Living with a Living Master

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on May 27, 2009

In the tradition of Sikh Gurus, Guru Ramdas was the fourth Guru. Sikh tradition is like Ganges that originated from Gangotri of Guru Nanak Dev ji and it reaches Haridwar with Guru Ramdas on the throne.


Guru Ramdas says:

"Jithe jaye bahe mera satguru"

Where does God live? Which is the most beautiful, holy, pious, wonderful and scenic place? The place where a Living Master resides is the most beautiful place.

This Shabad is full of gratitude towards the Master.

If a disciple is full of gratitude and respect towards the master then his enlightenment is certain.

Journey of a Seeker

A disciple has to go through various dimensions. In the beginning he may do idol worship, he may perform yogic exercise, may do aarti, perform holy rituals, prayers. Going to temples and worshipping can be used as a step but to be stuck in it will lead you astray in your journey.


The only shortcut to know Godliness is to find a Living Master. A master is God in physical form. The place, where a Master and his disciples sit together for meditation, that is the place worth to be.

"Laye dhur mukh lava"

How could you find a Master? It is not that easy to find an authentic one. But if you find one, don’t ever leave him. Just be besides his feet. The dust of the place , where he preaches, is worth applying like powder on your face. The place, where they have done meditation, where disciples are blessed with Omkar, where they merge with Omkar Naad, where Samadhi engulfs them, is the holiest one. That land is worth sacrificing your life on.

Not only a Master’s presence,
Just His Remembrance,
Fills the entire ambiance,
With joy and fragrance.
His Intimacy ignites a light,
Makes life a sheer delight,
Removes all plights,
Putting all things right.

Where a Master is, that is a place of pilgrimage.

There originates the Ganges. Going to Kashi and Kaba can't be equivalent to a place where a master resides.

Search for a Living Master

I am reminded of a story of Saint Bikha. He went in search of a living master to Varanasi. There he found hollow preachers and dramatists. There were prostitutes, cows and buffaloes. But he could not find a master. Then he heard there lives a Master in a place called Bhurkuda. Going there he finds Saint Gulal and becomes his disciple.

The place, where a master lives, becomes holy. It is not that the master searches for the holy places to live there.

"Jin Nanak Satguru…"

This is a unique game. Here the worshipper becomes the worshipped. One who respects becomes the respected one indeed. The disciple himself becomes Master.

The master makes a disciple capable to occupy his own throne.

 The difference between a scholar and an authentic Master is – that where a master lives there is celebration, benediction, shower of utter silence and bliss, consciousness pervading to all corners; whereas the place where a scholar is there is seriousness, tension, ego, and a constant fight.


There is story about Guru Tegbahadur. Once he along with his disciples went to a barren garden in Patna. But when the entire group reached there, suddenly there was rise of new leaves and buds. An aroma of His presence started spreading to all nooks and corners. There was an atmosphere filled with life and joy. New fruits and flowers came into existence. The owner of the garden was a Nawab. When the news reached him, he also came to the garden to witness it. When Guru Tegbahadur asked him as to whom it belongs, he replied that earlier it was his, but now it belongs to the Guru. And till date, even after 300 years, that garden has charismatic presence. It has that fragrance with it.

"Jith mera Satguru dekhya jaye…".

On whom the sight of Master falls, that person rises to a great height. Just his mere look is enough to penetrate a feeling of bliss in you. Blessed are those, who can be under his sight always.


"Dhan dhan pita, dhan dhan kul…"

Great is that father who has given birth to a Master. Not only is the father great, so is the Mother. To express His gratitude Guru Ramdas states: not only the parents but the entire family is so great. And a master is great, who lives in the remembrance of the Divine.

Master: So Human but So Godly

A master goes beyond this worldly ocean of desires, and also takes those along who have their hands in his hand.


"Hari satguru melahu daya kari…"

All you can do is to pray for his blessings, for his eyes to look at you. But how will you realize that?


If Govinda is happy with you then soon in your life there will be a real master and when you start living with the master, in accordance with his directions, doing meditation, living in Sumiran, then you will meet godliness.


There is no other way out for this. But initially you should have a quest, you must start your search then only it is possible to find a Master and through him will you seek Govinda.


Kabir says: Jin khoja tin paiya. It means the one who searches will surely find. Without search it is not possible.


There is never a time when there is no master for a seeking disciple. Yes, there may be darkness for a while after one master has gone. But soon there will a new dawn. Existence is very compassionate. It does not leave you alone.


If you have eyes to see, you can find him everywhere. If you have ears to hear then he is singing for you all the time. If your nostrils can smell, his fragrance surrounds you from all directions. If you can feel him, you are lying in his lap.


After the demise of Osho there was darkness for some time. But there is a Master again. Oshodhara is taking you on the journey ahead. Come, join and flow with us in Oshodhara.


To find a Master and to go ahead on the journey from Master to Govinda is Sahaj Yoga.

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