“Money & Currency !! ” – OSHO

Money is your love — love of things, not of persons. The most comfortable love is of things because things are dead, you can possess them easily. You can possess a big house, a palace — the greatest palace you can possess easily — but you cannot possess even the smallest baby; even that baby rejects, even that baby fights for his freedom. A small baby, howsoever small, is dangerous for the man who wants to possess. It will rebel, it will become rebellious, but it will not allow anybody to possess it.
People who cannot love persons start loving money because money is a means to possess things. The more money you have, the more things you can possess; and the more things you can possess, the more you can forget about persons. You will have many things but you will not have any contentment because deep contentment comes only when you love a person. The money will not revolt but it cannot respond also, that is the trouble.

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