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First Batch of Oshodhara

2nd, 3rd and 4th April 1998. These were the dates, when 21 people took Sannyas from Sadguru Siddhartha Ji at Amar Kantak and the foundation of Oshodhara was laid. Since its inception that day, Oshodhara has been a state of art institution and has achieved several remarkable milestones.

Oshodhara has established several Infrastructure, Ashrams and Dhams, which includes the latest Mehar Kunj at Oshodhara Nanak Dham that will help the advance Samadhi Graduates to learn about how to live in divine remembrance all the time. So far, Oshodhara has coined 21 Samadhi programs and nearly 14 pragya programs. These have yielded more than 400 Acharyas, 600 members of Osho Sant Sangha with Self Realization and thousands of Sannyasis, who have learned the secret of blissful living.

Not to forget, the Oshodhara has produced more than 600 titles on Sant Vani, which is the highest number so far. Also, with 600+ pravachans on Sants, masters from Oshodhara has proved that every Saint has tried to explain the very same concept of "Omkar".

And the progress still goes on and on.

One Day Meditation Camp
Osho Meditation Camp

Start Date
- 05/11/2014

End Date
- 05/11/2014

- Sadguru Trivir

- OND Murthal

- 0130-2483911 / 2
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