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The most subtle of the forms for the Masters who are no longer in their physical body, is the Omkar, divine sound.    This is not only true for Osho; it is true for all Masters. When masters leave their body, the inner light and the sound is set free from the bondage of the physical body. Then they become one with the omnipresent Divine Light and Divine Sound. It is then that the Master becomes the Supreme One.

So long as they were within the body there was a limitation, there was a shape and a form.  Now, even that form has disappeared and the boundary has disappeared. The name that Osho has chosen for himself is derived from the ‘Oceanic Experience’.  It signifies a person who is no longer, like a drop of water instead has become like the ocean.  One who has merged with the infinite.

The droplet had a finite boundary, now even that has disappeared. There no longer remains any shape or form. Drop is no longer a drop; it has become the ocean. One can experience the presence of this drop in the entire ocean. Now it is omnipresent; present like Om.

Master of Masters — Om

Osho himself has spoken in relation to this subject matter. While speaking on Pantanjali Yog Sutra in Lecture numbers 15, 16, 17 and 18, Osho has specifically elucidated on the state of Masters who are no longer in their physical body.  Osho has explained three things:

First, there is relation of a Teacher and a student.Second, there is relation of Master and a disciple. Third, there is the relation of a living Master with the Master of the Masters who are not in the physical body.

Osho has titled the 15th lecture of this series as “The Master of the Masters”. In other words Param Guru- Supreme One.

Patanjali’s sutra states that the Master after leaving his body becomes the Master of the Masters. And in order to connect with Him one needs to pay attention to the divine sound, one has to drown oneself into the Divine Sound.

It is quite surprising that when I meet sanyasins and ask them in which form do they try to experience the presence of Osho. They do not know anything about it. They have absolutely no knowledge on this subject despite the elaborate explanation given by Osho.

I wish that all sanyasi must read lecture numbers 15-18 given by Osho on Patanjali Yog Sutra.  So that at least you would know where the Master is, with whom you are making an effort to connect.   What is the meaning of connecting with the Master? What is the technique with which you can connect? Patanjali has explained this very distinctly; recite the Divine Sound, meditate on the Divine Sound and drown in the Divine Sound because the Master becomes the Divine Sound after having left the body. He becomes the soundless sound.

He becomes the light of the Divine Sound. You must have heard the name Om Prakash; it is a very common name. Have you ever reflected that Om Prakash means the Light of the Divine Sound (Omkar).  Divine Sound has two forms; one is the sound form and the other is the illumination.

Speaking on Gorakhnath, in ‘Maro hey Jogi Maro’, Osho explains the statement of Gorakhnath “Shabad Bhaya Ujiyala”. This means the sound that is reverberating within; is the divine sound and that becomes luminous. An unique occurrence; ‘Shabad Bhaya Ujiyala’. The illuminated Shabd (divine sound) within is the Divine. The Master also merges with the Shabd (divine sound).

Kabir says, boond samani samund mein so kat heri jaye”; the droplet has merged into the ocean. This is the oceanic experience. Now the drop has merged into the ocean of the Divine Sound. Therefore, in order to connect with the Master one has to drown oneself in the Divine Sound. One will have to do sadhana of Divine Sound.

Many participants complain to me that whatever they are learning in our Samadhi Programs is different from what Osho has said. No, it is not at all different. Maybe you have not read Osho properly or understood him correctly. Without knowing, you are trying to connect with the formless existence of Osho.

Masters help us

All that is being taught in our Samadhi programs is Osho’s teaching. In the 15th Lecture of Patanjali Yog Sutra, Osho has yet explained that even after leaving the body, the Master tries to help his disciples. Moreover, the Master can now help in a better way because earlier he was bound in one place in one body and now he is omnipresent. Now he can work on everyone in the world. Now he is beyond time and space.

Giving an example Osho further explains that not a single disciple of Gurdieff had become enlightened after Gurdieff’s death. Ouspenski was very close to becoming enlightened but he was not fully awakened. He was trying to take another birth. However, he could not be born again. It might take some more time. Until then the continuity of Gurdieff’s tradition was broken. Consequently, there is no enlightened person in the Gurdieff Tradition. Osho has therefore said that Gurdieff has sent his disciples to Osho. The disciples would not know how they have come to Osho. If they are asked about it, they may give very obvious reasons.

Understand it like this; for instance, a man has come from Germany. If you ask him how he came to Osho, he would say, “I went to a bookstall and was going through some books. Then I was attracted by a photograph on a book and bought the book. After reaching home, I read the book, it was by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.  I was impressed by it. I found out where he lives and thereafter I went to Poona. Here I did Dhyan Sadhana, enjoyed it very much. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of taking sannyas and I became disciple of Osho.” This is the story he would surely narrate.

However, Osho reveals that the true story is something else; that person is a disciple of Gurdieff. Gurdieff has left his body but still his disciple has not found his ultimate purpose. He could not become enlightened yet. Now Gurdieff is helping him in an indirect way. That person does not know who lead him to the bookstore, why did he lay his eyes upon that particular book and why did that book enchant him? Gurdieff was inspiring him from within. He was getting a message from the subtle world. That person does not know that someone else is guiding him. Gurdieff is making extensive effort to send his disciples to the Enlightened Masters who are present on earth at this moment.

He has sent all his disciples to Osho. This is what always happens. If in a tradition of a Master, a disciple does not attain enlightenment then that tradition does not proceeds further, it collapses. Just like how the Jaina tradition ended after Mahavir. After the 24th Tirthankar, there was no such person to whom Mahavir could pass on his message or through whom he could facilitate his work. Similarly, in Sikhism after the 10th Master, the tradition ended as the 11th person was not ready to take the tradition further.  All such traditions end someday.

After Gurdieff there was not a single person available. However, the Jainas had 24 Tirthankars. The Sikhs had 10 Masters even though their tradition ended.

The work done by Gurdieff remained incomplete.  After sending all this disciples to Osho, the responsibility of Gurdieff is fulfilled. This is also worth bearing in mind. Gurdieff has done his work, has kept his word, even after reaching the subtle world. Now it is the responsibility of the disciple as to what he does. It is possible that he comes to Osho but does not take sanyas because of the interference of his ego. He might think that he is Gurdieff’s disciple how can he become someone else’s disciple. If the ego becomes an obstacle then it would not help. However, Gurdieff’s responsibility is over. He is no longer responsible for this person. Now this person has to take his own responsibility.

Masters are available in form of OM

All Masters provide their help in this manner. Their presence is in the form of Divine Sound. What I am saying is at a very subtle level. The obvious level as I said is that of celebration, bliss, love. At the subtler level, it is the fragrance, intoxication, weightlessness, the form of consciousness. And the most subtle form is as told by Patanjali in Yog Sutra about The Master being present in the form of Divine Sound after leaving his body.

The meaning of being Osho is only this that the droplet has now become the ocean. He has merged with the Supreme One who is in the form of the Divine Sound (Omkar), has disappeared after drowning in the Divine Sound.

 In the 15th Lecture of the Patanjali Yog Sutra, Osho has also pointed out a unique thing that no enlightened person ever wants to start a new religion. However, helpless situation arises. The people of old religion do not accept them. Jesus Christ had never wanted to start a Christian religion. He himself was born a Hebrew, lived and died like a Hebrew. He never had in mind to start a new religion because whatever he was doing was in accordance with the guideline of the Masters of the old religion.  He was getting subtle guidance from Moses and other Hebrew Masters. However, the messages of the Supreme Master alter with the time. Problems of the people change, the psychology of people changes. In accordance with the changing times, the Master has to give new solutions to people’s different problems.

It is certain that Jesus was saying something that Moses had not said, that no other Hebrew Master had ever said. Nevertheless, those Masters were causing Jesus to say these new things. This is because the circumstances had changed during the time of Jesus.  During the era of Moses, the people were very brutal and ruthless, very cruel and violent. In those times they imagined God to be very jealous and violent. The Old Testament states that God is not your Uncle; he will revert with double vengeance.  If you smash somebody’s one eye, he will smash your both eyes. Moreover, He will have you rot for eternity in hell and will torture you for eternity. ‘God is not your uncle’ this was the statement of the Old Testament.

However, Jesus said that ‘God is Love and He is compassionate’. If you confess, he will forgive you. Now this was contradictory because the people to whom Moses was addressing only understood the language of violence. They were aggressive and cruel primitive people. By the time Jesus came, there was some development of civilization. People became a bit loving. The consciousness evolved a little. Now there was no longer a need to threaten them. They could be made to understand that God is compassionate. ‘If you have made a mistake, then it is ok, you just need to ask for forgiveness, He will forgive you.’   Conversely, the Hebrews thought that Jesus was saying something against their religious Scripture.

In this lecture, Osho has explained that though Jesus was saying something against the old religious Scripture, he was nevertheless directed by Moses and other Prophets. He was following the commands from the subtle world. He was not adding anything from his side. But how will the Pundits, Priests, and Rabbi comprehend this? They will ask, “Show us where it is written in the Bible that God is Love?” “That God forgives, which Scripture states this?”

It’s not written in any Scripture. Jesus does not have any evidence for this. But whatever Jesus is saying is under the guidance of Hebrew Prophets. Hence with helplessness, when the Hebrew does not accept him, a new religion is formed. Christianity comes into the world.  But this is a result of helplessness. Jesus never wanted this. No Master ever wants to start a new religion. But in a state of helplessness, it has to be done.

Just think, Osho was born in a Jain family. If He said that He is the 25th Tirthankar (Prophet), will the Jainas be able to accept it? Not at all! They will forget ‘Ahimsa Parodharmah’- Violence is against the religion; they will murder him. They will not be able to accept that there could be 25th Tirthankar also. They do not even accept that in this pancham kaal– age anyone can even go up to the fourth Gunasthan– level (there are 14 Gunasthan’s as propounded By Mahavir). Even this is not possible and enlightenment is very far-fetched thing.

Mahavir has classified 14 Gunasthan- levels of the spiritual journey. Enlightenment comes at the end. Jainas say that in this time nobody can go up to the fourth Level, hence how anyone can be a Tirthankar. A Jain will reject this. Hindus will disagree that there could be any Avatar today despite the fact that they have been waiting for 5000 years for Krishna (sambhavami yuge yuge).  However, if somebody says that he is Krishna then that will result in Mahabharat.

No religion is ready to accept. In this state of helplessness, the new enlightened Master has to start a new religion. A new stream has to be added with absolute reluctance and helplessness.

Thus, the presence of the Supreme One is in the form of the Divine Sound. In Samadhi, we connect with them. They are in the form of Light. Here, in Surati and Nirati Samadhi, what is being taught, is the path to connect with the subtle universal presence of the Master. And all Masters are contained within the One. Now the drops are no longer separate. Do not think that Mahavir is a separate drop, Buddha is a separate drop, and Osho is a separate drop. All drops have merged with the ocean and have become the ocean itself.

– Osho Priya

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