By Maa Oshin Priya (JK), Posted on Aug 28, 2009

Nowadays everybody feels free and privileged to talk about the word “Meditation”. The importance which Medication has for the Body; Meditation has for the Soul. Meditation means an inward journey. There are lots of techniques through which one can encounter his own inner self. In other words it can be said that Meditation or Dhyaan is the journey from :
Kaam to Ram
Concrete to Abstract
Muladhaar to Sahastrar

Shiva to Shakti 

Meditation actually is not “doing” rather it is “happening”. Meditation techniques are just the actions which gradually lead you into non-action. In this state of non-action where you are not the slave of your mind but you are beyond the mind, you can experience your pure consciousness which earlier was badly gripped by the ignorance and illusions. 

Any small playful things can be turned into meditation. Talking, working, eating and even sleeping may become a beautiful meditation. Osho says, “Just before going to sleep, within five minutes you can enter into yourself and you can remain at the very centre of your being the whole night. Your whole night can become a peaceful, silent awareness. And once you know that even in sleep a certain awareness can be present inside you, then the whole day, doing all kinds of things, you can remain alert and conscious.” 

To satisfy those who are driven by their heads;  new researches of Medical Science has tons of facts and figures to convince them. But those who are regulated by their hearts; ancient Indian philosophy has bundle of reasons to strengthen their faith. So, in the outer or materialistic world meditation helps you in variety of ways like increases your creativity, gives you relaxation, decreases stress, make immune system healthy, increase memory power etc. and in the inner or spiritual world it improves your perception and also  helps in experiencing the metaphysical issues. In a nutshell I define meditation somewhat like this : 

M Master’s Grace

E Ecstasy; Existence;   Experience

D Divine remembrance; Dedication

I  Inner sky

T Totality
A Awareness
T Timelessness

I Inner sound

O Omni presence

N No mind 

Osho beautifully explained, “Meditation has two parts; the beginning and the ending. The beginning is called Dhyaan and end is called Samadhi. Dhyaan is the seed, Samadhi is the flowering. Begin with Dhyaan, with meditation and end in Samadhi, in ecstasy …….and you will know what God is. It is not a hypothesis. It is an experience. You have to live it – that is the only way to know it. 

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