Awareness makes the Difference

By Osho Siddhartha on Jun 1, 2010, Posted on Dec 6, 2010

 Today we are going to talk about a verse of Daria Saheb of Rajasthan. He says:
"Raam Naam Nahi Hridaya Dhara, Jaisa Pasua Taisa Nara…"
What is the difference between a Human and an animal? There is only one single difference between them. Humans are capable of knowing God. They are able to merge with the Ultimate Sound, to shower in His Light. If in your entire life you have not known God then you are not worth calling a Human. If you have not implanted the seeds of Omkar in your heart, then your life is spent in vain. The language of saints is a bit different. When a saint says Heart, it means formless being, the Shunya, Nirakaar, the inner sky. If you have not rested in that space of yours, then you have simply wasted your life.
To be in Remembrance of the Divine is only thing that is worth doing. Even while doing any other work one must be in constant remembrance of the divine then only the life has been properly utilized. You all may be knowing --- when a mother is doing her daily chorus, or is busy with her family or even when she is sleeping one part of her mind is simply taking care of her child. Even with the little voice of cry she drops all her works and rushes to the child. In this way the remembrance of the Divine must go on. On the periphery there is world but your center is always connected to It.
Earning a livelihood is necessary but without the Sumiran, without remembrance of the Self, it is unworthy.
Daria Saheb says:
"Pasua Nar Udyam Kar Khavai, Pasua to Jangal Char Avai."
An animal also goes to jungle and fetches his prey or food while a human does work, earns money and then can prepare his food. If this is the case, then animals are in far better condition than us. At least they don’t have to earn money for that.
Daria says:
"Pasua Avai Pasua Jae, Pasua Charai Va Pasua Khae."
If the way you came to this world and are going back in the same manner then what have you given to life? What have you learnt from life? If the son of a king does not enrich his father’s empire and leaves it as he had got it from his father, then what has he contributed? What is your contribution to the Life?
Daria says:
"Ram Naam Dhyaya nahin Mai, Janam Gaya Pasua KI Naai."
To get a life as a human is a great opportunity. Before taking birth in this form, we guides deputed by God, request them to send us on Earth. They agree seeing our eagerness. But after coming to life we forget that divine assignment, our own source. We degrade ourselves.
We have fallen down in the category of animals. We eat, drink, sleep, give birth and die just like them.
If one lives a life without knowing the secret of Omkar, then he has known nothing.
An animal also has a body, senses, mind, life then where you differ from them. It is only your consciousness, your being that makes you different from them. To live in self awareness is the only difference. Your existence, your Buddha hood, to know oneself as the whole, to know your identity is the only aspect that causes the difference.
"Raam Naam Se Nahi Preet, Yeh Sab Hi Pasuon Ki Reet...."
Bikha says:
"Raam So Kar Preet Re Man, Ram So Kar Preet;
Ram Bina Koi Kam Na Avai, Ant Dhaho Jimi Bheet."
Till the time you have wealth, health, power, everyone calls you are their own. But only at the time of death one realizes that none other than Raam, or Omkar, is our own. Just imagine, think of your death and you will conceive that only Divinity can be of your help.
Spirituality is just a process of two steps – firstly you need to search a living master, with whom you fall in love. And then extend that love from Master to the formless Divinity or God or Existence.
Daria says:
"Jeevat Sukh Dukh Me Din Bhare, Mua Pachhai Chaurasi Parai.
Jan Daria Jin Ram Na Dhyaya, Pasua Hi Jyon Tanam Ganvaya."
In the entire life, there is a cycle of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness and then comes death. Again there is attraction for a physical body and the whole circle starts again.
Kabir says:
"Jeevan hai Ek Chauraha…"
It means that life of human is like a crossroad. Now you have to decide which direction you want to go ahead with. From there you can go downwards and fall in the category of animals where there is lust, jealousy, anger, hatred or else you can rise to Buddha hood, where there is love, bliss, serenity, peace. Only humans can experience bliss, celebration. Have you ever seen animals playing Holi, Celebrating Diwali, Christmas, Id or New year? This is the uniqueness, specialty about the Human race.
Until you are unaware about the self till then you will come again in the physical body for the search of eternal.
I was in Ranchi staying in a house named Hill View. It was 11’o clock at night and a boy came in his search. The boy said he needs to ask a question. I asked him was that time suitable for it. Could not he wait till the next morning? But the boy insisted telling that he was going to commit suicide in the lake next to my house since he could not find the reason of living life in a monotonous way, without knowing its goal or aim. But people told him to ask this question to me so as to get his thirst quenched. I told him, "This question is your own; its answer also has to be your own. If you get borrowed answer it won't satisfy you. This was the question which led to search in lives of Osho, Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, Jesus, Mohammed. Even if you end up your body, this question won't be answered and you will hanker for it." Then after months, the young boy’s father met me and thanked me for saving his son’s life and inspiring him to search for himself.
It is an invitation for all such seekers, explorers to come, join and know it in Oshodhara.
Don’t miss the golden opportunity when there is living stream of Masters flowing close to you with such huge Sangha to know yourself.
At the time of Dariya Sahab there was another Dariya sahab in Bihar who also describes the same scenario as in this Pada –  
"Naam Na Jana Re Abhaga Naam Na Jana Re …"
This means that if you have not known the True Name, you are the most unfortunate.
You can know the True Name and the art of Divine awareness by being connected with a Master. Master is the only one who is truly yours. To connect your self with a Master and through him to the infinity is Sahaj Yoga.
----Osho Siddhartha
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