“Men and Women : Polar Opposites” – OSHO

There is a difference between the male mind and the female mind; their functioning is different. They are polar opposites — never forget that. Spiritually they are exactly the same, but physiologically they are poles apart; they function in different ways.
Men are happier being married than not because when they are not married they simply feel lonely. When they are married, even if the marriage is miserable, it is better than to be lonely; at least there is something to keep you occupied. Misery also keeps you occupied and man always wants to remain occupied — something on the outside so that he need not go in, so he can keep his eyes open.
The woman is not so interested in the outside, so when a woman is unmarried she feels more alone than lonely. And she can enjoy her aloneness better than a man because she is more inner-directed — she is more selfish, in a way. I am using the word with a very positive meaning: she is selfish, she is self-centered. The man is other-centered; he is constantly thinking of others.

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“प्रेम: समर्पण है, ईर्ष्या और शोषण नहीं” – ओशो

“प्रेम तो समर्पण है, मालकियत नहीं “ प्रेम में ईर्ष्या हो तो प्रेम ही नहीं है, फिर प्रेम के नाम

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