Osho Siddharth Aulia

Osho Siddharth Aulia (Born as Virendra Kumar Singh) was born on 23rd September, 1942 at Karma, District Rohtas, Bihar, India. He did his schooling from Neterhat Residential School (1955-61), and M.Sc, Ph.D, AISM from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India, where he also served as a lecturer till 1975. He joined Coal India Ltd. in 1975 where he worked as General Manager till 2002.

He did senior Executive Course in Management at Manchester Business School, UK in 1991.

Osho Siddharth’s quest for truth took him to several Masters of different spiritual traditions. He joined Osho’s Neo-Sannyas movement on 13th May 1980.

Osho Siddharth experienced satori in December 1988 and became the founder of Indian Institute of Yoga and Management. In 1992, he discovered ‘Kaushal Chakra’ an improved version of Quality Circle which was successfully implemented in South Eastern Coalfields Limited under his stewardship.

Osho Siddharth's Biography

Childhood & School education
Janaki Baba, a mystic loved little Siddharth more than any father could love his child. Practically Every month he visited him and his family. He had a Yakshini Siddhi. He could get anything just by getting his hands in the air. Whenever Siddharth asked him for sweets or dry fruits, instantly provided it from thin air. As a child Siddharth asked him many times to teach him this great art, so that he could influence his fellow friends. But every time Janaki Baba refused to do so by telling him that you have been sent to this earth for a much bigger role and asked him not to indulge in these trifles.

After leaving British Army his father joined Bihar Police Service for a short time and thereafter worked as a school teacher. He was transferred to many places. Little Siddharth accompanied his father practically everywhere and thus completed his early education while studying in different schools at Karma, Kastar, Karakat, Belgain, Dhanwa, Dugadih and Bikramganj. He always stood first in his class and was awarded Army Men's Ward Scholarship.

At the age of 13, Siddharth had to go to distant Netarhat School, a very famous residential school, located in Palamau district of present Jharkhand State in India. However, Janaki Baba continued to visit his family, collect his old clothes, wear them, and go to Vindhyachal, a famous place of pilgrimage near Varanasi, for some Tantrik Sadhana.

He left his body in 1960. Siddharth's maternal uncle, who was his disciple, later conveyed his blessings and a message to Siddharth that he has to perform a great divine mission.

Siddharth felt sad to hear about demise of Janaki Baba, more so, because he could not get any spiritual guidance from Janaki Baba. But an intense thirst grew in him. Could he live a blissful life like Janaki Baba?

At Netarhat School Siddharth performed well. Besides being good at studies he took part in debates, drama, poem recitations, games and endeared himself to almost all the teachers. Although he was a student of science, he studied most of the literary and religious books available in the school library.
College Education
He passed out from Netarhat School in 1961 and stood fourth in Bihar State in Higher Secondary Examination. Based on this, he got National Scholarship which continued till completion of his studies in 1966.

He took admission in BSc Part-1 in H.D. Jain College, Arrah. He bagged first prize in Intra College Kunwar Singh Debate Competition and in State level Inter College Dharmendra Debate Competition. He also became champion in Table Tennis in his college.

He joined Indian School of Mines in July 1962 from where he did his MSc, AISM in Applied Geology 1966. Siddharth was married in 1964 while he was still studying at Indian School of Mines.
Initiation By Osho
It was a cold January of 1979. Siddharth was going to participate in the Indian Science Congress at Ahmedabad. He asked one of his friends, Dr. J.P. Sinha, a Central School Hindi teacher, whether he could give him any book for reading during traveling. Dr. Sinha instantly agreed and asked him whether he would like to read a book by Bhagwan Rajneesh.

Siddharth reacted sharply, “Do you mean that sex guru who talks on sex to samadhi?”

“Have you read any one of his books?” Dr Sinha enquired.

“No, not at all, but I have read his criticisms in various newspapers.”

“Brother, is it proper for a wise man like you to frame any opinion about a person without knowing him or reading his books directly?”

Siddharth felt sorry. He asked Dr Sinha to kindly give a book of Bhagwan Rajneesh. Dr Sinha obliged him gladly and gave him one of his books in Hindi on Lord Krishna entitled ’Krishna Meri Dristi Me.’ Its translation in English has been published with the title ’Krishna-the Man and the Philosophy.’

Siddharth did not open the book till his arrival at Mount Abu. Before going to sleep he just opened the book. The very first sentence thrilled him and made him so ecstatic that he could not resist reading the book for almost the whole night. He woke up next morning as a different person altogether.

“So this is the person I was looking for,” he murmured.

After returning from the journey, he profusely thanked Dr Sinha and asked him, “At many places in his book Bhagwan is mentioning about meditation. Do you know any one of his meditation techniques?" “Yes, I know a few.”

Dr Sinha was kind enough to teach him Dynamic meditation. Siddharth started doing it sincerely every morning. He felt better every day. But the most wonderful experience he had was on 6th July, 1979, when during meditation he went out of body. What a thrilling experience it was! He immediately decided to be Osho's disciple.

Siddharth started looking for some other friends and disciples of Bhagwan Rajneesh, who could give him company. Finally he along with three other friends went to Pune on 10th May, 1980. There he was told that being disciple of Bhagwan Rajneesh means taking sannyas. Siddharth took sannyas in this great tradition on 13th May, 1980. He was also given Urja Darshan on 15th May, 1980. Siddharth went to Pune again in December,1980. Osho blessed him again by Urja Darshan and asked him to look after His Sannyasins. Siddharth was perplexed since he did not find himself worthy of this great responsibility.

After being initiated into Neo-Sannyas in 1980, Siddharth worked very hard on himself. He lived a very austere life. He used to sleep on ground in the meditation room itself. Every morning he did Dynamic meditation. Every evening he used to do Kundalini meditation. In addition he would remain aware of his breath all day, which is a Buddhist meditation known as Anapan Sati Yoga. But nothing tangible was ever in sight. Meanwhile he was transferred to CMPDI, Ranchi in December, 1983.

True to his commitment, Osho Siddharth's quest for truth took him to several Masters of different spiritual traditions .
Service Profile
Siddharth started his career in August, 1966, as Assistant Lecturer in Geology at Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, where he worked only for a year. Thereafter he joined Indian School of Mines in September,1967. He worked there up to 16th June, 1975. He published 36 research papers and 4 books on Geology during this period.

He joined Coal India Ltd on 17th June, 1975 as Superintending Geologist. Rising through different levels he took voluntary retirement in 2002 while he was working as General Manager (Exploration). During his service in Coal India, he worked in its three Subsidiaries, namely BCCL, CMPDIL and SECL. While in Coal India he also did senior Executive Course in Management at Manchester Business School, UK and Advance Management in British Coal in 1991. During his tenure in CMPDI, he published a book on Coal Exploration in Hindi, which is considered a great treatise even today on this subject. This book brought him 'Indira Gandhi Award' from President of India.

During his tenure as General Manager in SECL, he discovered and introduced 'Kaushal Chakra Yojana' in SECL covering about 100,000 employees. This enhanced SECL profit from Rs 50 Crore per annum to Rs 1,000 Crore per annum besides reducing accidents and strikes substantially.
Encounter with death
Siddharth met Paramhans Swami Satyanand Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga, Monghyr, in January, 1971, at Dhanbad, where he was asked to conduct his discourse program at ISM auditorium. Siddharth was influenced by his insight on Hath Yoga. He also showered his affection on Siddharth and visited his house to bless his newly born son, Pankaj, who is presently serving in Chicago, USA. He has three daughters, namely- Shobha, Abha, and Seema, the first one serving in ONGC, Delhi and the other two settled in USA. Siddharth learnt different aspects of Hatha Yoga under his stewardship until 1974, when he fell seriously sick presumably because of some mistake in practice of Hath Yoga. He was told by his doctors that he was suffering from porphyria, an incurable disease, and his days on this Earth were numbered.

It was an evening of Diwali, the great light festival of India, in 1974. Siddharth's children were enjoying, as usual, in a great festival like this. Siddharth was watching the sky, which was so beautiful. The sun was setting, dispersing beautiful colors in the western horizon. The birds were chirping on the green trees. But he was not able to focus on chirping birds or leaves of the trees.

He whispered to himself, “Diwali will come next year too. My children will enjoy the festival; the sun will set with all the brilliant colors; but I will not be in this world to watch this beautiful world.”

He became sad. This creation of God looked so beautiful to him. He murmured to himself,” If I ever get a new lease of life, I will not waste it as before.”

His father came to pay his last visit to him. He asked Siddharth as to what he could do at this juncture. Siddharth asked him whether he was having Siddharth's Janma Kundali–the birth chart.

“Why do you want your birth chart for?” Father asked.

“I want to see whether astrology can predict about death,” Replied Siddharth. “I do not have it with me right now. But I shall try to procure it from the astrologer who made it.”

The father went to the astrologer only to hear that he had passed away. But his son searched and located the birth chart, which was made by his father. He saw the birth chart and exclaimed, “Oh, this is the birth chart my father very often used to talk about.”

“What is special about it?” The father enquired.

“My father has mentioned in this chart that this person would face death at the age of 32, but will not die. He will come out of his sufferings if Mrityunjay Japa, a mantra chanted to save from untimely death, is taken recourse to.”

After a brief pause he asked father, “Is he enlightened?”

The father said, “To the best of my knowledge he is not.”

“Then don’t worry. He is destined to be enlightened. He will not die before that.”

The father took a sigh of relief and came to Siddharth with the birth chart. He narrated the whole story.

A wise man was approached. His name was Baidyanath Pathak. He was a colleague and a friend of Siddharth at ISM. He agreed to chant Mrityunjay Mantra for seven days. The very first day a strange thing happened. One S.P. Saha, a physiotherapist, came to Siddharth on his own and offered his services to cure Siddharth of his illness. Siddharth agreed.

S.P. Saha was a member of the Ramkrishna Mission started by Swami Vivekananda, the famous disciple of Paramhansa Swami Ramkrishna. He gave massage and physiotherapeutic treatment to Siddharth for six months, one hour every day, and during this time he told Siddharth so many nice things about spiritual practices in Ramkrishna Mission. He also told Siddharth about his meeting with so many other sages and their traditions. Miraculously, Siddharth fully recovered from the illness.

He left ISM in 1975 and joined Coal India Limited (CIL) at Dhanbad itself. Although Siddharth had recovered from his prolonged illness, he was afraid to start spiritual pursuits thinking that he might again fall sick due to some other blunders in yoga practices. But the destiny could not allow him to be a drop out on the path of spiritualism.
Meeting great Mystics
Siddharth met Sufi Baba Shah Qalandar of Giridih, a great mystic of our times, in 1980. Since Baba was a great admirer of Osho, Siddharth kept on visiting him very frequently. Baba taught him Sufi Tantra and empowered him to guard against evil forces. He took him to mazars of Bu Ali shah Qalandar at Panipat, Bakhtiar Kaki at Delhi, and Sabir Saheb of Kaliar Sharif at Roorki. He shared his vision of Divine Light and many other things with Siddharth. Siddharth considers him one of his three Gurus along with Osho and Guru Nanak Dev.

In 1980 itself Siddharth met Baba Bhajan Brahmachari, a famous sage of West Bengal, who taught Bhakti Yoga to him in several meetings that followed.

In 1981 Siddharth met Pilot Baba, and developed a close bond with him. Baba later took him to Himalayas, where he met many Himalayan sages including Narayan Swami of Loharkhet.

In 1982 he met Deoraha Baba, an aged sage of Ramanujachya's tradition and had Satsang on Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Tap Yoga..

In 1983 Siddharth met Aughar Bhagwan Ram, a great Tantrik of Kinaram tradition and had Satsang on Tantra Yoga in general and Aghore Tanra Yoga in particular.

Siddharth met Tat Baba, a great sage at Haridwar in 1986 on the occasion of Kumbh Mela, the greatest human congregation on this planet taking place once every three years turn by turn at four places in India. He preaches Akriya Dhyan. He has ashrams in Vrindavan, Delhi and Manali in India. Many meetings followed thereafter.

Siddharth experienced satori in December 1988 and founded Indian Institute of Yoga and Management.
Osho's Message

On 19th January, 1990, Siddharth planned an official tour to Dhanbad and Giridih. He was to begin the journey at 7 AM. But everything started going wrong and he could not start till it was 11AM. His colleague B.P. Singh was also with him. They were scheduled to take lunch with Mr.J.V.S. Rana at Bokaro, but they reached his place late at 3PM.

After lunch both of them proceeded for Dhanbad. But on the way Siddharth felt very sad and despondent for no visible reason. B.P. Singh was sensitive enough to notice it. He asked, “You do not appear to be okay. Is there something wrong?”

“I do not know, but I am not feeling well. Can we go back to Ranchi?” Siddharth proposed.
“I do not think so. We are on official tour. It will not be proper to give up the tour half way,” B. P. Singh was firm in his reply.

They proceeded further. By the time they reached Kusmunda, Siddharth felt extremely uneasy. Mr. U. S. Singh, a friend of Siddharth, was posted at Kusmunda as General Manager of the area in BCCL. He was disciple of a very famous Indian sage Aughar Bhagwan Ram. Siddharth had met his guru several times and he still has great reverence for him. It was always Siddharth's pleasure to meet Mr. Singh and his wife and discuss mostly on spiritual matters of common interest. Siddharth decided to spend some time with Mr U.S. Singh.

Mr. U.S. Singh was sitting in his chamber. He was very happy to receive the duo. They had a cup of tea. It was 5 PM. Suddenly Siddharth felt relaxed. It might be because of the tea, Siddharth thought at that time. Mr. U.S. Singh invited them to stay in his Area guest house to which they readily agreed.

After dinner, Siddharth went to bed late. Suddenly he felt something happening around him. He kept lying silently in bed. But B.P. Singh woke him up. It was a cold dark night. There was no electricity.

“What happened? It's still night. Isn’t it?”,  Siddharth grumbled.

“Please wake up. Something very unusual has happened. A golden light appeared from outside and turned into a form similar to Osho. He blessed you and asked me to convey the message that you are to carry on his work after he was gone.” B.P. Singh’s voice was choked with emotions.

“Are you sure you have not seen a dream? Only a Buddha can present himself in golden light, and that too when he leaves his body. Osho is still alive. How can you see Him like this?” Siddharth was not prepared to accept that his master had left for the other world.

“I don’t know that. But certainly it was not my dream.” 
“Okay. This is a very important experience. I have no explanation right now.”

After completing the official work at Dhanbad, they proceeded to Giridih. First they went to the house of Swami Ratan Bharti alias Ratan Singh, a disciple of Osho. His son came out to inform them that Ratan Bharti was still sleeping. 

“Please wake him up. He is a friend of mine. He will not mind.” Siddharth requested his son.
Soon Ratan Bharti came out. His eyes were red. 

“What’s the matter?” Siddharth asked. Ratan Singh started crying.
“Probably you don’t know. Osho has left His body.” Ratan Singh informed.
“Oh, God!” Siddharth turned towards B.P. Singh and whispered in his ears: “So, you had rightly seen Osho in the night.”
Siddharth spent sometime with Ratan Singh and went to Sufi Baba, a Sufi Master, where Siddharth used to stay whenever he visited Giridih.

B. P. Singh shared his vision with the Sufi Master and asked for his comments.

“Yes, you have seen everything correctly. I know myself that Siddharth has to carry forward Osho’s mission after Osho has left.” The Sufi Master commented. 

“I am not enlightened. How can I do His work?” Siddharth raised his doubt.

“You are destined to be. You don’t know, but I can see that.” Sufi Baba was prophetic in his reply.

Who after Osho?

During one of their conversations after Osho left his body, Tat Baba asked him, “Is there any Living Master in Osho’s tradition today?”

“I don’t think so, I have yet to discover someone.” Siddharth replied humbly.

“It is really unfortunate. Without a Living Master I do not see any hope for survival of the Osho tradition in the future, “ he commented.

“Will Destiny play such a cruel joke? Such a great master came on this planet and there will not be anyone to carry forward His mystic work?” Siddharth murmured.

Siddharth was not sorry for himself. But certainly he felt that the great tradition of his master was facing a serious challenge of extinction. He started working on himself.

In search of GOD..

After Osho left this planet, Siddharth became desperate to find someone who could guide him on path of spiritualism further. Siddharth had met Tapaswini Meerapuri, a lady sage in Kumbha Mela at Hardwar in 1986 and developed close friendship. In one of her conversations she talked about her master Swami Uttampuri in very high esteem and suggested to Siddharth to see him.

Siddharth went to see Swami Uttampuri Baba at Nahan in Himachal Pradesh in 1991. Baba asked him-

'What do you want?'
'I want to realize God. Can you help me?'
'Yes, but you have to fulfil my 3 wishes.’
'Okay, what are those?'
'I have never seen a sea. My first wish is that you take me to a sea where I can take bath.'

'Okay. What is your second wish?'
'I have never travelled in an airplane. My second wish is that you arrange for my air journey.'
'Okay, Now please tell me your third wish.'

'I wish to visit Kamakhya Devi, my Kul Devi. Can you arrange my visit?'
'Okay, done. When can we start?' Siddharth enquired.

'Tomorrow.' Baba replied.

Siddharth took him to Deegha sea shore in West Bengal. Baba was very happy to bathe there. Thereafter Siddharth took him to Kolkata and from there flew him to Guwahati. They visited Kamakhya temple and came back to Coal India guest house where they were staying. After dinner Siddharth sat in the feet of Baba and said,' So, Baba, have I fulfilled all your three wishes?'

'Yes, thank you.' Baba replied.

'Now, would you like to reveal secret of God to me?'
Instead of saying something Baba started crying loudly. He wept for half an hour.
'What happened?' Siddharth enquired.

'With the same enquiry of God I had gone to my Master. He promised to reveal the secret of God when the right time comes. You see my feet, I have no toes. But daily I went to forest to procure wood, cook his food and serve it to him. In the night I used to give massage to him and request as to when he would tell me the divine secret. It continued like this for 30 years. One day he told me that he was about to leave his body. I reminded him regarding his promise to reveal divine secrets to me. He told me that he does not know anything about God and was sorry to befool me all these years.' Swami Uttampuri took a deep breath and told Siddharth that like his master he also did not know anything about God.

Siddharth felt disappointed and after bidding him farewell at Varanasi came back to Ranchi, the place of his posting. He was transferred to South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL), Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India in 1992, where he intensified meditation practices.

He met Trilok Baba, an enlightened sage of Nagpur one evening in 1994. Trilok Baba asked him to come next morning at 4 AM. Siddharth reached his place at the appointed time. Baba took him to Ramtek, about 57 km away from Nagpur. He took him to the center of the lake having a radius of about 225 meters. Baba was using an air filled tube whereas Siddharth had to continue swimming.

Baba asked, ‘Now tell me what precisely you want to ask?'

Siddharth put forth several questions to Baba to which he answered satisfactorily. This went on for about one hour. At the end Baba said,"You are going to be enlightened within 3 years." 

Siddharth met that Baba again in December 1996 in one of the spiritual functions at Shahdol in M.P. One morning Baba asked, “Are you enlightened?”
“Not yet.” Siddharth smiled.

“Then you are going to be enlightened soon, maybe within three months.”


Omkar Deeksha

But with all the prophecies of the sages nothing concrete happened. Siddharth was getting frustrated. Under great duress he decided to discontinue all his spiritual pursuits. He cried and went to sleep after reproaching all the masters of the past. It was 13th January, 1997.

In the middle of the night he was forced to wake up by some unknown force. He felt an urge to go to the adjacent room. He felt some divine presence in the room. Who could it be, he asked himself. Suddenly his attention went to the photograph of Guru Nanak. Someone prompted him, “He is none else than Guru Nanak Himself. Bow down to Him.”

Siddharth became ecstatic. There was a continuous buzzing sound all around. Siddharth heard the divine appearance telling him, “This is Omkar, the Divine sound. It is not produced by any friction or beating. It is the sound of existence. The whole existence is filled with this sound, which has no beginning, no end. It is the eternal sound. It is the sound of the very existence itself. It is the sound of the silence. The whole universe is made up of this sound. Without it we cannot survive for a single moment. It nourishes us, it keeps us alive, and it is the source of all life. This is the key you have been missing so far. This will open the door of your enlightenment.”

Siddharth did not know how much time passed by. When he woke up from this divine ecstasy, he thanked the invisible power for guiding him for his entire future journey.

The soundless sound of Om is the first mystical experience of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient divinity. He realized that it is not something theoretical or philosophical. It is existential. It can’t be created by us. Rather we are created by it. Hence for centuries, Om, the soundless sound has been represented not by alphabets, but by symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. This sound is certainly the most sacred, the most divine.

The invisible power assured his enlightenment and a great role as a spiritual leader in coming times.


It was 5th March,1997 at Bilaspur. Siddharth was returning from morning walk when an old lady commented'Jai Ramji.' The sound started reverberating from all directions. Siddharth felt exalted. He felt possessed by some divine power. After taking bath and breakfast he left for office on his scooter.

Omkar -- the sound of 'Om' -- began to shower on him from all sides. Every pore of his body was filled with joy. He found a deep silence within and a sense of well -being. He felt that Omkar is the very being of existence and he was a part of it and that he himself wasn't separate from it. In fact, he was it.

He reached his office in deep ecstasy. He asked his colleagues and assistants to leave him alone. He kept confined in his office room for whole day. Yes, true to the prophecy of sages and the invisible power Siddharth was enlightened on 5th March.1997. Once he knew it, he was not the same person again. A totally new person, a divine person, a blessed one took birth in him.

Within a few days Trilok Baba came to his house at Bilaspur. He said,
'So, finally you got it. Do you remember my prophecy?'
'Yes, It's your blessings.'
'I have come here for my confirmation. May I ask a few questions?'
'Sure, why not?'
'Why there is misery?' 
'Because of ego?' Siddharth replied.
'Okay, why there is ego?'
'Because of ignorance of Omkar.'
'Great, I congratulate you.'
'Thank you, Baba. What is your further instruction for me?'
'Are you thinking of guiding seekers on path of spiritualism?'
'Yes Baba.'
'Don't do that. People don't listen. You enjoy yourself leaving people to their fate.'
Siddharth was puzzled. He was quiet for some time. Then some force prompted him to speak-
'Baba, if my master and your master would have thought like this, then what would have happened to you and me?'

Baba kept silent. After sometime he took a deep breath and said---
'Okay, go ahead. You will enjoy my blessings too.'

Birth & Growth of Oshodhara

Siddharth started preparing himself to carry out the task assigned to him by his Master Osho in the night of His departure.

On occasions, Siddharth had to go back to his family and attend his job. The number of their disciples started growing in hundreds and thousands. A magazine 'Oshodhara', which is now 'Santmat', carrying the messages was published every quarter. Following this the whole sangh and the whole movement came to be known as Oshodhara.

Over the years he developed astral contacts with Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev, Sai Baba of Sirdi, Guru Gorakhnath, Mahavatar Baba, Maharshi Narad, Adi Shankaracharya and a number of Sufi Masters.

Under his guidance Oshodhara established 3 Dhams (Ashrams) at Murthal in Haryana, Madhopur in Punjab, Karma in Bihar where Oshodhara programs are organized regularly.

He developed 28 levels of Spiritual programs and 21 Wisdom programs under Oshodhara and through these programs he is helping the seekers on the path of Enlightenment and beyond up to Chareiveti, the highest spiritual attainment in spiritual journey ever in the history of mankind. Over these years Oshodhara has come up as the greatest spiritual stream in the world.

During one of the afternoon sessions at Murthal someone asked him,'Do you have any wish?'

Osho Siddharth replied smilingly-' Yes, after leaving my body when I go back to the World of Enlightened Ones, I wish to hear from Osho, my Master, “Well done”.

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