By Osho Priya, Posted on Mar 25, 2009

This meditation is associated with breathing. Explaining why breathing is chosen as a method of meditation, Osho says:

"Buddha used breath as the vehicle to do two things simultaneously: one, to create consciousness; and the other, to allow that consciousness to penetrate to the very cells of the body. He said, "Breathe consciously." (The Ultimate Alchemy, Vol 2, Ch .3)

Breathing exercises are easiest way to connect with our true inner self. Gautam Buddha emphasized on breath-awareness as it is exactly in the middle of the outer body and inner soul. It is the connection between the two- a bridge between the periphery and the center. With a particular breathing pattern, the pattern of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods, etc. is connected. In short, everything is associated with breathing. If we can understand the mechanism of breathing by observing it, it would be obviously easier to encounter and understand our own nature.

Explaining this, Osho says:

" Buddha used breathing as the method -- breathing with awareness. The method is known as "ANAPANSATI YOGA" -- the Yoga of incoming and outgoing breath awareness. You are breathing, but it is an unconscious thing. And breath is prana, breath is the Bergsonian elan vital: the vitality, the very vitality, the very light -- and it is unconscious. You are not aware of it."

In this meditation technique, we shall use different breathing patterns to move within. This meditation is also named as ''VIPASSANA" which means to watch. Watch breath and watch the watcher as well.

Osho Explains:

"We are not aware of our own being, we are not aware of our own breathing. Gautam the Buddha gave to the world a tremendously simple, but immensely valuable, meditation -- Vipassana. The word Vipassana simply means watching your breath -- the coming of the breath in, and the going of the breath out.

People used to ask Buddha," What will happen by this?" He was not a theoretician. He would say to them, "Just do it and see. Experiment and report to me what happens. Don't ask me."

Just as you start watching your breathing, you start seeing a great phenomenon -- that through your breath, you are continuously connected with existence, uninterruptedly -- there is no holiday. Whether you are awake or asleep, existence goes on pouring life into you, and taking out all that is dead." (The Golden Future, Ch 18, Q.2)



1st Step: (Prayer for Universal peace and happiness): 3 min

             -Sit down in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Pray for all to be happy, healthy and blissful. Sing this couplet: “Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Makashchit dukha bhagbhave.

2nd Step: (Antar Kumbhak): 5 min

-          Take a deep and long breath and hold it inside for sometime till you can do it comfortably.

-          And while holding breath inside, watch your thoughtless being in the inner sky.

      3rd Step: (Bahir Kumbhak): 5 min

-          Breath out slowly and deeply and hold your breath outside till you are comfortable.

-          While holding your breath outside, watch your thoughtless being in the inner sky.

      4th Step: (Anapaansati Yog): 5 min

-          Keep both your hands on the navel center. Feel the stomach contracting and relaxing along with your breathing.

-          Let the breathing be little deeper than normal.

      5th Step: (Sakshibhaav – witnessing): 6 min

-          Look into the inner sky and be aware of your breathing.

-          Now let the breathing process be normal without any effort.

                         -     Do not make any effort from your side.

6th step (Relaxation): 3 min

-          Sit down in a comfortable posture or lie down in Shavasan (back touching the ground, one foot apart from the other and palms towards the sky).

-          Feel that the body is getting calm, breathing is getting poise and mind is becoming peaceful.

7th step (Self-Remembrance): 30 min

-          Close your eyes and look in the inner sky. This is our formless being. As there is water in the vessel, content in the container; similarly there is the formless in the form.

-          Now just look in this inner space. Gradually get merged with this formless consciousness filled with Divinity.

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