What is Meditation?

By Osho Priya, Posted on Oct 1, 2009

My introduction with religious studies started when I was just a child. I remember my father practiced meditation techniques as taught by Swami Manukrishna, who in turn had learned them from Osho. My father used to take me along to the burning place, hills and on the riversides and would ask me to listen to all that existence has to offer and watch my breathing pattern. From now onwards watching my breathing pattern and listening became the way of my living. I would observe the following technique while going and coming from my school. My school was around two miles away from my home. In those days, I use to walk my way down, to and from, my house to the school. The entire travel became a meditation as I would be watching every incoming and outgoing breath. This technique to watch the breathing is popularly known as Vipassana.   

 Now when I look back and after knowing the experience of many sadhaks (one who is a seeker) I conclude that Vipassana makes one absentminded as one is involved in watching the process of breathing and the entire exercise makes one forget oneself. This forgetfulness was an interesting endowment of Vipassana I lived with for a long time. My husband was really tired with this habit of mine as he was accustomed with near perfection and seeing everything in order.

 My mother in law was another extreme to me, i.e., she was fussy about all her belongings and work. Even at such an old age her memory was razor-sharp. It would take no time for her to find the things she had kept. She was so sick of my habit that she kept my name ‘Khabar-bhullu’ (one who forgets all the news). The moment she would address me with this name it would abate my confidence and upset me. Words from her were never in vain for me. I fail to understand how I would get free from this habit of mine.

One day an inspiration came from within from where the right beginning of my understanding and practice of meditation started. Whenever I would keep some important belonging I would stop and wait for a while. I used to look at the place where I had kept the thing, then I would look at the thing, then look at myself with total awareness, I started commanding myself, "Now dear, don't you forget this time".
 I started becoming more and more aware of my surroundings with practice of self-remembrance. Meditation became a journey from worldly awareness to inner awareness. I would like to share with my readers what I perceive of meditation now.
Below is one meditation technique for this month –
1ST Step: (Omkaar): 2 min
Close your eyes and look in the inner sky. This is our formless being. As there is water in the vessel, content in the container; similarly there is the formless in the form.
Now just look in this inner space. Gradually get merged with this formless consciousness filled with Divinity.


A miracle happened, my memory improved. Now everything seemed in such a perfect order. This automatically became a part of my meditation in my life. Before this I was just doing my work forgetting about myself that was taking me away from self-remembrance.

Generally our mind is occupied with objects of the world. We are not aware of our inner self. This is the non-meditative state.

 Meditation starts with Objective Awareness. We become aware of our doings, sensuality, breathing, feeling, thinking, visualizing, etc .We can call this watching the circumference. This is the state of Objective Awareness. This is first state of meditation.

 The second stage is watching our center as well as the circumference, watching our being as well as the happenings. This is the state of Total Awareness. For example, we can be aware of our doings as well as the watchers self, the being.

 The third stage is remembering the being or undisturbed consciousness. This is the state of Subjective Awareness. Meditation covers first two stages. It is a journey from Active Awareness to Total Awareness,

Generally we live outside our Inner Self or The Circle of Consciousness. We do not remain even at our circumference of consciousness. We are not aware of our doings, sensualism, breathing, feeling, thinking, visualizing, etc. Meditation gives us a breakthrough. It brings us within circle of our consciousness. It takes us to the circumference, then towards the center. It takes us up to the state of Total Awareness.

Please stand up and pronounce thrice the divine sound of OM.


2nd Step: (Shivering): 5 min

Make your whole body shiver on the tunes of the music.


Watch consciously the shivering and the balance.


3rd Step: (Listening): 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture.

Listen to the music and also be aware of yourself.


4th Step: (Vipassana): 3 min

Be conscious of the incoming as well as the outgoing breath.


Simultaneously beware of the self.

5th Step: (Gratitude): 5min.

You can be seated or can stand according to your wish.


Keep both your hands on heart and feel the love vibrations of your Master coming towards you and his love is showering.


Swing and dance in ecstasy.

6th Step: (Watching): 3 min

Close your eyes and look into the inner sky. Invite your thoughts.


7th Step: (Contemplation): 3 min

Feel that your Master is present in front of you.


8th Step: (Relaxation): 3 min

Sit down in a comfortable posture or lie down in Shavasan (back touching the ground, one foot apart from the other and palms towards the sky).


Feel that the body is getting calm, breathing is getting poise and mind is becoming peaceful.


9th Step: (Self-Remembrance): 30 min





(This meditation technique is available in audio Cd / MP3 with the name Indradanush Dhyan)

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