Osho’s Contribution to Mankind

By Osho Shailendra, Posted on Dec 6, 2010

Along with Osho a great revolution took place on this earth, before Osho religiousness was a serious matter. Osho has given us a singing, dancing & celebrating religion. The definition of the religion changed completely.
Utsav amar jati, anand amar gotra.
This is the essence of Osho’s sannyas. Before this people were of the view that sannyas means renunciation. People had a negative vision towards sannyas as they considered sannyas to be very difficult & arduous job. Osho called the great celebration of life as Sannyas, as Religion.
I would like to mention one of Osho’s amazing contributions- before Osho various religions & different paths used to be adamant that their path is right & rest of the paths are wrong. Yogis were of the view that Yoga alone is right & Tantra, Zen & Sufi are wrong. One who chose the path of meditation used to think that other paths & the path of devotion will mislead them. And the devotees were of the opinion that only Path of Devotion is suitable, meditation is wrong, it is not required. Karm Yog, Gyan yog all are worthless. I feel that this in past it was alright to emphasis on a particular path that this is the right path, so that the people get committed to walk on that path. It had some advantages & disadvantages. Its advantage was that the person used to walk with strong resolution, with the belief that this is the right path & so he had a strong commitment while walking. For instance, if we are at the point which splits into four roads & a person meets you at that point & tells you that even this path is right, even that path is correct, you will reach your destination from every path you choose then there are many possibilities that you will remain standing at that very point & won’t walk on any of the roads.
              The enlightened mystics in the past dwelled in smaller places. Buddha used to travel, but how far could he travel by walking? There was a certain limit, He covered limited areas by walking & came in contact with the limited people so it was necessary for him to give those people a particular path. It was very necessary at that time to say that this path is right, go from right & you will reach destination you will get mislead if you will go from any other path. All this was necessary for that disciple so that his mind should not get distracted for the other paths.
             But it had disadvantages too. The drawback was that only a particular group could walk on that path, that path was not meant for everyone. For some people the path of devotion is suitable, path of knowledge will be the best for some of them, for some it will be easier to travel through Sufi path & for some no technique is required – the path of Ashtavakra which had no path. There are various kinds of people in this world, different paths are meant for different people. In past it was necessary to recommend one specific path, so that particular group which came to Buddha could be taken on that path completely. So it had the advantage that whoever was interested in that path had a certainty & he continued walking on that path. The disadvantage was that a very big group could not get influenced. For instance, Mahavir’s path was the path of meditation, path of commitment, now in this path there was no space for women. Mahavir always said that females cannot attain salvation. Not that it was true, but he did do that female should not walk on that path which was not meant for them. Even if they come, they will waste their time; spoil their life because they can’t travel through this path. The path of surrender is meant for them, devotion is their path not the path of commitment. So this was Mahavir’s compassion that he said females can’t attain salvation so that they chose another path, so all this happened in past.
             But by Osho’s time, this world got converted to a Global village. Science progressed & the means of communication increased. And whole world became a small village where each & every information is available for everyone. Situations were different in past. If a person took birth in Nepal in Hindu religion, he will never come to know that even Jesus Christ exists in some other part of this world & he has written a holy book named as Bible. Even the other path will not come to his knowledge. But in this modern world the means of communication & information passage has increased to such a great extent that we can easily come to know about everything happening in any part of the world.
            Now if somebody tells you that this path is right & all other paths are wrong, then previously this statement was useful but now this statement is not of great use. Now this statement will create a doubt that the path which is being mentioned may also be wrong. Because there are many other paths through which people have traveled & reached the Ultimate destination. Now the old statement is not of any use.
              All the paths searched to reach the goal by the enlightened masters like Mahavir, Buddha, Krishna, Ram, Gorakhnath, Kabir, Sirhappa, Triloppa, Norappa, Lao Tzu, Choan Tzu, Plato, Socrates, Heraclites were gathered by Osho at one place & along with doing this great job Osho stated that one can reach the destination through all the paths.
              If one desire to travel from Delhi to Kathmandu, then one can reach Kathmandu through flight, it has a different way. If one travels through train, then the way will change. Then one will have to travel by bus from the Pakistan border, so the map changes if journey is done by road. It is possible to reach destination through all the paths. This had a positive result, the stubbornness which was within the people that my path is right, my religion right, rest all are wrong, that craziness, that feeling of fanatics disappeared. Today we know that even Tantra is right, Yoga is correct, Devotion is also right, meditation, Zen, Tao all are right. Now it is up to us that through which path we prefer to walk. In which we have personal interest.
            So this was the great advantage that the fanatic mind did not develop in Osho’s sannyasis. You know that Vipasana meditation is suitable for you but you know that your neighbor likes Dynamic meditation. There is no contradiction in that because for you path is of Vipasana & his path is of Dynamic meditation. But as every coin has two sides, there were some disadvantages too. As Osho gave every map, map of airways, map of railways, map of roadways, map of waterways, pedestrian way & there is even a way out to reach without using any way. He gathered all these things at one place. Everything is covered in Osho’s literature. So there can be confusion, a question can rise in a person’s mind that through which path should I travel? Some people will travel by train, then get down & travel by bus, again get down from bus & go by air. Then it will be too difficult. Then they will move round & round & at the end of the day they will realize that they have reached nowhere. There are the possibilities of this miss happening & once we are aware of the chances of miss happening, we can rescue from that danger.
            For example there is a medical store, in which many medicines are available. Osho has made every possible treatment available, allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines, acupressure, acupuncture & all the therapies which can be possible for human treatment are available. Now the question which rises is how will you choose the medicine for yourself from that chemist shop? You need doctor’s prescription. Who does personal checkup, does diagnosis, one who understands your mind. One who prescribes you with a particular medicine for a particular period; if you continue to consume the medicines for life long which were just prescribed for 3 months then that medicine will turn into poison. Every medicine has its use & limitation. It is useful till a certain period. It is possible that the thing which you require today you may not require it 6 months later. If the state changes, the disease changes, then what will you read from Osho’s literature? Which Osho’s discourse would you hear from 5000 discourses? A new seeker needs guidance.
           Once it happened, when I lived in Amlai, a friend of mine Dr. Bansal, liked to read Mahageeta – the conversation of Ashtavakra & Jhanak. I told him number of times that you don’t read this topic because Osho always postponed speaking on this topic, all our old sannyasi friends like Anurag, Chaitanya Bharti, Om Bharti know it very well. In those days Rajneesh newsletter used to get published. On which topics will Osho gives discourses used to get published in it. Many a times it got published in that magazine that Osho will speak on Ashtavakra on a particular date. But when that day occurred, Osho postponed it to next six months. After six months again He postponed it.
           Osho spoke on Ashtavakra after 4 years & when he spoke, he said “I was waiting for you to become capable of comprehending Ashtavakra’s subtle teachings”. A person who took 10- 20 years for becoming capable in spite of being with Osho at that time, then how can a new seeker start up with Ashtavakra, who says there is no need of any technique? Because this will boost his ego as he will feel that I don’t have any responsibility, I don’t need to take any effort. I am God, pure, divine, consciousness, then where is the need to do anything? No, this will just boost one’s ego; it won’t be helpful in his spiritual journey.
             So many a times I told my friend not to read Ashtavakra’s Mahageeta, if he wants to read he can read Sadhna Path, Kranti Beej, Jin Khoja Tin Paiya (Osho’s books written in Hindi), but he replied that if he will read Jin Khoja Tin Paiya, then he will have to make some effort. He will have to do Dynamic Meditation, he will have to do commitment; he will have to make some effort. A person draws a boundary line due to his lethargy. He chooses such philosophy which becomes an obstacle for him. He will be of the view that I am purely divine consciousness. Why do I need to do spiritual practice?
             So friends, Osho has done extraordinary work of giving us the essence of all the spiritual paths. He has given us a chemist shop with all the medicines. He clearly specified that even Homeopathic is effective, even Allopathic can cure you, even Acupressure will be of use & one can be cured even without consuming any medicine, one can face even this state. It is up to us that what so we choose for ourselves? Therefore a doctor’s prescription is required. If we mix all the medicines & consume it then it will no more be a medicine it will get converted into poison.
            So I would like to say, especially to the old friends & even to the new friends that they require a particular direction, they need someone who examines them & prescribes a particular path. A particular practice till a particular time span; not that if a medicine is prescribed it should be consumes for lifelong.
-----Osho Shailendra
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