Witness, Nothingness, Asmita, Peace, Tathata and Oblige

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Oct 1, 2009

The consciousness has seven levels; Body at the first level, sense organs at the second, life energy at the third, heart at the fourth, mind at the fifth level, witness at the sixth level, and essence of soul at the seventh level. When your consciousness integrates with the Agya Chakra (Sixth level) at that point you become a witness. It can be called double-arrowed consciousness wherein you watch your agitated as well as your unperturbed being. With the Sadhana of witnessing nothingness arises. You enter into nothingness where there is neither disturbance nor peace, just only nothingness. Gautama the Buddha refers to it as SHUNYATA, Nothingness.

From Personality to Individuality

How is this nothingness? Saints have called is the Formless. That which, Gautama the Buddha has called nothingness other saints have called it the formless. What you see when you close your eyes is the formless. Asmita is when you start to become situated within that formless, which further leads to expressing the consciousness at that level. There is a difference between, Asmita and ego. Ego means, “I AM”, you believe yourself to be separate. In Asmita, “I” disappears and only “am” remains. You commence to know yourself as a part, such that you are a part of this whole. At the level of ego, you feel yourself to be separate from the whole. But in Asmita, you begin to feel like a part of the whole. Therefore, the manifestation of consciousness after being situated in the formless is known as Asmita. Moreover, when you start to live at the level of Asmita, you experience peace. Everyone wants peace, but unless and until you reach the sixth level, you cannot experience peace. The level of ego is also known as personality. But this sixth level, Asmita can be called as Presence. It can be called Individuality. Therefore, Asmita means that you are a part of this whole. And when you experience peace at the level of Asmita then Tathata arises.

Tathata is your behavior with the world. When you live at the level of peace, an ultimate acceptance within you is born. Whatever may be the situation of disturbance or quietness, however the world may be, here you are in total acceptance of it. There is but little difference between all but the primary essence remains the same in all. Either you call it witness or nothingness or formless, or Asmita or peace or Tathata, or choiceless awareness or individuality or presence all these are differences of words. In a way all these words indicate the sixth level of your consciousness, your state of being at the sixth level, it indicates the state, which lies between Ego and Divine Sound.

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