Meditation – Who am I:

By Osho Priya, Posted on Aug 1, 2009

Step 1: Jogging (About 2 Minutes)

Please stand up. Start jogging at your own place. Gradually increase the pace of jogging.

Step 2: Bhastrika Pranayam (About 5 minutes)

Close your eyes. Exhale through the nose.

Let the exhalation be fast and deep.

Let it have a hit on your naval centre.

Let it be a rhythmic but fast exhalation.

Step 3: Oral Chanting (Around 3 minutes)

Sit down in a relaxed posture.

Close your eyes and start asking loudly a question – Who am I?

(The question can be in any language that you feel most comfortable with).

Let this question spread in all corners of the room you are sitting.

Let there be the voice of this question and nothing else.

Go on repeating the question without any gap.

Step 4: Chanting Inside (About 3 minutes)

Now stop chanting with the mouth.

Keeping your mouth closed and touching your tongue on the upper part of your mouth go on making a sound of – Who am I?

Without any pause, any brake, just go on repeating this question.

Let this question be the only thought in you.

Step 5: Feel the chant (About 3 minutes)

Now simply relax and do nothing.

Just feel the resonance of the sound happening.

Feel the shower of the divine of You.

In its magnificence, feel it being poured on you.

Without any effort just try and listen.

Step 6: Relaxation (About 3 minutes)

You may keep sitting or lie down as comfortable for you.

Just relax.... relax... relax...

Relax in this ocean of silence.

Everything is getting silent, serene.

Your mind in getting quiet.

Utterly doing nothing.

Step 7: Self-Remembrance (About 15minutes)

In this serenity, feel your self.

You are the observer.

Things come and go but the witnesser remains.

Just witness the witnesser.

Step 8: Gratitude (About 2 minutes)

Slowly, take few deep breaths and come out of the meditation gradually.

Join your hands and bow down to the existence for the gift of this occasion of meditative living.

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