Mistakes in our perspective towards love & its needs

By Osho Shailendra, Posted on Feb 6, 2011

 Man desires love from the time he is a child to his old age. According to scientists, animals, birds and even plants crave for love. When nature has given such a deep yearning for love than why it has not provided any solution for its fulfilment? In this world we only get a glimpse of its satiation but no true contentment. Why has God created such an unfortunate situation?


It’s a mistake of your perspective. The conclusion of our analysis is not appropriate. It’s not unfortunate but fortunate that you cannot be satisfied with dirt or you might have been sitting on a pile of dirt, satisfied. It’s not unfortunate. It’s a mistake in your perspective. You are asking why God has created such an unfortunate situation?


It’s the most fortunate thing that you cannot be satisfied with lesser things. It’s not possible. Don’t blame your mind that it cannot be satisfied. Thank your mind that it does not let you satisfy anywhere.

However great your beloved or lover might be you can never be satisfied. This is a blessing. This dissatisfaction will lead you towards Divine. Had you been satisfied with any lesser thing you might not have tried to go beyond that? Then who would spread the wings in the sky? Who would fly high in the Divine sky? No, do not call yourself unfortunate if you are not satisfied anywhere. It is fortunate.

Osho says in one of his discourses that you are a swan from lake (MAANSAROVAR) in the Himalayas. You have come down from there and are sitting besides a dirty pond and are not satisfied. However you try to beautify and whatever you do to improve it the pond will remain a pond. Dirty pond. The swan from the Divine Lake (MAANSAROVAR) will not be satisfied. He will keep feeling something is missing. This feeling of something missing is there deep down every soul, even though they might not be sure of what is missing. This swan will not be satisfied until it gets back to the Divine lake (MAANSAROVAR), from where it came. This is a fortunate thing otherwise who knows in which ditch or pond you might have been satisfied. There is something in you that have known the supreme lake. It will not settle for the ponds or ditches. No love in this world will be able to satisfy you. I want to read out an answer to a similar question from Osho’s book, “Prem rang ras orh chunariya”.

“You cannot be satisfied until you have found the Divine. This search must be undertaken. In finding the Divine you have found everything. If you lost it you have lost everything. If you find it there is nothing else to be found. Then you have found everything. How can something remain to be found then? You have found the master then everything that is his is also yours. In finding the emperor you have also found his empire. Without him you may go on wanting but will not get anything and remain a beggar only. And your begging pan has never been full and will never be. It can be filled only by the master.

“Dulan find the key for such a name,

Some listen to songs

Some listen to stories,

What remains for Dulan to listen?

Now that he has heard the Divine flute.

These are the words from Dulandas’ book. Speaking on this saint Osho says that Dulandas is saying he has listened to the soundless sound, and is in his bliss and is calling others too as the moment of awakening has come. Now he is telling others also to take a dip in divine love, in prayer for the divine. Dulan says, “Now you have to seek such a name, listen to the soundless sound; the divine flute and then prayer will arise in you. Osho is pointing towards this love in this book, “Prem rang ras orh chunariya”.


Reading the title of the book one may conclude that Osho is talking about mundane, worldly love. But no, Osho is talking about the love of the soundless sound. Dulandas is saying what remains to be heard after having listened to the flute of the Divine, having drowned in the love of divine. Craving for love is there in everyone, but there is no way one can satisfy it in this world. It can only be satisfied with the Divine. The satisfaction should not even be there until then. It’s not unfortunate but fortunate.
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