Mid Air Meditation for consideration of Sadguru

By Osho, Posted on Aug 21, 2009

OSHO's jet Meditation technique from "Orange book" (Published in 1982 at Rajneeshpuram, USA. more than 1,00,000 copies sold in first two years.) Oshodhara Mid Air Meditation Very few spiritual gurus will tell you that the ultimate experience in meditation is the one of continuous free floating in the universe, as if you do not exist at all. And they may be right in not telling this, for how many of us want to disappear into nothingness? But then what purpose is achieved in living the life we are leading, either? Better we go beyond the mundane and experience the truth of this life. Recently, during my first journey by air I discovered that when flying in the mid air, a little meditation can help to get the glimpse of the ultimate spiritual experience. Unfortunately we are so used to doing things all the time that even in the aeroplane we can not remain idle. We will reach for a magazine, plug in the audio, watch video and if all that was not possible, simply slip into sleep. But if this unnecessary busyness could be kept at bay for some time and meditation brought in, air journey could be transformed into deep spiritual experience . Let’s learn how to go about ‘mid air meditation’. Try and book a window seat in the plane so that you can see and feel the sky when the plane reached mid air. When the journey starts, take your seat and make yourself comfortable. Wait for the aeroplane being airborne and reaching the majestic high altitude. Now look outside the window and take a deep-deep look into the vast open sky. Feel it intently. Now close your eyes and bring this vast expanse of space inside you, feeling the vastness and expansion within. Soon you will feel that you are the vast expanse yourself. If you do not get it right the first time, try again (and again). Have another deep look into the vastness and nothingness outside the window and bring it within by closing your eyes. Soon you should be able to experience it. The vastness and emptiness that you saw outside and felt within is the source of everything in this universe, living or non-living. Next, along with the feeling of the vastness and emptiness within, look for a humming sound too, rising from some undisclosed spot. It will be somewhat like the faint sound of the jet engine outside. The humming sound will be very feeble in the beginning and very difficult to catch but as you look for it intently, you should be able to reach it. The sound emanating from the jet engine will give you company for some time before you are able to catch the real one. This humming sound is the universal sound of Omkar. It is the contact point between our physical-mental body and the spiritual body i.e. the vast emptiness around. Omkar has been experienced by many seekers and every body can experience it. Once you are able to experience the vast expanse and omkar within, you have almost arrived at the truth of life. The most wonderful occurrence that happens soon afterwards will be that instead of your trying, the cosmos reaches you and draws you into itself. And you experience the merging of the self with the cosmos. When on earth, it is rather difficult to get the experience of mid air meditation because we are always surrounded by things, making it difficult to experience vastness and expansiveness (but you could try looking deep into the sky for a long-long time while lying on your back on the grass in a garden). Once you have experienced the vastness and emptiness which you really are, the real actor in you is born who plays the given character in this world with full vigor and agility, without any fear, worry, pain or misery. So, the next time when you travel by air, remember that you have an opportunity to go for the ultimate spiritual experience. Do not miss it. Try mid air meditation. Take a cue from the vastness and emptiness outside and experience the same within. Take the cue from the jet engine sound and experience Omkar inside and lo! You have arrived. Man alone is capable of experiencing the ultimate. Experience it. Be lost!
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