How to Enter death Consciously

By Osho, Posted on Jan 1, 2009

 The technique of active meditation -- a technique of how to enter death consciously. In Tibet this technique is known as bardo. Just as people hypnotize a man in his dying moment, similarly, people involved in Bardo give anti-hypnotic suggestions to a dying man. In Bardo, people gather around a man in his dying moments and tell him, "You are not dying, because no one has ever died." They give him anti-hypnotic suggestions. There will be no weeping, no wailing; nothing else will be done. People will gather around him and a village priest or monk will come and say, "You are not dying, because no one has ever died. You will depart relaxed and fully conscious. You will not die, because no one ever dies."


The person closes his eyes and the entire process is narrated to him: now his life-energy has left his legs, now it has left his hands, now he cannot speak, and so on -- and yet, the man is told, he still is, he will still remain. And all around him these suggestions are given. The suggestions are simply anti-hypnotic. That means, they are meant to make sure the person does not grab on to the social illusion that he is on the verge of dying. In order to prevent him from doing that, people use Bardo as an antidote. ….


…There can be many ways of keeping a dying person awake. For example, special kinds of aromas can help a person stay conscious; just as certain kinds of aromas, odors, can make a person unconscious. Incense and benzoin were discovered mainly because they help to keep one awake. A kind of music can be created around a person to make him stay conscious. And there can be music, which can make a person fall asleep. You come across music, which can put you to sleep -- there can be music, which can keep you awake as well! Certain words, certain mantras can be uttered which can help the person stay awake and not go to sleep. Certain parts of a dying man's body can be tapped in order to stop him from falling asleep and keep his consciousness alive. He can be made to sit in a certain posture to prevent him from falling asleep, to let him stay conscious.

(Osho, And Now and Here, Chp # 10, Q. 3)


When a man dies in Tibet, they repeat a certain mantra. That mantra is called bardo. The mantra says to him, "Relax, be silent. Go to your center, just be there; don't leave it whatsoever happens to the body. Just be a witness. Let it happen, don't interfere. Remember, remember, remember that you are only a witness; that is your true nature. If you can die remembering, the wheel is stopped."

(Osho, Glimpses of the Golden Childhood, Chp # 15)

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