroy you — he has a certain image, he will create that image in you. He does not care about you, he does not love you, he has no compassion. He has a certain idea that he wants to implant: you are just a victim, you are just an opportunity for him to work out whether his idea, his ideal, can become a reality or not. You are just a canvas and he wants to paint HIS picture on you, you are just a block of stone and he wants to sculpt a statue that he is carrying in HIS head. Then he is not a master.

A master simply listens to you. Watches you, observes you, loves you, permeates you, envelops you. And slowly slowly starts helping you to be yourself. A master is not an authority. And the master in fact cannot be an authority, because he does not give you answers. He simply helps you to understand your question. He makes your question profound, he gives depth to your question.

The real answer does not put an end to the question but to the questioner. A real master does not put an end to your questions, he puts an end to you. He kills you. He kills you so that you can be that which you are destined to be.


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