Bliss is the Real Victory

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Aug 28, 2009

The only victory worth calling victory is the attainment of bliss. Bliss is a shift of our attention from the circumference to the center. Just as on the surface of the sea there are always waves -- sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes small, sometimes big... But the surface is always relatively disturbed because winds are continuously passing, clashing. But at the very center, in the depth of the ocean, there is no turmoil, no waves, not even ripples, because no wind reaches there. The surface is in contact with the outside world, hence it is being pulled and pushed, but the depth is not in contact with the outside world. Exactly like that our being also has two dimensions.

One is the circumference. The mind is the circumference. It is always disturbed, sometimes more, sometimes less. When it is less disturbed we call it happiness, when it is more disturbed we call it unhappiness. The difference is only of degrees; not of quality, but only of quantity. But there is a point within our being -- at the very core -- a center where silence is eternal, where no disturbance ever reaches, no wave ever arises.

The so-called religious people go on teaching how to still the surface, how to make it calm and quiet. It never happens, hence religious people become much more frustrated than the non-religious, because they are trying to do the impossible.

It is not possible to make the mind still, because it has to be in contact with the world. It is natural that waves will be there, turmoil will be there. So a knower does not teach how to still the mind; he teaches how to go beyond the mind, how to shift our whole attention from the mind, from the circumference, to the center.

When we exist at the center suddenly there is peace, absolute peace, virgin peace; it has never been disturbed.

Once we know our center and we start living there, the disturbance of the mind is nothing to make any fuss about. Then we simply accept it; it is natural, just as we accept the waves in the ocean. It no longer disturbs us; it loses all power over us. This is the real victory. To exist at the center, to live from the center, is the victory. And this is bliss.

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