Love is the Color of Godliness

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Feb 6, 2011


That’s right. Osho did not reach through BHAKTI yoga. Osho reached ultimate truth through path of Dhyan Yoga – path of meditation, awareness. But the path of meditation is dry and arid; it is like the journey in a desert. If one path goes through a desert and another path goes through valley of flowers and trees, then any intelligent person will prefer a path where there is greenery all around, where there are waterfalls, peacocks are dancing, cuckoo is singing. The path of meditation is parched, where one gets baked in the heat of sun. There is love, songs, dance and celebration on the path of devotion. Realizing this, Osho says there was no one to suggest me but I am here to suggest you. Therefore I tell you to leave other paths and walk on the path of devotion.

A famous saint happened in Bengal. His name was Baba Bhajan Bhramachari. He had thousands of disciples. In those days people use to criticize all Osho sannyasins. In earlier days, it was very easy to recognize the disciples of Osho as they used to wear orange robes and Mala while doing their daily chorus work. But Baba Bhajan Brahmachari gave more value and more respect to me than his own disciples. He made me sit besides himself whereas when his disciples used to leave, he used to say “Come, I will make you hear one song”. He used to sing very sweetly. He had written one song, which he himself sang sometimes and at times he played its cassette –

“Bhakti ka marag seedha re, kahe Baba Brahmachari”

I used to say “No, my path is of meditation. My path is not of devotion. My master teaches meditation.”  Baba Bhajan Brahmachari used to say “You don’t know, the path of devotion is very simple. There are many deludes in other paths. On the path of devotion not many deludes are there. It is a path of fun and one day you will have to reach through this path. At the end there is no difference left between different paths. So you travel through the way of devotion.”

Today I feel that Baba Bhajan Brahamachari was absolutely right. On the path of devotion you reach the destination on the very first step, because it is the path of love.

Tujhe malum bhi hai kitne janam beet gaye

Bada e talakhiye ayyaam ko peete peete.

This means - By drinking the bitter liquor of wealth, position, power, fame, how many births have you passed? Do you know?

Tishnagi phir bhi teri kam nahin hone payi

Aao peeneka saleeka main batata hoon tujhe,

De mere hath mein hath aur chal mere saath.

Aao chalne ka salika main batata hu tujhe.

Ishq ka pehla kadam hi hai naviye manzil.

Aao jeene ka salika main batata hu tujhe.


This means- Your desires are not yet reduced. Your thirst has not yet been quenched. Come, I will teach you the manner of drinking. Give your hand in my hand and walk with me.  Come, I will teach you the manner of walking. The first step of love is the last ladder of destination. Come, I will teach you the manner of living.

In love the first step is stepped on the destination. Remember that where the last step is placed in the path of meditation, in love the fist step itself is placed there.


Ishq ka pehla kadam hi hai naviye manzil.

Aao jeene ka salika main batata hu tujhe.

Osho rightly says that if you travel through the path of devotion there is bliss at the destination as well as there is bliss on the way. If you go through the path of meditation, then there is no bliss on the way. When you reach the destination till that you are used to live in a dry and arid way, so you remain dry and arid on reaching the destination. If provision is made who won't like to travel through the path of devotion?

              Akbar asked saint Dadu how is God? What is His color? What is His caste? What is His style? How does He exist? Saint Dadu said a lovely thing–

“Ishk allah ki jaat hai, ishk allah ka dhang.

Ishk allah aujud hai, ishk allah ka rang.”

Love is its caste. Love is its form. Love is its way. Love is its color. So definitely if there is provision to go through the path of devotion, then any wise person will wish to go through it. 

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