By Osho Shailendra, Posted on Aug 29, 2009

ANSWER - I would like to mention 7 points for -

A) For Youngsters -

1) GET RID OF CHILDISHNESS– The body becomes young but the mind remains childish. If you really want to become young then get rid of childishness. Yes, some things are to be retained since childhood, so retain them, for that I will describe seven points -








Retain these feelings of childhood and get rid of childishness.

2) FREE FROM THE FUTURE- Don’t live in the imaginations and future planning, live in present, only then you can experience bliss. Childhood has gone, now it is present nowhere. And future has not yet arrived, what is now, is just present. So always be free from the illusionary trap of the future.

3) FREE FROM AMBITIOUSNESS – All the desires, big dreams, they will sooth you till they are in the form of dreams but all those will become the reason for sorrow in your life.

4) HAVE SCIENTIFIC VISION – Have a revolutionary contradictory personality. Learn to live a determined life.

5) LIVE AT LEVEL OF FEELING- Practice feeling of love, friendliness and spread the emotions of your heart.                               

6) RELIGION SHOULD BE THE ART OF LIVING- For youngsters religion should be the art of living. There is a book called “Jeevan hi hai prabhu aur na khojna kahi” by Osho. The art of living should be the synonym of religion.

7) CHOOSE A SUITABLE TYPE OF PRACTICE–Practice should be of which type? Practice of Karmyog, Tantrayog, Hathyog and Bhaktiyog related to Root chakra, Hara Chakra, Solar Chakra and Heart Chakra will be beneficial for the youngsters.



Be old if you really have grown old. Once Mulla Nassirudin came to Osho and said – I am tired of being old alone in my home, Osho said – I did not understand, has your wife gone out? Mulla replied – wife is at home, but I alone am growing old. My age increases every year but my wife’s age hardly increases once in five years. When we got married both of us were of same age. Now I have turned 68 years, but she is still of 34, there is lot of generation gap.

             Do you know why has any American women not been the President yet? Because there is American constitution there is a rule that only 35 plus woman can become a president. It’s surprising that no lady has grown older than 35.              

              Remember – get rid of youthfulness. The tip is the same – live in present. For youngsters I said get rid of childishness, for old people I would like to say get rid of youthfulness.

SECOND – FREEDOM FROM PAST- I often see that old people keep on describing their olden days – we used to purchase oil at this cost, we used to but wheat at this price. It was such a nice time. Now just leave the past.

THIRD- FREEDOM FROM EXPECTATIONS- Elder people are filled with lots of expectations. They themselves can’t do anything, but they expect a lot from others. Look at any mother in law, she will criticize her daughter in law that she does not do this; she does not do that. Try to remember when you were daughter in law, what did you do with your mother in law?

            A lady had come to me and said that I am very unlucky, I have a bad luck, when I was a daughter in law, I got a bad mother in law and now when I am mother in law I have got a bad daughter in law. In old age expectations from others increase.For youngsters I said freedom from ambitions and for old age people I say freedom from expectations.

FOURTH – FEELING OF PEACE, ACCEPTANCE and SURRENDER. Where I say revolution, contradiction, determination and scientific vision, there I would like to say peace and surrender for the old age people. Now you have reached to the end of the life, now no resolution, now surrender. Now revolution is not required, peace is required. Now don’t practice opposition, practice acceptance.

FIFTH – COMPASSION and CONSIDERATION – On one hand I said love and friendliness for youngsters on other hand I would like to say compassion and consideration for older stuff. Don’t be harsh to others, if you have kindness for others, only then you consider yourself to be old in right terms, otherwise you have not yet turned old properly. Barnard Shaw got married to a 20 year old girl when he was 80; Ravi Shanker got married to his young seeker at his old age. They have turned old, but they don’t want to become old. This is madness. It was all right to do all this at the age of 25. The toys of childhood are appropriate for childhood and the games of young age should be played at that particular time.

            To youngsters I said develop your love and friendliness, to elder people I would like to say- be kind, compassionate, sympathetic and cooperative.

SIXTH – THE ART OF DYING- To youngsters I said ‘Religion should be the art of living, to old age people I would like to say that religion should be ‘The Art of Dying’. Read Osho’s book ‘Main Mrityu Sikhata Hu’, the techniques of ‘Bardo’ and prepare for your forthcoming life. Remember that there is no difference in my statements. I said art of living for the youngsters because they have to live life and I am saying The Art of Dying for older people because they have to die. Our education is really incomplete. I would like that spiritual schools should be developed to teach the art of dying. Like till 25 years you learnt the art of living, now at least for 5 years learn the art of dying. How can one die peacefully and with celebration, one should prepare for it every moment.

SEVENTH – PRACTICE- Practice Para Bhakti Yog, Gyan Yog, Raj Yog and Sankhya Yog related to Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. From seven types of practices I mentioned below four types of practices for youngsters and above four types of practices for older people. Four one has been kept common for both. The way of feeling will change, but the development of progress must go on constantly.

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