“Inner Journey: From Meditation To Nirvana” – Osho Siddharth

Inner journey starts with meditation. But the destination is Nirvana. And Samadhi is in middle. As a matter of fact, a seeker should have a complete mental picture of the inner journey. I have very much felt this. For example, if a tourist goes somewhere he has its complete route map. But the picture of the inner journey has not yet been presented properly.

But for the first time in Oshodhara we wish to give the complete picture of the inner journey. From where should a disciple begin? Which milestones will be there, and then where he has to go? In short I would like to say that Meditation is the beginning, Samadhi is the middle, Absolute Love is the destination. So understand these three words properly.

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How to make Life Beautiful? – Osho Siddharth

There are four kinds of Sumiran or divine remembrance, namely: • Sumiran through the mouth • Sumiran through the mind: This is a stage higher. We move a step inward from the mouth to the mind. • Sumiran through the Heart or Love: This is yet higher type of devotion but yet not the peak is achieved. • Sumiran through Being: When devotion starts happening through your entire being or one is totally dissolved in Sumiran then it is the climax.

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