Part VII - 1974-1981 Poona

Ch 91: Osho's Last Words before going into Silence

On 20th March 1981, Osho gives his last English discourse, and on 24th his last Hindi discourse, before going into silence. On 23rd March 1981, Osho gives his last darshan in English; his last words are:
meditation means becoming detached from the mind becoming a witness of the mind looking at the mind as separate from you that's what actually it is you can see thoughts passing by you can see desires passing by you can see the whole traffic that goes on in the mind the memories, the fantasies, the past, the future all kinds of things are passing you can just stand by the side of the road and you can see the whole traffic--you are not it you are the watcher, you are the witness and the witness is beyond the seer is never the seen the observer is never the observed this very experience is transcendence and once you know that you are not the mind the fear of death simply disappears as if it has never been there in the first place suddenly you are in the world of the deathless, the eternal there is no anxiety any more one is at ease with existence in a deep let-go a tremendous relaxation that relaxation is the ultimate goal of sannyas to know it is to know all to miss it is to miss all clapp23