Path of devotion and its appropriateness for gender

By Osho Priya, Posted on Feb 6, 2011

 I have heard that BHAKTI yoga is suitable only for the females. Is that true? How can we know that which path is appropriate for us? Question asked by Swami Krishna Kabir.

It is said that the path of the devotion is only meant for females & not for males. First thing there is some reality in it. The seven chakras which are there in our consciousness – Mooladhar (Root), Swadhishthan (Hara), Manipur (solar), Anahat (Heart), Vishudhi (Throat), Agya (Third eye) & then Sahastrahar (Crown) chakra. The chakra located at the middle is connected to heart & is related to love. First , third & seventh these are positive chakras in males & negative in females. First chakra is negative in females therefore they can not be physically strong. It’s positive in males that is why the males are physically powerful. Second Swadishthan chakra is positive in females therefore they have beautiful & tender eyes, skin, hair & senses. But males cannot be that beautiful & tender. You shave daily or you shave ten times a day, nature has not made you beautiful, nature has made you rough & tough. But males are trying to resemble females so that even they can look beautiful. Third chakra Manipur is positive in males. It is the chakra of courage, bravery & resolution. So males will be more courageous, brave & determined. Females are bit coward. The fourth chakra is positive in females, this is the chakra of love. So definitely females will be more loving. Males can’t be that loving, god has not made him loving. Male says ‘I love you’ again & again because male always asserts the opposite. Remember that he cant love & therefore he affirms ‘I love you’ again & again & female can love, then where is the need to say ‘I love you’. One who always lies is the one who says that I never lie. Remember that if he doesn’t lies then there is no need to say & if you say I don’t lie, then you must be lying definitely, otherwise where was the need to say that. Now, if a driver makes you sit in a bus from Sonipat & takes you towards Delhi & tell you all to “sit properly, don’t worry, I will take you to Delhi without having an accident” People will be stunned that what is he telling? After two minutes if again he says don’t get scared, there are no chances of accident on the way, I will surely take you to Delhi safely. Then half of the passengers will come out, half of them will think it is risky, why is he asserting? So this is right that the fourth chakra of females is positive. Therefore females can bring up a child happily. If any male is asked to look after the child then both the child and father will be in trouble. Females are so loving that they don’t find it difficult to look after children. Therefore, on same lines - Bhakti Yoga is based on love, definitely BHAKTI YOGA is path of females or feminine mind. When I say female I mean feminine mind. Like Ravindranath Tagore, he is a male, but has feminine mind. For as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he is a male but of feminine mind. But there is one thing. This seventh chakra is of awareness, this chakra is positive in males. BHAKTI is very easy for females, but BHAKTI YOGA is not easy. When awareness gets connected to BHAKTI then it becomes BHAKTI YOGA. Remember that BHAKTI YOGA is the matter of ‘fifty- fifty’. Therefore males & females are equal partners in BHAKTI YOGA. Males can practice awareness & females can practice love & when the awareness & love meet, then BHAKTI YOGA is created. So don’t say that BHAKTI YOGA is meant only for females. Yes devotion is easy for females, but in BHAKTI YOGA both are equal associates. Osho says that ‘if you are walking through the path of love & awareness does not arise so definitely there is some mistake in the practice of love. And if you are walking through the path of meditation, through the path of witnessing, through the path of awareness & if love does not arise within you, then definitely there is some mistake.

Awareness & love, self-remembrance & devotion, the union of both is called as BHAKTI yoga & let it be a male or female for both of them half of the matter is ‘favorable’ & other half has to be ‘cultivated’ by them. 

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