“Right Action (सम्यक कर्म)” – Osho Shailendra

Everybody is unique and extraordinary. Everybody is gifted with some creative talents. Flowering these talents is self-actualization and all actions guided in this direction strengthens our Buddha Nature and is known as Right Action or Samyak Karma which is one of the constituents of the Eight Fold Path of Lord Buddha.
We can start living our ordinary life in an extraordinary way. The simplest and most effective way of living an extraordinary life is living in awareness. Whatsoever we do, we should do it with self-remembrance. Our actions should be rooted in our consciousness and freedom, not in reaction of what others are doing. Reaction is not right action, it is governed by unconscious mind, and it is controlled by others. Reaction is never free. It has strong bondages with the person or principle we are reacting against.

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