“3 Sutras of Self-Realization” – Ma Osho Priya

We live in such a way that, there is nothing in present. Whatever was, there was in past and whatever will be, it will be in future. What is present, it never comes to our vision. And the truth is that present is the only truth. If you are not aware of present, then neither you can hear, neither you can understand and nor can the door of truth open.

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“संबोधि क्या है? संबोधि दिवस पर आपका संदेश क्या है?” – ओशो

संबोधि का अर्थ होता है –तुम्हारे भीतर की आंख। और कुछ ज्यादा कठिनाई की बात नहीं है; थोड़ी सी धूल पड़ी है–सपनों की धूल। धूल भी सच नहीं। विचारों की धूल। कल्पनाओं की धूल।

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Enlightenment is nothing compared to the attunement with the master – Osho

Once some fragments of wisdom have happened to you, direct your mind towards the awakened. the disciple is continuously directing his mind towards his master — even after the disciple becomes enlightened he continues to direct his mind.

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