Samadhi - A Blessing of Oshodhara to the World

By Osho Shailendra, Posted on May 18, 2011

In Our Country India, already there are religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity etc. in addition new sects are working like Divine Light Mission, Radha Soami, Bramhakumari etc. How Is the arrival of OF OSHO DHARA Different From Other Religions and sects? What is its utility? Kindly explain?

The core essence of the religion is eternal. But in every age there is new sprouting of religion, new seeds will grow. The eternal form of the religion is the same; there is no change in that. But the outer appearance, the outfits, outer decoration changes again and again. According to the time; needs of the millennium; according to the situations and the problems, its outer appearance changes. Old things become outdated. In the new time again there are new challenges and their new solutions. Today if we have any problem in our life, we won’t be able to solve it by reading Krishna’s Geeta.

If today you are ill, say if you are suffering from the disease of Tuberculosis, the famous doctor of the previous century who is specialized in curing T.B, he will be of no use to you; he had been in previous century. He passed away hundred years ago. You are suffering from a disease today, you need a doctor to cure you today itself. The doctor who has been hundred years ago will not be of any use. Similarly religion is also a therapy, religion is also a medicine. It is changing every moment. There are always new situations, new people, along with them new techniques will have to be searched, and the solutions are to be found in a new way. Old solutions are of no use. Still I will say that the core essence of the religion is the same. God is same. Ek Omkar Satnam. There is no change in that. Its illuminated form remains the same, in the eternal form it remains the same. The art of drowning in Samadhi has always been the same, only the techniques will change. New techniques of meditation will take birth. The new techniques of Samadhi have been searched and will be searched in future also.

Arising of Catharsis Technique

For example ancient man did not require the techniques of Catharsis. People were uneducated, Adivasi, Jungli. They did hard work for whole day. Therefore, catharsis was not required. A person, wood cutter, used to cut the woods for the whole day, his whole anger and violence used to get eradicated in that work. There was no need to get angry and be violent separately. He was an easy man, as his violence has been moved out. He can straight away become tranquil, with some common technique, but today our condition is different. Neither are we living in the forest, nor are we fighting with wild animals. We are not cutting woods, not even hauling water, and not even doing the digging work. We are sitting in the office for whole day, the alchemy and the elements from which our body is made up of, they have that much capacity of anger and violence and it is not getting eradicated anywhere. Today it is necessary for us to pour the energy through some sports or eradicate it through some catharsis techniques. Only then we will be able to become still and peaceful.

So this is a new thing. Someone may ask that Lord Krishna, Budha, Mahavir did not teach the technique of catharsis; why is Osho teaching this? The people in front of Osho are of new type, the civilized, secured, modern, one who sits on table and chair in his office. A new technique will have to be invented for him. It will be better to get hard work done by him. This was not required in the ancient period. The person is already exhausted by cutting the woods. If we will make him do more physical work, that poor man will get heart attack. He can be brought into relaxation straightaway. So as the time changes, the techniques of meditation also change. Meditation remains the same, the same thoughtless consciousness is meditation but the techniques will change. Osho himself created numerous new techniques in his lifespan and there won’t be an end to it. There will be several enlightened people in future; they will search new techniques according to their situations.

In short I would like to say that always new forms of religion have appeared and will continue appearing. You have asked that how is Oshodhara different from other sects or groups or associations? I would like to say a major point that the art of Samadhi is taught here. In other sects the art of Samadhi is not taught. At the most the person is taken up to meditation. Worship, prayer, reading holy books, companionship of saints, diksha of master, techniques of meditation, many sects teach up to this. But the art of Samadhi is not taught anywhere. No one is teaching it. This new thing has started and it can start only in Oshodhara because Osho laid its foundation. Osho had explained its complete science, now it was just the question of implementing it technically in a practical way. Osho was a great scientist of religion. In Oshodhara the work we all Acharyas are doing, is not the work of scientists, it is the work of technicians. Osho opened complete science and kept in front of us, now how can we utilize it? The matter is too simple.

Like Edison and Faraday invented electricity, if a bulb gets fused in your home or switch gets spoiled, an ordinary mechanic can repair it. There is no need to call Faraday. The mechanic who stays in your colony will repair it. Faraday had a great contribution; he invented electricity. Edison did the provision of spreading electricity in whole world. He made thousands of electrical appliances, now rest of the work is technical.

A New Era began with Osho

Look at it in this way. Osho did a new beginning. He revealed the extreme secrets of religion for the very first time, revealed it in the collective form. In collective form he gave discourses, on such techniques which no body mentioned before. In old communes, the master used to select one of the disciples as his heir before his death and used to tell him that technique of meditation. For 20-25 years people used to work in the commune, broom the floor, massage master’s feet. Few days prior to his death the master used to call one of the selected disciples and whisper in his ear, “Look at your coming and going breath”. Every thing was that confidential.

Osho explained the science of religion for the first time in our simple language. A language which we all can understand; the old knowledge was in such difficult and complicated language, in such terminology, such poetic symbols that we couldn’t have been able to comprehend it even after reading it. It was of no use for us. So Osho opened a new door. Therefore, today the Samadhi programs are taking place in Oshodhara. So I would like to say that the new incident that is taking place in Oshodhara compared to the other sects is the practice of Samadhi.

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