By Osho Shailendra, Posted on Mar 2, 2009


Respected Sir: The society at large is passing through difficult times. We have corruption and exploitation to overcome, dirty politics and deception to tackle, robbers and criminals to fight, terrorism to defeat and war-like situations to defuse. Does it not appear selfish that we quietly sit here engaged in Dhyan and Samadhi? A little while ago Maa Osho Priya conducting a kirtan [devotional songs] session was singing, ‘Govind Ke Gun Gao, Sadho Gobin Ke Gun Gao’ [Let us sing praises to God, O’ seekers, let us sing praises]. I ask, as long as we do not have peace in the world, establish Ram Rajya [kingdom of the God] for ourselves, how can we dance and sing praises to the God? – Subhash Kumar Vidrohi.


Osho Shailendra answers:


Please consider how many revolutions have already taken place to change the world. Has the world changed? In the last two hundred years we have seen industrial revolution,scientific revolution, educational revolution, social revolutions, political revolutions etc. but our problems have not decreased, increased. Still there are hopefuls who feel mankind will change for the better; the difficult days will be over soon. Dear Subhash, I am not a negative thinker myself. But I am not ready to go with these hopefuls either. Let accept facts as they are. The known history of mankind for the last 5000 years shows that external revolutions fail and condition of man turns from bad to worse.


Badd se badtar din beetega, aab sara ka sara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee, kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


Mausam mai kutch farak nahi hai, rituon mai badlav nahi

Madhumaso ki aavbhagat ka, koi bhi prastav nahi

Vaisa ka vaisa hai patjhar, vahi hava ke makkari

Tapman ka tark vahi hai, vahi ghutan hai hatyari

Bade maje se naach raha hai, phir vo hee andhiyara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


Shok geet mai badal rahi hai, dhire dhire lori

Usne gale mai phanda dala, ye khinchegi dori

Aab jeewan ki shart yahi hai, jaise taise jee lo

Aankh mund kar sara gussa, eek sans mei pee lo

Nav-ganga nistej paadhhi hai, rota hai dhruv tara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


Kiran kiran aarop lagati, disha disha hai roti

Pachhtave ka par nahi hai, asafal hui manouti

Lagta hai parivesh samoocha, khud ko har gaya hai

Lagta hai garbhast swapan ko, lakva mar gaya hai

Pind na jane kab chhorega, yah durbhagya hamara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


Agar yahi hai mukta hava, toa isse mukti dilao

Mukti vayarth badnam nahi ho, apne ko samjhao

Isse to bandhan achha tha, kahne lagi havain

Jee karta hai ess jeene se, behtar hai mar jayain

Pata nahi kal ko kya hoga mera aaur tumhara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


Aadha jeewan kata rait mai, shesh kate kichard mai

Aaur peedhiyan rahen bhatakti, naron ke bhihardh mai

Dushchritra ho jayain agar naiyya ke khewanhare

Toa ganga ho ya vaitarni, prabhu hee par utare

Naya faisala karna hoga, shyad hame dobara

Suraj nikla eis bar bhee kintu phir aadhaa aawaara


[The days to come may go from bad to worse; the sun that is rising is weak and feeble. Neither is the weather any different, nor the seasons changing. There is no hope of fair weather either. The autumn is as bad, the air as distressing. The temperature is stifling. Cruel darkness is dancing in celebration. The sun that is rising is weak and feeble.


The sweet lullabies are turning into tragic songs. The noose around the neck is tightening. We are left with nothing but to live on somehow. Keep the eyes shut, digest the anger. The sky looks dead and the North Star crying. The sun that is rising is weak and feeble.


The sun rays are complaining. All the directions are remorseful. The sadness has no ends. The favours sought were not granted. The whole system has collapsed. The expectations have been frustrated. When will our misfortunes end? The sun that is rising is weak and feeble.


If this is the freedom, please free us of it. Do not spoil the name of freedom. The air is complaining it was better off in bondage. We are reaching nowhere. The sun that is rising is weak and feeble.


Half the life was lost in the sand. The other half may go to marsh. Generations after generation have been raising slogans only. If the oarsman is corrupt you could not sail across, whether it is Ganges or Vaitarni.  We will have to redefine our course. The sun that is rising is weak and feeble.]


The revolutions that have taken place are numerous but nothing has changed for good. If this is the freedom then rather free us of it. New chains are put around our neck in the name of freedom. Every revolution leads us to far greater bondage. One has to agree with the poet - we may have to change the direction of our thinking.


Subhash, do you think situation was any better in the so called Satyuga (Era of purity) and Ram Rajya? Rama’s mother forced her husband to send Rama to forests and stay there for 14 years. Rama’s wife got stolen. When Rama became ruler, his wife Sita was banished to the forests. Buddha's brother Devdat made several attempts on Buddha's life. Jesus Christ’s was put him on the cross. Do you think people in Mahavira’s time or Krishna’s times were any humble? Please read history, it is full of violence and oppression; it is not even readable. There is no proof that life in the past was better off or trouble free; only we tend to imagine that to draw some solace.


It is ironically we either consider good life to have existed in the past or to come about in the future through a revolution. I say this world has been in conflict, is in conflict and may continue to be in conflict. Let us therefore give up the idea of an amicable society coming into existence before we start Dhyan, Samadhi. If one has to meditate, it has to be done today. If one wants to dance and sing praises to Gobind (God), one has to do it today.

Please understand one more thing. The real solution to all the problems that you have enumerated lies in Samadhi. The word Samadhi itself means ‘samadhan’ [the solution]. So, when problems can be solved through Samadhi, you want problems to end first and Samadhi to come later. It is like asking to take the medicine after getting well. I heard, Chandulal, a friend of Mullah Nasiruddin, asked Nasiruddin, “You were to go to the hospital yesterday, why did not you go? Mullah Nasiruddin replied,” I will go today; yesterday I was not well.” You have asked is it not selfish to go for meditation when the situation outside is terrible. Please consider that unless inner peace is established situation in the outside will also not change. Peace in the outside will come only if more and more people become peaceful within through Dhyan Samadhi. Meditation makes you gentle, simple, natural, pure at heart. Meditation helps in developing mutual trust, love, friendship, cooperation, unselfishness. Meditation brings in you composure, compassion, equanimity, affection, fairness, and elegance. Only through meditation one can see an end to violence, exploitation, cunningness, dirty politics etc. in life. Only through meditation we could change the society. If every heart changes, the entire world would change; this is what I call a religious revolution.


When you attempt to change the world from outside, reverse is the effect. Those who start as reformers soon reach the seat of power and become corrupted. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler all started as social reformers but after assuming power became tyrants.


There is one freedom which we seek from oppressors and dictators. I am not against it. It is good and must be had. But to me real freedom lies in freeing ourselves from the ego, the ‘I’ ness in us. In the language of religion we call it ‘Moksha’, freedom from all bondages. I repeat, freedom and good governance in the society is needed but internal freedom and good governance is more important. Our lives are short; we may not see a peaceful society established before us, but internal peace we may seek right away. Establish ‘Raj Yoga’ withinbefore ‘Ram Rajya’ could be establishing in the outside.


Mr. Vidrohi, think not of the external revolution but an internal revolution. One has to free oneself of one’s mind, break the chain of thinking and thoughts that binds one. The real threat is from our ego. We have to free ourselves of it.


You are questioning how one can sing praises to God almighty in these turbulent conditions. Please see that these very turbulent conditions make it essential that more and people join Dhyan and Samadhi. We have reached a critical state when unless a large number of people become peaceful through Dhyan and Samadhi, another world war could not be avoided. Osho says if thousands of people become peaceful, enter Samadhi, and attain enlightenment, only then a third world war, which would also be the last, could be avoided. Osho says twenty first century would either be the century of Wars or of Buddhas [self-realised persons]. In one of his discourses Osho has briefly touched politics and religion by saying politics is to change others; religion is to change the self. Man is now left with only one option, to change the self. If one by one man starts to enter peace, society will be in peace; if one by one the societies enter peace, country will be in peace; and if one by one the countries enter peace, the world will be in peace.


By becoming peaceful, we will get to know our soul, the centre of our existence. We will know that which we call God. By the grace of supreme spiritual master Osho the journey to spiritual attainment has become relatively simple and easy. It was never so before. Let’s leave aside talks of revolutions and changing the society. Let’s seek self-transformation though Dhyan and Samadhi. I invite you all to Oshodhara to learn and practice meditation.

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