Sanjeevani Mantra Meditation

By Osho Priya, Posted on Jul 1, 2009

1st step (About 3 minutes): Osho’ discourse.

Sit down comfortably.

"Soham...It is an ancient mantra, it means 'I am that.' It is the ultimate declaration that man is God, that everything is divine. This has been the greatest experience of those who have gone in: a moment comes when the devotee is no more separate from the deity. A moment comes when it is no more a question of 'I' and 'thou', when it is no more a dialogue because there are no longer two persons left. Slowly as the prayer grows deeper and the ego of the devotee melts, a moment comes when this declaration comes out of one's own innermost core -- not actually in words but as an existential feeling: 'I am that.' And in that very moment is enlightenment. That feeling precedes the moment of enlightenment.

....One has to become so utterly silent that if there is some voice inside, some music inside, it can be heard. This is the music that is heard: Soham.

And this word does not belong to any language. Formerly it belonged to Sanskrit, but it doesn't belong to any language really. If you silently listen to the sound of your breathing, you will feel it; this is the sound, this is the music of breathing. If one sits silently and listens to the breathing going in, coming out, this sound will be heard 'Soham, Soham... ' It is the actual sound of the breath. We don't hear it because we are so much in turmoil.

There are a few labs in the world for some scientific experimentation, which are absolutely soundproof. Once a musician was invited into such a lab, which was absolutely soundproof. He was surprised to hear the sound 'Soham'. He looked all around, he enquired 'what is the matter? I don't see any sound coming from anywhere but I hear 'Soham'.

The director of the lab said 'this is the sound of your own breathing. Because all sounds have been cut off, you are able to hear it.'

If everything is absolutely silent, one can even hear the blood pulsating inside one's veins; then again the sound is Soham. So this is a pure sound -- it is not a word but a pure sound. And the same sound is heard like a great explosion when one comes closer and closer to reality (Osho, Don't Look Before You Leap, Chapter #6)."


2nd step (About 3 minutes): Prayer.

Feel reverence to Osho, the Master of Masters, and get filled with gratitude. Sing along this prayer.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha.

 Gurur Sakshaat Param Brahma Tasmai Shree Guruve Namaha.

 Tasmai Shree Guruve Namaha, Tasmai Shree Guruve Namaha.


Master is Brahma, the Creator. Master is Vishnu, the Caretaker. Master is Shiva, the god of gods. Master is God in body. I bow down to the Master. 

3rd step (About 10 minutes): Celebration

Be a part of celebration happening in the existence.

Sing & sway, dance & clap and celebrate with the rhythm of music.

Tambura Kya Bole Re, Tambura Kya Bole Re.

Aati Sansen So Bole,Jati Sansen Ham Bolen.

Dono Milkar Soham Bole Re.....

So Bole Badal Garje, Ham Bole Bijli Chamke.

Dono Milkar Soham Barse Re...


This body is a musical instrument. What does it sing?

Incoming breaths are singing 'SO'.

Outgoing breaths are singing 'Ham'.

Both together are singing 'SOHAM'

Clouds thunder during pronouncement of "SO'

Lightening glows during pronouncement of "HAM".

Both together rain 'SOHAM'.

4th step (About 5 minutes):  Chant Mantra

Sit down in a comfortable posture. Breathe slowly and deeply, say “SO” with each inhalation and “HUM” with every exhalation

5th Step (About 6 minutes): Listening Mantra

Listen the sound of inhalation, which is like “SO” and sound of exhalation, which is like “HUM”. While listening it, feel your body, mind and soul is being filled with divine energy.

6th step (About 15 minutes):  Self - Remembrance

Lie down facing towards the sky. Contemplate that the existence is filled with divine sound and its vibes are providing us with life sustaining energy. Merrily, Happy, joyfully receive them.

7th Step (About 3 minutes): Gratitude.

Take few deep breaths. Feel the soft, smooth touch of your breathing, the wind passing by.

Feel the presence of divinity everywhere.

Move with it.

Flow with it.

Rejoice in it…

Feel Thanks, thanks, thanks.

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