How can we get rid of thoughts?

By Osho Shailendra, Posted on Oct 1, 2009

If you try to get rid of them then you wont be able to get rid. Once you wish to get rid, that means you have developed an enmity with them. There is no question of getting rid of thoughts, you witness them, lay more emphasis on this. Neither you have to welcome thoughts nor you have to eradicate them. Let thoughts come and go you don’t have to do anything with it. If you will try to eradicate them then they wont ever get eradicated, and more thoughts will be created.

            Be aware of committing this mistake. Often spiritual seekers commit such mistake, they think that they will eradicate them or change them. The thoughts wont get eradicated with your efforts because you have considered it to be a problem, whereas it is not a problem at all. Consider it as the clouds which move in the sky, you are the sky, you are the witnessing consciousness in which thoughts come and go. You are vast and thoughts are very tiny. When you started fighting with them, you forget your vastness. You have considered to be very strong, one who are worth fighting. Thoughts are not worth fighting, you get engrossed in your witnessing consciousness, if clouds come and go, sky remains unaffected. No matter if white clouds come or black clouds appear they don’t leave any color on the sky. So I would like you to change your vision, instead of fighting with thoughts, we get engrossed in witnessing. Yes, thoughtless state will be its output, that is another thing. But if you consider it as aim, that I have to eradicate thoughts then we wont be ever successful in eradicating thoughts.

             Witnessing is light and thoughts are like darkness. We can eradicate light directly, you switch on the light, the darkness goes away by itself that is another thing. You get engrossed in witnessing. You will find that the number of thoughts start decreasing. When I say thoughtless then consider it as less thoughts. I don’t say that thoughts will get eradicated completely. Because the level of mind is necessary for living life. Till death it is necessary, we are using this body and mind, their tricks will go on. Yes, the excess thoughts, useless thoughts will get eradicated, the number will reduce, go on reducing gradually, but that is the result of putting on light and darkness disappears. You don’t ask that how can we eradicate darkness? You question should be how can we put on light? That will be more meaningful.
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