Spiritualism is beyond Scriptures

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Aug 1, 2009

Today, we shall go through the verses of revered Saint Kabir. The Planet Earth radiated with His illumination all through out the era of 1398 to 1518 A.D. Kabir Sahib says –

^fdvk lkspfg ckjackjk*

There are several obstacles and hurdles on the journey towards Godliness.

^nSjks gje Hkh eaftystkuk esa vk, Fks_

'kqdz gS nkeu cpkdj vk x, geA*

Temples and mosques also tend to be a road block on this journey. There is a Chinese proverb which says: “If hundred move in search of God, only one reaches.” Master of Masters Osho has reformed it as – “If thousand move in search of God, only one reaches.” It is more appropriate as per the modern timings. The ancient proverb was proper for those timings but it is not correct saying for today. Ancient days were less complicated, people were simpler and so were the problems. In the current date, people and problems both has been complex; so it is more appropriate for present times. In the quest of truth, some get struck at temple, some at mosques, and others at Gurudwaras.

There are few who go beyond this and some amongst those get entangled in scriptures and holy books.  Learned men get engrossed and lost in books, literature. They try to understand God intellectually. They try to do analysis of the various verses through the head and cannot go beyond it. They strive hard to know it through brain, what mystics have known through feeling, love, Samadhi, dissolving into the Ultimate. It is not the capacity of the mind to understand it. And this is the reason where most of the learned and intelligent people are carried on wrong ways or are misled.

Guru Nanak Dev ji expresses it as –

^lkspS lksfp u gksobZ ts lksph y[kokjA*

How much ever you try to thing and comprehend about God it is not possible to limit that infinite into the boundaries of the mind and thoughts. Osho, Buddha, Kabir and various other mystics have realized it through Samadhi, by diving deep within one’s own self in their inner cave, where the words, thoughts cannot reach.

Janak describes it as –

^izHkq vfpaR; gS] fiQj Hkh fparu djrs jgrs yksx]

NksM+h lc fpark tc eSaus] 'kq# gqvk rc ;ksxA*

It means: God is not thinkable, it is beyond thinking. Even then so many people are involved in the process of thinking. When all thinking drops, at that time Yoga starts. Where the thinking ends, is the beginning of meditation. And the peak of Meditation is Samadhi. And in the depths of Samadhi essence of divinity is experienced.

Kabir Sahib further says:

^fdvk lkspfg ckjackjk] gfj dk ukeq u tifl xokjkA*

O foolish people! Kabir has a wonderful definition for foolish or idiots. He does not call idiots to those who are not learned. But he calls those people fools or idiots who have not experienced the Divine Name, the sound of OM. This is His straight forward and clear cut definition of idiots. Dr. Radhakrishnan, the first Vive President of India was one of the most qualified men of his time; he was Professor of Philosophy, was on a high post but had not experienced the melody of one hand clapping and thus remained to be a fool according to Kabir’s definition all through his life. He just tried to know the unknowable through the mind, thoughts, intellect.

It is not bad to go to temples, read scriptures or doing rituals but getting stuck in them is definitely bad. To stop anywhere is bad. It is as if a student who has passed the primary school and is not ready to go to secondary school. This is bad on his part.

In the spiritual journey, temples and mosques and pilgrim places are like primary schools. Reading religious books and scriptures is like going to secondary school. Sitting around the feet of a master is an experience of College or University. The peak is attained by experiencing the Naam – the True Name. When the day starts with It’s remembrance and the day ends with It’s name is actual flowering.

The temples, scriptures, rituals are all stepping stones to the peak of – Divine.

Kabir further illustrates:

^fdvk ifM+,s fdvk xquh,s] fdvk csn iqjkuka lquh,sA*

What will happen by reading, learning and intellectual understanding? No, this will not serve any purpose. If you want to know Divine, reading and learning would not do it. What Buddha has said through His experience, it is not possible for us to understand by reading. What He has said, we ourselves have to go through it.

At another place Kabir explains:

^iksFkh if<+&if<+ tx eqvk Kkuh Hk;k u dks;A*

Kabir has actually used the term “Pandit” instead of “Gyani.”

^iksFkh if<+&if<+ tx eqvk iafMr Hk;k u dks;A

If you really want to know, you have to experience it through feeling of love in your heart, sensitivity.

^laosnuk ân; esa u gksrh] rks ân; ik"kk.k gks x;k gksrk_

e/qfjek daB esa u gksrh] rks 'kCn fo"kiku gks x;k gksrkA

okluk izse esa u gksrh] rks izse ojnku gks x;k gksrk_

;kpuk HkfDr esa u gksrh] rks HkDr Hkxoku gks x;k gksrkA*

It means: If there would be no sensitivity or feeling in heart, then the heart would have become like a stone. If the words didn’t have sweetness, they would have become poison. If there was no lust in love, then it would have been a boon. If there was no desire in devotion, then the devotee himself would have become God.

By reading Vedas, Purana’s, Ramayana there shall be no growth. Being awake like an owl all night through and reading Holy Scriptures shall give no result. If you really want to learn, learn through the lesson of love.

Guru Arjun Dev ji says it wonderfully –

^flfezfr csn iqjk.k iqdkjfu iksFkhvkA uke fcuk lfHk dwMq xkYgh gksNhvkA*

It means: All the scriptures, Vedas that you read and the piles of bookish knowledge that you collect from various sources, all without the knowledge of the self, of the True name are like garbage, dust, abuse, bad words. All the religious books, literatures and scriptures have tremendous depth and mysteries but it will be possible for us to understand only after we have gone through the experience within ourselves.

^iM+s lqus fdvk gksbZ] tm lgt u fefyvks lksbZA*

If you have not known that Sahaj; what is this Sahaj?

^lgt lgt lc dksm dgS] lgt u phUgS dks;A

Tkk lgtS lkfgc feyS] lgt dgkoS lks;A*

It means: By the experience of Sahaj through you know the way to divine, and you experience oneness with the Divine, That Sahaj is Omkar. If that knowledge does not happens to you, the value of any holy book remains unknown to you.

It is as if there are many books on medicines but when you fall ill, you cannot treat or operate yourself. It is only the doctor who can serve you. In the similar manner, there are innumerable scriptures containing the True knowledge, but the mysteries are revealed to you by a Living Master only.

It is far simpler and easier to witness the reality in the guidance of a Master. That master shall deliver to you the essence of religions – Om. And followed by that, shall you grow ahead on the path of the Ultimate. Most often it happens that many religions consider their prophets and preachers to be the last master. Like our Muslim friends consider Mohammed to be the last prophet. Mahavir is considered the last Teerthankar by Jains. And it is surprising that the followers of Osho also consider Him to be the last Master. They feel whatever had to be said, is said by Osho, where else is the need for any other master. Osho has said many times, if you really love me, then after I have left the body you shall search a living Master. This is what has been said by many mystics, but we fail to understand what they wanted to convey, and considering them as the last Master, we come to a stand still and become stagnant. The words said by the Master seem to be last and disciples generally feel as if nothing more can be added.

Kabir says:

^vaf/vkjs nhidq pgh,s] bd clrq vxkspj ygh,A*

Kabir sahib criticizes people by saying that by repeating the word light, illumination does not happen. As by saying water, someone’s thirst is not quenched. So light cannot be radiated by uttering the word light. If you wish to eliminate darkness a candle has to be kindled.

^vfnzLkV vxkspj idfM+vk xqjlcnh gm lrxqj dS cfygkjh,A*

It emphasizes that I bow down to that great Master who has guided and showered his blessings on me and thereby enabling me to see the Divine formless form within and listen which cannot be heard.

^clrq vxkspj ikbZ] ?kfV nhidq jfgvk lekbZA*

It is a sutra of immense importance for Nirati Samadhi that is being unlocked by Kabir. First see that light in the inner sky that is shining without any source. Remember that it does not have any source, there is no fuel, no electricity or current behind it. It is just burning. Experience that light and get merged with it. Dive into Samadhi with it and then the mysteries of the divinity shall dawn on you.

 Kabir sahib also mentions elsewhwre:

^?kV&?kV nhid cjS] y[kS ufga va/ gSA

y[kr y[kr yf[k ijS] dVS te iQan gSA*

It means: Within each and everyone is this eternal light igniting. Merely by seeing it, one day the miracle happens. You get dissolved into it and with this eternal light you too become eternal.

^dfg dchj vc tkfuvk] tc tkfuvk rm eu ekfuvkAA*

Kabir tells the paradox of life in these lines. Until you have not had the experience of this light, the mind does not come to stand still. It does not agree and it finds no peace; no bliss. It keeps on hankering for more and more. But only after experiencing the divine light, my mind has come to a harmonious state. Before this, there was no joy despite of going to temples, doing rituals, reading scriptures and so on.

^eu ekus yksxq u irhtS] u irhtS rm fdvk dhtSAA*

But there is one more thing to understand. When I used to go to temples and do all rituals all people used to consider me holy and respected me but my mind was not satisfied. But now the scene is vice versa. My mind has attained to a satisfaction but people consider me to have been distracted and misled. It is through the grace of the Master I have explored the treasure that was within me. I have found the wealth of True Name and my mind has rejoiced with it. And He further concludes by saying an amazing thing – that if people do not consider me good, then let them not. How does it matter so long I am blissful?

In true sense, knowing the divine and being one with IT is the real benediction.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

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