By Osho Priya, Posted on Jan 1, 2009

 1ST Step: (Prayer for Universal peace and happiness): 3 min

-          Sit down in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Pray for all to be happy, healthy and blissful.

-          Sing this couplet: “Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Makashchit dukha bhagbhave.”


     2nd Step: (Bhramari Pranayaam): 21 min.

-          Inhale slowly and deeply along with listening to the music. While exhaling, close your mouth and produce a humming sound.


    3rd Step: (Relaxation): 3 min

-          Sit down in a comfortable posture or lie down in Shavasan (back touching the ground, one foot apart from the other and palms towards the sky).

-          Feel that the body is getting calm, breathing is getting poise and mind is becoming peaceful.


     4th step (Self-Remembrance): 30 min

-          Close your eyes and look in the inner sky. This is our formless being. As there is water in the vessel, content in the container; similarly there is the formless in the form.

-          Now just look in this inner space. Gradually get merged with this formless consciousness filled with Divinity.


(It is advisable to do this meditation while you are alone and not in groups. Ideal time is when you are unable to sleep at night or else when your sleep has broken accidently not intentionally or else at any time when there is less noise and turmoil.)

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