Gratitude: Key to eradicate Wars

By Osho, Posted on May 27, 2009

I say there is one way only, and that is to spread to people more meditativeness, more love, more friendliness, more rejoicing. If we can make the earth sing songs and dance in joy, in gratitude because existence has given so much -- otherwise, it would have been impossible even to purchase one sunrise. The whole wealth of the earth would not be able to purchase one sunrise.

And a sunrise is a big thing -- the whole wealth of the earth would not be able to produce a single rose-flower. And all this is given to man without his asking. You don't deserve it, you are not worthy of it! It is out of the compassion of existence, the overflowing joy of existence, the continuous creativity of existence that you are so rich. Millions of stars in the night....

Make people aware of their gratitude towards life, and make people love, sing, dance. If we can spread this at-ease around the world, the third world war will be prevented. We need not bother about it. Joyous people don't want war; it is only those who are already dead who would like everybody else to be dead.

They are really suffering because they are dead. They cannot laugh, they cannot enjoy, they cannot love, they cannot feel. They don't have any heart, and others have. It is making them so jealous! It will be far better that everything is finished. At least there will be no grounds for their jealousy -- they will also be finished in it.

So I don't say that there is any direct way to prevent the third world war. That is what the pacifists of the world say: "Protest. Have protest marches to Washington, to Moscow" -- but nobody listens to those protest marches. And I have seen those pacifists shouting and screaming against the war -- I could not see any difference between them and the people who are getting ready to fight. Their screaming was enough proof that they belonged to the same category.

If those pacifists had weapons and missiles, they would create a war to prevent the third world war! The way they are shouting and screaming and throwing stones, simply shows that they are of the same species as the politicians against whom they are throwing stones. The difference is just that the politicians have the power, and they don't have the power....

I used to know a man.... My house in one city was just near the high court of the state, so all protest marches, all kinds of pacifists were passing in front of my door. And I watched them -- their behavior did not seem to be peaceful. They looked more ugly than the people in the high court. But I was amazed that one man was always there, whether the communist party was protesting, or the socialist party was protesting, or the people's party was protesting. And in India there are so many parties.... He was always there, with every party.

One day I got hold of him, and I asked him, "You are an amazing man -- to what party do you belong?"

He said, "Who cares? I am a member of all the parties."

I said, "But how it is possible? Communists are against the socialists, socialists are against the communists. How can you be?"

He said, "I am not concerned with their politics -- I enjoy screaming! It is such a healthy thing, that whenever there is a protest I close my shop; and whoever is protesting, I am always ahead holding the flag." He said, "It is really healthy."

I said, "I know. My people are doing it every morning, but they don't protest about anybody." I said to him, "It is better that you start dynamic meditation, because these protests happen only once in a while, and you have to be dependent on these political parties. There is no need, you can do it on your own."

He said, "On my own? Alone?"

"No," I said, "don't be worried." I had a meditation hall there. I said, "Every morning many people come there." And he started coming. Now he is a sannyasin -- I don't think for any other reason, just every day, early in the morning, it is healthy to scream. It gives you stronger lungs, a better heart, more strength. And moreover, he need not close his shop anymore; financially it is good.

I am not a pacifist, and I don't want my people to be pacifists. That is fighting with those who are preparing for war -- but you are doing the same on a small scale, in a feminine way. No, that won't help. We want to create our own movement which has nothing to do with the third world war.

Do you see my point? If we can make humanity happier, more loving, more silent, more peaceful, we will create a real barrier against the third world war. The leaders cannot go without their people. If the people refuse, the armies refuse, if everybody refuses and says, "I am so happy, I don't want to die. And I love humanity, so I don't want to kill. If you can manage on your own, you do it." A peaceful and happy man does not want to die, and does not want to kill.

So spread the message far and wide:

It's better to be red than dead!
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