Three Sutras of Self-Realization

By Osho Priya, Posted on Dec 24, 2009



This question is faced by all humans. The thorns prick him but he never thinks about covering his feet. His vision goes everywhere, thousands of ways come to his mind for making his life peaceful – only one way does not come to his mind about changing himself, about covering himself. All plans are made for happiness and bliss. Search is made in all the directions. Only one direction remains untouched, that is the direction of self. We keep on watching others, but never watch ourselves.

We live in such a way that, there is nothing in present. Whatever was, there was in past and whatever will be, it will be in future. What is present, it never comes to our vision. And the truth is that present is the only truth. If you are not aware of present, then neither you can hear, neither you can understand and nor can the door of truth open.


First Sutra – Living Moment-to-Moment

First sutra- Live in such a way that nothing was before this and there is nothing even ahead. From tonight itself, from now itself start living as if only this moment exists. The work which you are doing, you are just doing that work. If you are hearing, then just hear. Then there should be nothing other than hearing. So the first sutra is – live moment to moment.


Second: Holiday for the Mind

Second sutra – We are constantly suffering from a strange disease, that's the disease of being over occupied. Every person seems to be busy in loads of work. May be there is no work but we have formed a habit of being over busy. And because of the mind which is constantly occupied, the consciousness is going on becoming weaker. Our consciousness becomes weak due to not getting relaxed even for a moment. And a weak consciousness can not attain truth. A consciousness filled with strength, a flowing consciousness is required for attaining truth. You have to gather courage for being unoccupied. Some work is to be done on this second sutra. For these three days live as if you don’t have any work, you are just relaxing. Have you ever seen the eagles flying in the sky? It spreads wings and sways restfully in the air and slowly and steadily comes down. Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever seen the open wings of eagle? Neither the wings move nor is it trying to float in the air. It has just left its wings and is riding on the air, breeze brings it down slowly and steadily. Whole existence is going in rest, except man. Man is over stressed and it does not even comes to his mind that being stressed, being occupied, being confused is depriving him from attaining truth, from attaining bliss. So in these days, be extremely peaceful, relaxed and unoccupied, as if you are not doing any work. You are just relaxing. Consider these three days as spiritual holiday. Normally the holiday which we enjoy is holiday for body, not for the mind. In these three days give holiday to your mind. Live as if there is no work; and what work can you have over here? You have no work at all and spend these three days as if someone spends by sleeping and relaxing.

The journey of God is strange. One who leaves doing all the journeys does the journey of God, can do the journey of God. One who becomes so still that he has to reach nowhere.

Start being little still in every moment from now onwards. It is possible that even you may hear the Sound of silence and if you hear that then you life gets transformed.

Lao Tzu says that if you want to do something, then go towards world and if you don’t want to do anything then move towards God.

I am not saying that you will close your shops, leave your jobs, stop your business, I am not saying that. I am just making request that you will try to live with this attitude, with this vision for three days. Then you will find that without doing any work at the level of consciousness, the work can even be done at the outer level and then the work becomes Yoga. If there is aaction within i.e. an attitude of non-doing, if there is no scuttle of action on consciousness, and life is completely active outside then the life becomes Yoga. And if aaction is within then any action done outside becomes perfect. This is the second sutra.


Third: Living in Meditative Awareness

Third and last sutra is – Live with awareness. So for these days live as if at every moment you are filled with awareness. Each and every incident, the shining sunlight on each and every leaf, every single stone, and the moonlight on the clouds – you are watching everything – you are awake. You are aware towards everything. Life is a danger and you are filled with a consciousness. While sitting, standing, you are always awake.

----Osho Priya
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