From Wordliness to Godliness

By Osho Siddhartha, Posted on Apr 4, 2010

My dear seekers,

Now we shall have a deep insight on a verse of Saint Namdev. From 1270 A.D. to 1350 A.D. Saint Namdev had sung the songs of the Ultimate in the states of Maharashtra and Punjab. If one understands the journey of Namdev, it is certain that he would be able to understand the entire path for one's own Sadhana.

Four steps of journey

In Sanatam Paradigm, it is said that the spiritual journey is completed in four steps.

"Shastratah, Satsangatah, Gurutah and Swatah."

It means: the first step is through reading holy books, scriptures, religious materials available, biographies of many saints and their doctrines. You might have to read Geeta. Some inferences from religious scriptures of Ramayana, Bible and Koran need to be taken. The books of Master Osho, Dadu, Meera, Rajjab and other saints can be the initial step towards the inward journey.

Similarly, Namdev started by reading various Holy books. He went through Upanishads, Purans, Aranyaks, Brahamans and so on. After that he came in touch with Saint Gyaneshwar, also known as Gyandev, who was a famous saint of Maharashtra at that time. Many a times, he had joined in Satsang of Gyandev. At several moments, Gyandev advised him to make somebody his Living Master. To this, Namdev used to reply what is the need for me making a master when I am having the benefit of your presence. I can listen to your discourses. Gyandev tried to make him understand that the introvert journey cannot take off without a living Master.

It is rightly said: "Bin Guru Hoi Nna Gyan"

The literal meaning of this is -- "Without a Master; wisdom is not possible." 

Besides all this, Namdev did not agree. And wherever Gyandev used to go, he followed.

Find a Master to know Thyself

Once Gyandev along with his 40 disciples went to Gora, who was a potter thus known as "Gora Kumhar." Namdeo also accompanied them.

Just in a joking manner, Gyandev said to him: Please do check whether all of my pots (disciples) are perfect? Are any of them not yet ready?

Listening to this, Namdev was a bit strained and furious. He was thinking that how could this illiterate man judge about us? Seeing the lines of stress on the forehead of Namdev, Gora Kumhar reported to His Master that all other pots are fine except the one of Namdev. At this statement, Namdev became angry and burst out.

Namdev said to Gyandev: How did you choose this man, having no knowledge to judge about us? He does not know anything. Gyandev said smilingly: "When Gora Kumhar said that your pot is not yet ready, I was also doubtful on his statement. But seeing your reaction I realize and agree with Him. Your pot is not yet fully ready. Now go back and work on yourself."

Getting wounded very badly on hearing this, Namdev returned and worked hard. He did a lot of efforts but all was in vain. In that moment of pain, misery and agony Namdev has sung this song --

"Lobh laher ati Neejar baje

Kaya dube kesava."

He says: I am caught up with greed. I am sinking.

First Stage: Student

Understand it this way: for a seeker there are three stages. Initially when you begin, you begin as a student. As a person who is trying to collect information from everywhere. The search has not really started. You are interested in reading books, knowing more and having more intellectual knowledge. It is a symbol of western mind, which just gets stuck on collecting ideas, methods and techniques. Thus, until you are a seeker you are greedy.

Second Stage: Disciple

After this stage, you start melting gradually. And that time you move from being a student to being a disciple. In this stage, you are not just concerned with intellectual thoughts but you have started being in love with the master. From head you have descended towards the heart. But remember, even if you have moved from being a student to be a disciple it is not enough. If you even got stuck at this stage then too it is a hindrance. Very few talented people cross this stage and reach to the stage of being a devotee. Who is a devotee? A devotee is one who gives away his whole life. He is the one who surrenders himself to the master.

"Lobh laher at Neejar baje

Kaya dube kesava.

Sansaar samunde taar govinde

Taar le baap bithala."


He explains: I am still at the stage of a student and thus I am greedy and want to have more information and ideas but the result of this is that boat of my life is sinking. It has been over burdened by the weight of knowledge. I am sinking in this ocean of world, I cannot rise higher and is requesting to the Almighty give me your hand and help me to cross this ocean.

Third Stage: Devotee

This happens in life of every disciple after doing many efforts and trying hard from his side; finally gives up everything and raises his hands. He prays for His shower, for His grace, for His blessings.

He further adds -

"Anil Bena hau khev na sakau

tera par na paya bithala."

It means that the winds have led my boat up to here but now it is not possible for the wind also to move my boat further from here. Tathata -- a feeling of such ness, a deep acceptance of whatever is happening is fine. It has helped me a lot in my journey but that also does not work further. Tathata is a milestone and essential for every seeker but that is not the end. It is not the final goal or the last step. He says that meditation, being aware of own self and acceptance has done so much for me but now to move ahead with the help of them seems to be impossible. There is no ray of hope in my dark life. Depicting his inability in these lines he expresses that with Sakshi - I have grown to this point but there seems no message of love coming from Your side, there is no symbol, signal of Yours. I am feeling helpless.

Need for a Living Master
Reaching the climax of his condition he says:

"Hohu dayal satguru mel tu mokou

par utare kesava."

He begs: O lord, do me a favor. Send a master in my life.


Remember one thing for sure, that once you move ahead in search of Divine, It's grace showers. Then you shall be blessed with a Master and when the Master's blessing pour, you dissolve in that Ultimate. This is the entire route of sadhana and that's the way of His Love.

"Hoi dayal satguru mel tu mokou

par utare kesava."

O Lord! Just do one thing for me. Let me meet a Living Master in my life - this is all that I need from you, says Namdev.

Concluding this Namdev says:

"Nama Kahe hau tar bhi na janau,

Mokou bah de bah de bithala."

I do not know how to swim in this ocean of world. I am just sinking. Hereby, Namdev has accomplished the two steps: Reading scriptures and Satsang. Now he is standing on the third step: longing for a master. For the earlier two steps only effort was enough, but on the third along with the effort from your side, blessing and grace from other side is also required. Meanwhile, Gyandev had also left his body. In this situation of sheer disappointment are these lines sung by him.

But remember, in the temple of God, there can be delay for days but not forever.

Like however dark the night may be, it is followed by a shining sunrise.

Always after a night, comes a new morning.

"Raat kitni sard ho, kya wo gujregi nahi.?

Bigdi kitni baat ho kya wo samblegi nahi?

Ram ko banwas dekar kya samay tham jayega?

Kya mahal me apne ghar seeta aayegi nahi?

Sham ka suraj dhala ab hai kahi kalrav nahi.

Phir nahi kya sahar hogi bulbul gayegi nahi?

Sheet ritu ke baad mana sajar par patte nahin,

 Kya kabhi us baag me hariyali chayegi nahi.

Maykade me tutkar pyala bikhar jaye agar,

kya kabhi fir sakiya jaam dalegi nahi.

Mana Murshid ke vidai hai andhere ki khabar

kya bhala rab chup rahega Id aayegi nahi?

It means:

"In the desert also comes the awaited rain,

There is nothing that goes in vain.

After the dark night comes a new dawn,

There comes joy in life after every misery and pain.

When in life there is no hope,

You may still find a rope.

When everything has come to an end,

It is now the right time to begin.

Osho left His body and went,

For us the Living masters He sent."


If you have eyes then look carefully and the moon has already risen again. It is the matter of your eyes being open to see. Then it is possible for you to see again a celebration for the festivity of the arrival of a Master again on this planet.

Guru Arjun Dev ji says it beautifully -

"Bah pakar Guru karia"

Just follow the footsteps of a Living Master. Just leave your hand in His. He holds your hands and the third step of 'Gurutah' is completed. With this comes the peak of spiritualism, the fourth stage of "Swataha." Now, no moving, no searching outside is required. Just go within yourself and search your Original face there. And suddenly moving within yourself, you shall find one day that there is nothingness. Even you are not there; only the Divine is. You become one with the Existence.

----Osho Siddhartha
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