“Proof For God !” – OSHO

God is not a syllogism. God is not a conclusion. God is an experience of beauty, of truth, of good, of consciousness. Where are you looking for the proofs? Your very being is the only proof. The seeker is the sought. God resides in you as you. God is a tree in a tree and a dog in a dog and a man in a man. God is all these things. God is this whole.

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“God is Beyond Intellect” – Osho Siddharth

Mind, Intelligence & mind-stuff (Chitt) Neither of these three will lead us to our own ultimate core of being. It is only possible in our “Antar Gufa – Inner Cave.” In this cave there is no duality, there is no one to speak and to listen to. The word is not needed there. There exists the “Anahad Nad – The soundless Sound.” The Holy bible describes it as “Logos.” It is also called as Naam, your inner self, Omkar, the Ultimate sound. Omen, Amen, Om Mani Padme Hum are the different names of the same reality. To talk of it is not possible but each of us can experience it.

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“Yoga is Beyond Theism, ATheism” – OSHO

Yoga is neither. It is a simple science. It is neither theistic nor atheistic. Patanjali really is superb, a miracle of a man. He never talks about God. And even if he mentions once, then too he says it is just one of the methods to reach the ultimate the belief of God, just a method to reach the ultimate; there is no God. To believe in God is just a technique, because through believing in God prayer becomes possible, through believing in God surrender becomes possible. The significance is of surrender and prayer, not of God.

Patanjali is really unbelievable! He said God — the belief of God, the concept of God — is also one of the methods, in many methods, to reach the truth. Ishwara pranidhan — to believe in God is just a path. But it is not a necessity. You can choose something else. Buddha reaches to that ultimate reality without believing in God. He chooses a different path where God is not needed.

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“परमात्मा का प्रमाण” – ओशो

प्रश्न- आप कहते हैं संसार में ही परमात्मा छिपा है। इसका प्रमाण क्या है? संसार में परमात्मा छिपा है, ऐसा

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