From Madness to Godliness

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Oct 23, 2009

Saint: Guru Nanak
Song: Bin nave jag kamla phire

Lifetime: 1469 to 1539 AD  

During His lifetime Guru Nanak Dev ji, illuminated the world with his inner light. Let us explore His teachings whereby He says:

“Bin nave jag kamla phire”
The entire world is getting wild and crazy. Do you know the reason behind it? 

Ask yourself the answer for the basic questions like who are you, where did you come from, where you have to go and so on. You will be left completely blank without an answer for yourself.

The human race is getting mad because you don’t know the True Name – Ek Omkar Satnam. It is our only source and the destination. But here most of us are spending lives without even knowing the basic goal behind our life. We are simply vegetating. We are living lives as if dragging the heavy load on ourselves. 

Grace of Master

Kabir says it rightly: Sabde guru Sabde chela

What is religion? It is the search for your True nature, to know that Omkar, what is True Name? To know the oneness with the Existence is our basic instinct.

How can you know the Ultimate Truth? It is possible only with the compassion of A Living Master, in His guidance when you follow his path. 

Guru Nanak says in Japuji:

Guru Prasad i.e we are blessed with the Self just by the grace of The Master. 

Guru Nanak Dev ji further guides us on this inner voyage as:

Maya, Mamta mohini

Illusion-Maya – all are connections through the mind.

Where we are related due to the mind is Maya. In the religious books it was mentioned that the cause of sorrow is illusion (Maya).But Gautama Buddha said – mind is the only reason for our happiness and sadness; our joy and sorrow. Our pleasure and pain are due to the mind. Great controversies and confusions started on these two statements. After 2000 years, a man of equivalent caliber of Buddha came, that was Kabir and He said, mind and illusion (maya) are one and the same.

Mind is the compressed form of illusion and illusion is the expanded form of mind.

Mamta – it is the expansion of heart, of emotions, feelings.

Attachment (moha) – is the fear of loosing whatever we consider to be of our own. 

Guru Nanak Dev ji says:
Jin bindanta jag sara.

We want to derive pleasure from different things but this is never ending. 

Gautama Buddha illustrates this: “trishna dushpoor hai”

We will be exhausted but our desires or craving for more will continue to grow.

There are 2 kinds of people
    1. Guru Mukh- Living in accordance to the Master – those people float in the ocean. The ocean takes them to destination along.
    2. Man Mukh – Oriented to the mind. In this case, mind is their master. They try hard to swim but the waves of the ocean drown them.

It's not so that mind is not essential. It is, but priority is of experience. It's like a horse followed by the chariot can move but not vice versa. So is with experience and mind.

In Hindi there are two terms namely – Chintan- thinking before you have ever experience, just philosophy. And the other is Manan – to know after you have experienced and accordingly decide. To know the self is Manan which can be helpful but not Chintan which is just philosophizing.

After your own experience you can know about the soundless sound. Others may tell you but until you don’t feel it, know it; it is unworthy for you. Only when you experience what Guru Amardas says:

    Antar jyoti Nirantar vani’

Your life is sheer waste. Without the Name, the religion is mere business.

It's as if you get diamonds then you will automatically leave the stones that you are holding. Unless we are in the grasp of divine, how can we leave the dead scriptures?

    Moving from temples to mosque I didn’t found you,

    But having a jump within I disappeared in you. 

We light candles and lamps for celebration and feel the joy of festivity. But when your inner self gets kindled, life becomes a celebration. Seek for a master and he will guide you on the path, then only can you know bliss, benediction.

Guru Arjun Deo says perfectly:

Anand baya, sukh paya, mile guru gobinda’

You feel the shower of immense love and enjoy life after the master enters your life. 

Guru Nanak Dev ji concludes it:

Nanak naam tina so milya

Only the chosen ones, those who search on the path know the Omkar.

There is a saying in china: if 100 go on the path only one finds him.

If you have the quest, you start doing efforts for it.

You can write your own destiny and be the blessed.

If you pray to him, longe for him, waiting just by the side He will be there with you.

Waiting in deep longingness is Sahaj Yoga.

Hari Om Tat Sat. 
                                                ---- Osho Siddhartha
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