“Consciousness and Conscience !” – OSHO

Consciousness is a mirror. Conscience is a photo-plate. Once a photo-plate is exposed, it is finished; it catches the picture and then that picture remains for ever, fixed. It cannot grow, remember.
Conscience is a photo-plate and consciousness is a mirror. It also reflects, but it never clings to any reflection. It remains empty, and hence it remains capable of reflecting new situations. If it is morning, it reflects the morning. If it is evening, it reflects the evening. The photo-plate is fixed; if you exposed it in the morning then it will always remain morning in the photo, it will never become evening, night.
There is no need to develop a conscience. The need is to drop the conscience and develop consciousness. Drop all that you have been taught by others, and start living on your own and searching and seeking.

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“चेतना की उम्र” – ओशो

AGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS चेतना की कोई उम्र नहीं होती। चेतना पर सिर्फ फिकसेशन होता है। चेतना को कोई उम्र नहीं

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