“God is Beyond Intellect” – Osho Siddharth

Saint Dariya was a disciple of Premji, one of the disciples of Saint Dadu. Before leaving his body, Dadu had made a declaration to the people, “After 100 years of my leaving the body, a great saint will be born at Rannagar in the province of Rajasthan.”

And these words came true when Saint Dariya was born at Rannagar in Rajasthan. He was a saint of great caliber and helped to bring light to a number of people. Today we are going to discuss one of His padas – ”Dariya dhan we sadhwa” In this, Dariya Saheb reveals the secrets of Samadhi to us.

Man, Buddhi , Chit…

Mind – refers to that part of our consciousness where we think and make decisions.
Buddhi/Intelligence – refers to that part of our consciousness where we focus our attention or concentrate on a particular thing.

Chit/mindstuff – refers to that part of our consciousness where we have no control on ourselves. It is aimless wandering of our thoughts.

Neither of these three will lead us to our own ultimate core of being. It is only possible in our “Antar Gufa – Inner Cave.” In this cave there is no duality, there is no one to speak and to listen to. The word is not needed there. There exists the “Anahad Nad – The soundless Sound.” The Holy bible describes it as “Logos.” It is also called as Naam, your inner self, Omkar, the Ultimate sound. Omen, Amen, Om Mani Padme Hum are the different names of the same reality. To talk of it is not possible but each of us can experience it.

Lao Tzu rightly says, “The Ultimate Truth cannot be said and what is said is not the Ultimate Truth.”
To know more about Inner cave its better to understand certain terms,

Outer Space– the entire cosmos, the biotic as well as abiotic factors, living as well as non-living, stones, rocks, mountains, seas, animals, birds, humans, sky, water, air and so on.
Outer World– our world of relations, our home, workplace, friends, where we have made our connections.
Inner World- is the world of thoughts, our imaginations. It is the factory of ideas, thoughts, creations and desires.
Inner Space– is our cave Antar Gufa, where everything disappears and merges with the Supreme One.

“Man, Buddhi, Chit Pahunche nahin, sabda sakai nahin Jai;
Dariya dhan ve sadhava, jahan rahe lau laya”.

Says Dariya, those disciples are great who reside in this cave, and let samadhi dawn on them.
Buddha says: “Appo Deepo Bhava” Be a light unto Yourself.

A poet says it in such a beautiful way:

“Easy is to brighten your home with lights,
But worth is to kindle a lamp within,
Easy is to die for someone you love,
But worth is to reincarnate,
Easy is to praise someone,
But worth is to have it in you.
Easy is to listen to a Master who passed on,
But worth is to be around a living Master.”

Don’t just be stuck to words, clothes, place of the Master. Be in search of a living Master, so that his lamp can kindle yours too.

The poet further says:

“Easy is to remember your Beloved,
But worth is to be his shadow.
Easy is to go to temples,
But worth is to have a pilgrimage within.”

The first step towards the journey within is “Sakshi” The term Sakshi has been nicely termed as double arrowed consciousness by Osho. It means being aware towards the scene as well as the seer.

Dariya Sahib breaks our misconception by stating:

“Dariya sota sakal jag, jagat nahin koye;
Jage me phir jagana, jagat kahiye soye”.

This means:

All are sleeping. Even those who seem to be awake are actually sleeping.

We all are so deeply engrossed in our thoughts, beliefs, and imaginations and thus are unaware of what is happening or taking place around us. We are like robots functioning according to our conditioned mind.

Here arises a question — how to be aware?
It’s through the way of Sakshi, witnessing.

Firstly, If you see a cricket match between India and Pakistan – it’s a Scene, Drishya.
Here you are the audience – Viewer, Darshak
Third comes Observer, Drashta –while seeing the match you notice that in the last ball India needs to score 3 runs. There is some wavering in your mind, something quivers, certain feelings arise and if you are aware of all this or you can feel it then you are a Drashta or in Objective awareness.
And a step ahead, being aware of the one who is watching this turbulence and the match is Sakshi or double -consciousness.
Dariya says to make us understand this witnessing consciousness –

“Jaage me Phir Jaagna..”

The entire revolution of Vipassana has been stuck, as many people don’t understand what Sakshi is but are stuck at Objective Awareness. And the result of all this is forgetfulness.

I would like to tell you a joke: once a couple went for shopping, the husband was a strict follower of Vipassana, so after lots of shopping he returned home and started searching each bag. His son who was looking at him from back was puzzled and finally asked him, “Papa, what are you searching?” The father replied I have missed something but don’t remember what it was. After a while the son inquired about the mother and then the father jumped and said: “Now I remember I just forgot your mother there.”

This is the result of being unaware of the self. The intention of Buddha was that along with the breath, in the gap between two breaths witness the self, know thyself. The main theme is left behind by us and rest all is being practiced.

Dariya Sahib further instructs us to –

“Taj vikar akar taj, nirakar ko dhyay;
Nirakar me pathkar, niradhar lou lay.”

What does he mean by Vikar – the ego is the only problem.

Ego refers to that part of our consciousness, which actually does not exist, but we consider it to be there. It is a pseudo part or else just our phobia that it is.

It is just as thread considers itself different from the blanket and thinks it has a separate identity. Similarly, a droplet may consider itself different from the ocean.

Body is a physical form; mind also belongs to the form though it is more of fluid part.

There is Omkar beyond the form; it is the formless. The journey is from form to the formless and feeling the oneness with it.

It means go within the cave shutting off all your senses. Your subjectivity will know and feel what is within the inner cave. That inner cave is beyond time and space. Just listening to Naad, and being one with it is Sahaj Yog.

Hariom Tat Sat.

– Osho Siddharth

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